Chapter - 146: – Such Power Pt. 2
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Suo Jia continued to stare at the pair of Fire Phoenix Earrings he was holding in a trance. He knew that although he could probably exchange another part of the Atlantis set for them, it would undoubtedly be a dumb idea. The members of the Angelic Six Winged Phoenixes were the most appropriate wearers of these earrings. They were a team, so it wouldn’t do if only Suo Jia grew stronger. He also needed powerful left and right arms for support. Only with their aid could Suo Jia fully display his strength.

In addition, the Fire Phoenix equipment set was actually a set of jewelry, and was extremely compatible with the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes. When together, the two would form an unrivalled combination, an undefeatable battle armor!

After contemplating this for a very long time, Suo Jia reluctantly placed the Fire Phoenix Earrings back into their box, and threw it into his interspatial ring. He then lifted the pair of combat boots. As he observed the deep blue glow revolving continuously around the combat boots, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up.

Caressing the smooth, glossy exterior, Suo Jia finally lost patience and quickly put them on. Soon after… the combat boots circulating with blue light were finally on Suo Jia’s feet.

“Hm?” Puzzled, Suo Jia walked around a bit, but he couldn’t feel the so-called Unrivaled Wave Walking. Puzzled, he sent his spirit into the combat boots to inspect them, yet he failed to sense any hint of the technique.

Confused, Suo Jia first activated the World of Ice and Snow. However, the end result hadn’t changed. As he watched the secret room quickly be buried in a flurry of white from the ice and snow, Suo Jia gaped. Could it be that he had been scammed?! Were these combat boots really not part of the Atlantis set?

Suo Jia hurriedly pulled out the detailed book about the Atlantis set, and swiftly flipped to the page on the combat boots. After concentrating his attention on reading the page, Suo Jia couldn’t help but bitterly laugh.

These boots could indeed link with the glove, and instantly activate the World of Ice and Snow. In addition, it could increase its might by 100. However, it wasn’t activated by the glove!

After carefully looking over the description once more, Suo Jia put away the book. He stood in the middle of the secret room, and after a moment…..Suo Jia suddenly stamped his foot. In an instant, a powerful change began!

Rows after rows, columns after columns, layers after layers, circles after circles of diamond shaped icicles that seemed like they could overturn mountains and oceans shot outwards like arrows with Suo Jia as center. They flashed like lightning, and pierced through the air. In an instant, the diamond-like icicles dispersed through the air.

“Dududu…..” A compressed, muffle sound rang out, and the secret room’s walls instantly became covered with those hard diamond icicles. Upon contact with the walls, they sent the snow and rock flying in pieces with a might that was beyond astonishing!

It was only then that Suo Jia finally realized that the so-called set increase of the World of Ice and Snow by 100 didn’t actually mean increasing by exactly 100. What it did was boost the power to an exact level, and then use this new level as the new base power level. The higher one’s magic power, the sharper and colder the diamond icicles would become. Their strength and hardness would also increase. The greater one’s spirit power, the fiercer the attack would become!

In reality, after the set boost in might by 100, the World of Ice and Snow would have already raised to the level of being a Diamond Charge, which was the Great Frost Wyrm’s most famous magic. When this magic was activated by a mature Diamond Dragon, the icicles would become like bullets, and the diamond icicles would pierce the enemy’s body, killing them on the spot!

Of course, a human could never be compared to a giant and ancient beast like the Great Frost Wyrm; there was an insurmountable difference between them. The distance between the current Suo Jia and the Great Frost Wyrm was like 108,000 li. After all…..a mature Great Frost Wyrm would have cultivated for 1000 years, and was the strongest dragon in existence!

Suo Jia ecstatically looked down at his combat boots. From now on, Suo Jia possessed his first distinctive magic, the improved version of the World of Ice and Snow — Diamond Charge! It was an extremely practical, powerful, amazing magic that originated from the hundred thousand year old Frost Wyrm, the Diamond Dragon King!

The Diamond Charge was activated with the feet. Only the leather from these combat boots could be used as a basis to borrow the Diamond Dragon King’s power and activate Diamond Charge. To use it, only a single firm stamp was needed, as long as one had stored magic power.

The might of Diamond Charge depended on the amount of magic power consumed. The lowest power was at least 100. In other words, Suo Jia could easily activate the powerful Diamond Charge without using a thread of his magic power. If he wanted to activate more of its power, then he could use his magic and spirit power to boost it. If Suo Jia’s spirit and magic power ever reached the level of the Diamond Dragon King’s, then he’d be able to activate a Diamond Charge that was no different from the Diamond Dragon King’s.

In excitement, Suo Jia stamped on the ground once again. When he saw the circles and layers wildly spin around him and shoot out the diamond icicles and fiercely crash into the surrounding walls, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. This time, he hadn’t used any of his own magic power, yet by itself, the Diamond Charge was already twice as powerful as Suo Jia’s fully activated World of Ice and Snow!

After sighing in admiration, Suo Jia re-composed himself. Next…he’d have to test the Unrivaled Wave Walking. This technique was something that one couldn’t actually feel as soon as they put the combat boots on. In reality, the Unrivaled Wave Walking required the assistance of water manipulation.

It was called ‘Wave Stepping’ because every time a step was taken, it would be pushed by a wave. As long as there was water in the area, one could step on water without any solid base, and walk unrestrained on empty space. With the push and fusion of the power of waves, one’s speed would also increase. Moreover, one could wander through any space.

Taking a deep breath, Suo Jia slowly stepped forwards. Momentarily…a light wave of water rippled forth, and ocean spray bubbled out from beneath Suo Jia’s feet. Enraptured, Suo Jia took a step to test it and then…. a powerful impulse slowly formed underneath him. Suo Jia subconsciously took another step, and the water flashed as more ocean spray surged from underneath him.

In the beginning, Suo Jia wasn’t used to the waves’ push, and thus he kept swaying, his body bending left and right. However, after a few steps, Suo Jia came to a complete realization; the faster he walked, the faster he regained balance. In the end, he was able to walk leisurely across the empty space with complete ease.

Like the Diamond Charge, the Unrivaled Wave Walking could also be activated on its own. If one added their spirit and magic power to it, their speed would increase. The greater their power, the faster their movements would become. After their spirit and magic power reached a certain extent, their figure would become like electricity, and their speed could even challenge a wind warrior’s!

“Hahahaha….” Finally, Suo Jia complacently stopped in midair. A blossom of ocean spray incessantly frothed underneath him, supporting his body so that he could stand in mid air inside the secret room. He really looked like the God of Waves.

With a wild laugh, the spray from underneath Suo Jia suddenly burst outwards. As it shot out powerfully, Suo Jia’s figure brazenly leaped over to the secret room’s wall like electricity, and his feet strongly banged against the wall. Soon after…. ice and broken rock flew through the air as a vivid result of the collision with the combat boots. This was just a wall; if it were a human body, what would happen?

After creating an indent about the size of one’s head into the wall, Suo Jia’s body pushed off the wall and flipped backwards through the air. As his feet swiftly landed back onto the waves, a few more sprays of water appeared. The water once again stopped Suo Jia’s body in mid-air, and he stood there as steady as Mt. Tai.

His eyes glowed with excitement. Suo Jia waved his hand, and instantly…a dark blue ice stream spiraled upwards, wrapping itself around Suo Jia. The next moment…. under Suo Jia’s control, the ice stream launched a mass attack on all of the magic targets in the secret room!

With a loud boom, Suo Jia controlled the arm-thick, 9 meter long ice dragon to ravage the secret room, shattering the walls into thousands of pieces. By the time Lan Ruo came to tell Suo Jia to eat, the entire secret room had turned into a complete mess.

After eating dinner and finishing his meditation, Suo Jia couldn’t help but ponder; although it was still impossible to confirm the combat boots’ ability to break magic, it seemed as if there was no need to test it. There was no way it would be false. After obtaining these combat boots, Suo Jia’s strength, especially his ability to defend himself, had exponentially gone up!

Everyone knew that the most frustrating thing to a warrior was a high ranked wind mage. Those mages proficient at the Soaring Technique would fly up into the air as soon as the battle started, making it impossible for one to reach them. However, the opposing party could still reach their target. Though now, although Suo Jia didn’t know the Soaring Technique, he had the more powerful Unrivaled Wave Walking. Now, Suo Jia could subdue warriors! Walking through empty air unrestrained could cause one-sided havoc and devastation, and he had no need to worry about counterattacks.

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