Chapter - 227: – By War of Attrition Pt. 1
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“Ah.” Duo Mei said reluctantly, “That’s no good, only one person is provoking us. It’s only right if a single one of us goes out to oppose them as well. Otherwise, they’ll think we’re scared of them.”

“Hmph.” Suo Jia snorted and huffed angrily, “Who taught you whatever it is that is in that brain of yours? Remember this well, you girls aren’t heroes or anything, nor do I need heroes as subordinates. In addition…in regards to just character, there’s no way you can become a hero. That’s because I’ve seen your body, you’re undoubtedly a beautiful and dainty young lady. Since you’re a girl, don’t go around pretending to be some hero, ok?”

“Pfft…” Duo Mei giggled at Suo Jia’s words, and rolled her eyes at him in exasperation. She then said in a charming voice, “We also know we aren’t heroes, nor can we become heroes. But heroes wouldn’t possibly go against multiple enemies alone either.”

“Pei.” Suo Jia spat, and retorted in irritation, “You muddled girl, clear your head. This is a battlefield, not some competition arena. Nobody would ever be reasonable to you. Here, only the winners matter and the losers are always in the wrong. You’d better toss your current mindset.”

Suo Jia broke off and thought about something for a moment, before he said firmly, “That isn’t only true here either. Go back and tell everyone that no matter when, all heroes will always be despised by us. All of you must remember that a dead person doesn’t get any respect. Only a live person can enjoy face.”

Duo Mei asked in confusion, “What are you saying. Aren’t you underestimating us too much? Even if we go out alone, we definitely won’t lose. Don’t forget, the armors on our bodies are unrivaled. In addition, we can also glide in the air. Even if we cannot defeat our opponents, we can still run away.”

Suo Jia coldly looked at Duo Mei and replied, “That’s right, if all 36 of you act together, there is indeed no person that would be spared. However, did you ever think about what would happen if you went out alone, and there were multiple enemies that encircled and annihilated you? What would you do then? Do you think that they can’t strike you down from the air if you flew up into the air?”

“That…” Duo Mei paled at Suo Jia’s words. After Suo Jia’s reprimanding, she had finally been aroused from her ideal dream of being unrivaled.

It was just as Suo Jia had said. If all 36 of them worked together in harmony and helped each other out, nobody would ever be spared. However, if they acted alone, the outcome was much harder to determine. As soon as they flew up, they’d be shot back down, and then surrounded. By that time, even if they wanted to jump up and fly away, it would just be a pipe dream.

Seeing Duo Mei’s ashen face, Suo Jia sternly continued, “After returning, I want you to pass this onto all your sisters. You girls can never go out without the group. Even if there comes a day where all of you become genuine War Deities, you must still stick together. You can only display your greatest strengths when you’re all together.”

Duo Mei looked at Suo Jia in admiration. Although…he was 7-8 years younger than her, Duo Mei felt sincere respect for him in terms of wisdom and knowledge, perhaps even worshipping him. There were many times where wisdom and vision were both amazing, and they had no relation to age at all.

Suo Jia then smiled and said, “Duo Mei, you must remember that the human mind isn’t used just for dazing off. You have to use your brain to think. Although…you girls don’t go out independently, whoever said that this isn’t just and honorable will be ridiculed.”

“Hm?” Duo Mei furrowed her brows and looked at Suo Jia in confusion.

“Hehe….” Suo Jia chuckled darkly and said in a low voice, “Although the other party only dispatched one person to provoke you, why must you listen to them? Why must you fight with them? You can’t just ignore him, let him freeze there, and go kill the enemy troops behind him instead!”

“Wa!” Duo Mei cried out in astonishment, and her eyes lit up. “That’s right, that’s right! That way, everyone will just say we’re too lazy to respond to the guy provoking us. Not a single person would be enough to get us to care for them. If they want to fight, it has to be 36v360,000 to be enjoyable.”

“Haha…”Suo Jia smiled and nodded in agreement. “That’s right, your thoughts are correct. However, there’s one point you got wrong; 36v360,000 shouldn’t be something everyone says, but only something you should say.”

“Hm?” Duo Mei looked at Suo Jia in confusion. “I know, that’s what I said. But what I mean is that everyone will also think the same.”

Suo Jia shook his head with a smile and said calmly, “You can’t wait for everyone else to think the same. What I’m getting at is that when you go out to battle, you should just shout out what you just said, and not just passively wait for the others to think of it. What if your opponents happen to be dumb and cannot realize this fact, or if their minds just cannot process it?”

“Oh.” Duo Mei suddenly nodded in understanding, and said excitedly, “That’s right…this should become our catchphrase. If we shout such an awe-inspiring phrase loudly and clearly before charging out, we’ll look so cool.”

Duo Mei seemed to be unable to wait any longer. When she saw the completely adorable face of Suo Jia in front of her, she suddenly walked forwards a step to hug Suo Jia, her red lips quickly giving Suo Jia’s tender, white face a peck. She then quickly ran out of the room while her voice rang out from the distance, “Don’t worry, just hand everything to me. I promise that I’ll beat them until the ground is covered with their teeth.”

Seeing Duo Mei’s figure grow farther and farther away, Suo Jia could only shake his head blankly. He was already 13 years old and he would already have erections every so often. The amount of times he had had erections and even the durations were increasing, and Suo Jia knew that while he wasn’t yet a mature adult, he could already enjoy what the adults enjoy most.

While Suo Jia was developing physiologically, his mentality was maturing as well. In the past, if Duo Mei were to kiss him, he wouldn’t have had any other reaction than bewilderment, just why would she swap saliva with him?

In that previous instance, Suo Jia discovered that when Duo Mei had kissed him, his own heart had begun to beat wildly. His face began to grow red, and his erection had instantly shot up with a burning sensation. If Duo Mei was not so excited, she would’ve paid more attention to Suo Jia, and his secret would have been revealed.

It was Duo Mei’s scent that had left Suo Jia addicted in particular. In the past…Suo Jia had always thought the smell of wine was the most fragrant, but now, all of his previous philosophy and ideals had been thrown out the window. The smell of a girl was the most heavenly scent in the world.

Suo Jia shook his head with a bitter smile, dispersing the stray thoughts in his mind, and focusing his attention back at the Enchanted Zhiyao. He understood that now wasn’t the time for emotions between girls and guys. If he didn’t increase his strength quickly, his dream would never be able to become a reality.

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