Chapter - 101: A classy, goddess-like lady.
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When these three people walked towards the school entrance, they really saw a slim and graceful figure standing there, attracting the gazes of numerous passing by students and parents.

Due to a sudden surge of the people, it had become very difficult for these three, to clearly see her, they could only see that she was clogged up by several people, and all were constantly trying to dedicate their affability to please her. Also, the parents easily recognized her identity as the daughter of Lin Clan, and even they also started trying to get close to her.

“Ye Feng!”

All of a sudden, a crisp and pleasant voice passed through the school gate. Soon after this voice, the crowd between these three people and the school gate, naturally started to get out of their way.

Ye Feng raised his head, and poured his gaze at her, all of a sudden he was stupefied by her beauty.

He saw a tall, beautiful, positive temperament girl, with a beaming face, was walking leisurely towards him. Her beautiful facial features were highly compassionate, so mesmerising as if making people feel the spring breeze.

Well, she was one hell of a classy, princess-like lady!

Just after pouring a single glance at her exquisite, impeccable and milky white face, nobody could ever forget it. Especially a pair of her beautiful eyes, which were so limpid and rich with charm, and when she looked with those eyes, it seemed as if she was staring at the profound elusive starry sky.

Her clear pitch-black long hair like a waterfall, gracefully billowing around her shoulders, and highlighting her snow white tender neck and collarbone, making any man completely unable to bear but look at her several times.

Especially Further down, her snow white V-neck shirt chest folded wonderfully, as well as her deep ravines were looming between the two buttons, which could make any man have a parched mouth, that was a pair of stunning fullness, which was closely wrapped by the snow white shirt, plentiful and upright, quite vivid!

Underneath the thin shirt, there was a slender narrow waist, immediately followed by a black tight-fitting hip wrapping short skirt, which was sketching out her perfect body curves. Her slender legs, under a pair of her skin-coloured leg socks, were appearing quite beautiful. Her exquisite feet stepping on a pair of fine high-heeled sandals, revealing her delicate slim ankle to the extent where even the most demanding foot fetish couldn’t see a shred of flaws in them.

And such a beautiful, classy and goddess-like lady was she, still, a sweet smile was lurking around her face all the time, which could easily become the reason of man’s destruction, countless times!

“Hey, she just looked at me and smiled, ah ha ha!”

“Dream on, obviously, she smiled to me!”

Two boys already had been very noisy and quarrelling with each other at one side, however, they still didn’t attract much attention, because currently, the attention of each and every person was entirely on this point, that did such a pretty lady really come over here especially to look for that teenager, called Ye Feng?

Although Ye Feng had earned a little fame among the students’ circle of Yanshan Junior High School, but still many parents didn’t know him, they were just dying to know that how could such a beauty have something to do with an ordinary high school student, were they related?

“Hey, are you staring at her?”

Seeing Ye Feng dazing out and carrying a blank facial expression, Su Meghan couldn’t help but pinched his arm.

“Well, no, actually she is a little bit different from what I had imagined ……”

Ye Feng helplessly smiled, earlier he had thought that Lin Shiqing’s beauty should be on the same level as his female master, Su Feiying, like she would also look noble and elegantly glamorous type of beauty. However, it seemed like that wasn’t the case now.

“Hmmm, have a talk with her, I am leaving first now.”

Su Menghan lightly snorted as she pinched his arm softly once again. Actually, she was really a very sensible girl, hence she left first! Originally, Ye Feng had also thought that this girl was likely to become restless and might cause a little confusion. But seeing her leaving them alone, he really felt a little relaxed.

“Small Bee, put your best into it.”

Ou B sighed and said that, while patting his shoulder.

All along, Ou B had been hiding something from Ye Feng very deeply in his heart, that he was a little discontented with him. Particularly because of this fact that although his engagement had already been fixed with Miss Lin, still, he was hooked up with Xiaohua, it was such a waste of resources, quite greedy!

Seeing this reaction of Ou B, Ye Feng could only smile, since all of these things concerned with him, were totally incomprehensible to him yet.

When Ou B also left him and entered the school, the centre of attraction of that princess-like lady fell directly on Ye Feng, and with a smile, she extended her pure white delicate hand : “I’m Lin Shiqing.”

“Ye Feng.”

He also stretched out his hand to hold her hand which was quite smooth, exquisite and soft, as if it was without bones!

Students and parents were very enviously looking at Ye Feng from one side, he could hold the hand of such a beautiful attractive lady, he must be feeling extremely happy at the moment! They all were greedily staring at him and were feeling restless to rush and replace Ye Feng, so that they could hold her hand tightly and never loosen it ever.

Unfortunately, Ye Feng was different to what they had thought, he gently held her hand and then took his hand back, leaving several people stunned.

This boy was not too young, as he wasn’t even the least bit interested in taking such a cheap advantage of her! Several people were thinking that Ye Feng must have come today completely well dressed, just to make a good impression, however, there were also several students who already knew the news of his engagement with Miss Lin. Hence, they were somewhat sneering while thinking that already their engagement was settled, so was it still necessary to carry out this kind of artificial things?

As everyone knew that Ye Feng would never think of doing anything so cheap, rather he would try to make a good impression by not doing cheap things. Nowadays, he already had Long Wan’er at one hand, and Su Menghan on the other side, and both of them were also quite classy, who would never lose to this top beautiful woman, Lin Shiqing.

He rather had mixed feelings, that Lin Shiqing was indeed attractive, her stature was quite good, and her disposition was also seemingly gentle, no wonder could be called as Yanshan’s first beautiful woman.

She was a 21-years old, second-year university student. She was extremely beautiful, classy and goddess-like lady, with a little shy facial feature, overall which was quite enough to make countless men spurt out blood.

“Let’s go, this is the first time we have met, let your sister take you out.”

Perhaps, she felt that the crowd around was somewhat repugnant, therefore, with a smile accompanied by a blink of an eye, she pulled Ye Feng’s wrist and walked outside.

Ye Feng listened to her and suddenly remained stunned, “sister”?

However, soon he somewhat understood the plan of Lin Shiqing. It seemed that this beauty came to see him today, by completely holding a clear goal, and that was she would make a clear distinction between the relations. Therefore, she took the initiative to get control over the situation, by putting forth the older sister and younger brother relationship between them, simultaneously she also clarified that she didn’t want to have an engagement with Ye Feng!

“It seems that this beauty is indeed worthy of being Miss Lin. In the future, she could easily deal with numerous business, social and political confrontation, with this little strategy.”

Ye Feng thought to himself, as he followed her all the way out of the crowd.

If Lin Shiqing would refuse this marriage on such a pretext of this siblings thing, then by doing this, she would not only achieve her goal quite easily, but by using this way, she would also not hurt the sentiments of Lin Clan as well as Ye Clan. For her, indeed it was the best choice to fulfil her purpose, without ruining the relationship between both the sides.

She was revolting, but just using a gentle way of resistance.

Was she tougher than Old man Lin?

Dreaming ……

“Get inside the car.”

Along with Ye Feng, Lin Shiqing came to the roadside, next to a conspicuous red Lamborghini. She opened the handsome scissor-styled doors, and then explained with a smile: “Originally I wanted to go to your house to pick you up, but then thought that it would be a better choice to come to your school, to help you ask for a leave.”

Her idea was very thoughtful, but unfortunately somewhat had underestimated her own influence, as a result, she was awfully blocked at the school gate, and caused such a terrific scene just a moment ago ……

“You will help me to take a leave? Don’t tell me you want to take me out to stroll all day long?”

Ye Feng smiled and asked, as he stepped inside and sat in a red sports car, the smell of a faint scent of a woman was floating inside, which was very relaxing.

“Why, don’t you have the time?”

Lin Shiqing’s eyelashes curved, as she looked at him with a smiling face.

“Yes, I have.”

Ye Feng nodded, leaning comfortably on the seat.

However, at this moment, his mind was thinking about the mysterious organisation of Yanjing. He didn’t know whether Lin Clan had any relevant information about this organisation or not ? He just wanted to give a try, so as to draw out anything from Lin Shiqing’s mouth.

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