Chapter - 13: – Tail incident
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Ye Feng walked out of the hotel then went to a shop and bought something for lunch. After eating, he walked towards school.

In the afternoon, he arrived at Yan High School during the lunch break, before afternoon classes were going to start. He entered a third year classroom and the whole noisy classroom suddenly silenced down and a pin drop silence spread in the class.

More than fifty pairs of eyes started staring at Ye Feng.

“Small bee!” (NT: Small bee is Ye Feng’s nickname used only by Ou B)

Ou B was the first to react. He pounded his hands on the table and stood up and his face immediately lighted up with a happy expression spread all over his face.

Right now, in the classroom, others also reacted and were suspiciously staring at Ye Feng, whispering to each other.

“What’s going on, didn’t Tian Youliang say that he has been arrested for visiting a prostitute?”

“I don’t know, but he did not come in the morning, so it should be true right?”

On a front row seat, Su Menghan was preparing to have lunch when she looked up and saw Ye Feng and her water filled eyes opened widely and an incredible look appeared on her face.

He was arrested for having prostitution charges on him then how did he come out so quickly?

What Tian Youliang said was a lie? Well it could be, after all, she was aware of what kind of guy Tian Youliang actually was, so how could she believe the news circulated by him?

Su Menghan turned back and looked at Tian Youliang sitting next to the window and saw that there was a startled look on his face as well while he was staring at Ye Feng. He just never expected the sudden appearance of Ye Feng in the classroom.

Last night after Ye Feng was released from the police station, Chief Liu Ju informed Su Xinchang and his own boss, but as far as Tian Youliang’s side was concerned, he certainly didn’t bother to inform them. As for that aquiline-nosed police man, Zhang Guocai, because of this matter, he was suspended for one week along with inspection put on him, so how could he even dare to inform Boss Tian?

Thus, until now, Tian Youliang thought that Ye Feng had been detained for more than ten days and spread the news. He did not spare any effort in spreading this news throughout the school, and by now, almost everyone in the school knew that a high school boy named Ye Feng was involved in prostitution and had been arrested and detained for 10 days.

“You how……”

Tian Youliang pointed at Ye Feng and said while somewhat stuttering.

“I how?”

Ye Feng lightly smiled as if secretly brewing something.

He would certainly not let off Tian Youliang so easily without teaching him a lesson.

Originally, Ye Feng didn’t mind a small fry like Tian Youliang, but last night because of this small fry, he had to suffer a lot. If Ye Feng didn’t teach him a lesson now then he would certainly feel sorry for himself.

“Don’t come close!”

Seeing Ye Feng walking towards him, Tian Youliang could not help but think of the scene from yesterday morning when the two punks were sent flying by Ye Feng, and was scared that he would face the same misfortune.

“I feel too lazy to deal with you.”

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, but at the same time, while facing Tian Youliang, he secretly released Zhen Qi from his body, and he did it so covertly that nobody discovered this action.

At this point, the boy seated in the seat next to Tian Youliang was suddenly taken aback and shouted while pointing towards his ass: “Tian Youliang, when did you grow such a long tail?”


Tian Youliang also felt strange and turned his head back to have a look, but he actually saw that a long and fluffy tail had grown out from his butt. The tail looked like the tail of a black dog, was flinging from one side to another, and was almost 6-7 inches long.


A scream immediately came out from the mouth of Tian Youliang.

He had a tail!

What was going on?

How could he possibly have a tail?

Everyone’s attention that was originally on Ye Feng was now diverted towards Tian Youliang’s long black tail. Their eyes were as if glued to the tail on Tian Youliang’s butt, and sure enough, this long and black-furry tail looked real as it was swaying.

“Wow, tail!”

“So amazing!”

In the classroom, the screams resounded and regardless of whether it was boys or girls, all of them were pointing towards Tian Youliang’s tail. There were people who pulled out their cell phones and shot down this marvelous scene.

Two students next to Tian Youliang could not help but reached out and touched the tail and found out that it was a real tail, long and fluffy, but they couldn’t figure out how he suddenly grew a tail?

Seeing that everyone was trying to touch his tail, Tian Youliang panicked and ran out of the classroom while miserably bawling, and the long black tail was swaying conspicuously behind him when he was running desperately in random directions.

Seeing this, Ye Feng laughed.

Compared to his prostitute incident, this incident about a tail mysteriously appearing on Tian Youliang’s butt was clearly more attractive and drawing a lot of attention. He believed that soon, when the news about this tail incident would spread, the prostitute incident would be completely overshadowed by the tail incident throughout the Yan High School.

In fact, it was just a small trick to shift the attention from him onto Tian Youliang.

With his current five months of cultivation, he had been able to cast an Immortal technique called “camouflage” by condensing Zhen Qi and attaching it to Tian Youliang’s ass to create a tail. And doing so was not at all a difficult thing for him.

If his cultivation was profound then he could also use the same Immortal technique to change his external appearance, then he could easily take the appearances of others or even create illusions to trap the enemy.

Ye Feng’s cultivation was now at five months level and this was enough to easily congeal a tail.

The tail was not an illusion, it was real, and even if someone would reach out to touch it, they would get a fluffy feeling. But it was just condensed Zhen Qi and would disappear in few minutes.

However, a few minutes were enough.

At least long enough for the news about this tail incident to spread throughout the campus, enough to cover up the news of Ye Feng’s involvement in prostitution. Moreover, Ye Feng had safely returned to school, looked full of energy, nothing indicated that he had been arrested.

“Damn, Small bee, just what’s going on?”

When Ye Feng returned to his seat, Ou B immediately came over and sat in the adjacent seat and asked in a surprised manner.

Their president suddenly grew a tail, everyone was simply bewildered!

“I don’t know, perhaps it’s a punishment for his evil deeds?”

Ye Feng certainly would not say that it was his doing.

“Amazing, it’s truly mysterious.”

Not just Ou B, all of the students inside the classroom were boiling up, chattering with each other.

Ye Feng was actually a bit afraid that when the news about this incident would spread out, even if there were martial arts experts in this world, but Immortal techniques certainly wouldn’t exist in this world. There was a chance that they would start to suspect him.

Even Su Menghan’s face was full of surprise, with her attention completely fixated on Tian Youliang’s tail, and looking at the tail swaying up and down, left and right, she seemed to be totally taken aback.

After a long time, Ou B calmed down then suddenly thought of something and patted on Ye Feng shoulder: “Small Bee, what actually happened last night? I really thought that you have been arrested.”

Regarding this issue, Ye Feng had already prepared an excuse: “I went to see Grandpa.”

He did not deny being arrested but also said the fact.

“That’s good …… well, what happened to that young girl?”

Ou B shifted the conversation to the matter that he was most concerned about.

“Young girl?”

Ye Feng could not bear wanting to punch him. Even now, this guy was still thinking about that last evening’s pretty girl.

Ou B continued to think about her after seeing her last evening, but Ye Feng simply didn’t care. Just the thought of that maiden caused a dull feeling of pain in his chest. He decided that someday, he would definitely return the favor for that kick.

The entire time during lunch break, the atmosphere was lively and everyone was talking about Tian Youliang’s tail nonstop. And the news about his tail quickly spread throughout the school.

As the classes were soon going to start, Ye Feng felt a burst of fragrance next to him and tilted his head to look on his side. He saw that Su Menghan stood next to him and she bitterly said: “Ye Feng, you come out with me.”


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