Chapter - 131: Xiao Qi shows up
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Once the white grimace face mask was taken off, the face appeared in front of them, made everyone present on the scene gawk for a moment.

Very Ugly!

Just a glance was enough, and anyone could say that his facial features were almost similar to a pig, one eye was gigantic while the other was quite small, not only this, they were quite afar from each other, which made them look extremely wretched and dreadful. The things not ended here, the bridge of his nose was caved in, however, the nostril was upwards in the air, making his nose hairs visibly clear. Furthermore, his mouth was also of enormous size, and the two rows of his teeth were black and yellow in colour, merely looking at them could make any person puke on the spot.

The people present on the spot could easily dare to pledge that there couldn’t be anyone in this world who could be uglier than him!

This world could actually have this much uglier person!

The gorgeous black eyebrows of Lin Shiqing immediately wrinkled, even though she usually didn’t judge people solely by their appearances, however at present, she really couldn’t withstand seeing his disordered facial features. His appearance was indeed way too shocking.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng also observed the expressions their eyes reflected, and secretly chuckled in his heart, could they understand his Camouflage? Indeed as expected, he changed his appearance into Mo Jiuge’s, which all of a sudden made everyone dumbfounded including Lin Detian. Regarding this strategy, Ye Feng hadn’t planned earlier to use Mo Jiuge’s appearance when he would be trapped in such a critical, because once he used this appearance than wouldn’t he be forced to appear with the same face before Long Wan’er ……

“Ahem, well, take him to the hospital first.”

Without further ado, Lin Detian beckoned with his hand, also there was a touch of embarrassment in his tone.

Even he also thought that the reason why this man always wore a mask was because he wanted to hide his identity, however, had never expected that it would be just to cover up his ugliness. Indeed, there was nothing wrong in having an awfully ugly face, but it was also not right to scare people with such a face, no wonder he developed the habit of wearing a mask.

Unless he chose to get plastic surgery done in order to fix his face, or else Lin Detian really thought that not a single girl would ever fall for him. However, with this pair of countenance, even if he would go for plastic surgery, he might baffle a group of plastic surgeons for sure ……

But the bewildering point was, in the martial arts world, did Miss Long have seen his face and already knew how he really looked like?

Lin Detian had a very strange expression on his face right now.

“Just put it on.”

Lin Shiqing couldn’t stand to continue watching him any further, and felt that it was too disrespecting for him. Therefore she snatched the white face mask from the hands of one of the members of the NSA and put it back on his face.

Upon seeing this, Ye Feng’s tears suddenly started streaming down his face, this beautiful girl really was very considerate, could it be that she already knew that his Cultivation had been suppressed, therefore he couldn’t maintain his Camouflage for a long time?

However, the action of Lin Shiqing actually proved that the appearance of Mo Jiuge was really ugly. In addition, this guy Mo Jiuge wasn’t only a big playboy, but had an awful skeleton type personality. Therefore, Ye Feng once again felt that if his beautiful master, Su Feiying had married this guy Mo Jiuge, then it would have absolutely left countless people with broken hearts.

Ye Feng was still under the control of two members of the NSA, and at this time, when Lin Detian was about to wave his hand, making those people take him away, suddenly Thunder, who was standing beside him, received a search report from one of his men, and he promptly shouted:

“Just wait for a moment.”

Thunder, this 35-36 years old man, covered with a kind of vigorous and resolute temperament, stared at Ye Feng with a dignified look and then said: “Evidently your injury is not very grave, besides, there are several key issues with us, rather you might help us now in clarifying those points. ”

“What did you find?”

Lin Detian asked.

“A half part of a white grimace face mask, which is exactly the same as his mask.”

Without beating about the bush, Thunder directly said : “That mask has not been completely destroyed in the explosion, most likely that armed escort, Zhui Hun had made preparation in advance, in order to pretend to be him at times.”

“Is it right?”

Lin Detian glanced at Ye Feng’s face mask, as his eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

“My friend, we are now moving towards your all actions for security consideration, still asking you to don’t mind too much.”

Thunder turned his head, and fired a question at Ye Feng : “Now may I ask, wasn’t it you who injured Lin Xiuwen?”

Although Thunder was directly under Lin Detian, as his subordinate, but still had his own thought process, and also the information gathered by him was way more than Lin Detian, therefore he firmly believed that he could make a more accurate judgment.


Ye Feng shook his head decisively. Although during that time, he had grabbed and hit Lin Xiuwen until he passed out, but that was not sufficient enough to turn a human into a retard. Certainly, someone else was responsible for this.

“In the basement of Cai Shaohong’s villa, we fired a shot and hit someone’s thigh, was it you who were shot?”

Thunder inquired again.


Ye Feng nodded, and lightly said : “I admit that I was the one who killed Cai Shaohong, I don’t have any reason to conceal it.”

With his full strength, he started operating Star Tomb Tactics in order to dissolve his Zhenqi throughout his body, which would immediately help him in quickly releasing his suppressed Cultivation. And surprisingly, the result was even better than what he had expected earlier. If this trend continued, it wouldn’t take even two hours, and he would be able to restore his Cultivation at its peak!

When the time would come, and he could be able to activate his Invisibility, then who could impede his footsteps? Thus under this circumstances, he could speak whatever he wanted with his full energy.

Thunder heard him and somewhat surprisingly gazed at him, as he thought that wasn’t he hit by the blue-ray gun? But was it still not enough for him? How could he show the signs of recovery so soon? It seemed that this kid had an amazing healing power.

However, on the other side, on hearing that Cai Shaohong was really killed by him, Lin Detian finally heaved a sigh of relief. But he couldn’t control his emotions and immediately threw his glances at Lin shiqing, to his surprise, he discovered a very complicated look was there all over her face. Even though he was her father, but still couldn’t figure out that what his daughter was thinking at the moment.

Logically speaking, Cai Shaohong was Lin Shiqing beloved, at least this was what he had heard outside as rumours. But now Cai Shaohong had been murdered and surprisingly the person who had killed him was present in front of her, then in such circumstances, what might be going on in her mind right now? Besides this, just a moment ago, this person had put his life on the line just to protect her life. Didn’t it become more complicated now for her?

“So, afterwards, returning to the villa, destroying all the evidence and also slaughtering our three soldiers, wasn’t it you who did this?”

Thunder continued firing questions one after another, if this man had really killed three members of the National Security Agency, then in accordance with the special regulations, he must be given death penalty! Regardless of what crime Cai Shaohong had done, but killing the NSA member was definitely an inexcusable offence.

“No, it wasn’t me again.”

Ye Feng shook his head, and continued saying in a sinking voice : “If I didn’t guess wrong, then that person must be Zhui Hun, the armed escort.”

“Well, the last question, regarding Xiao Qi’s kidnapping, were you behind it?”

By this time, a dignified expression had already taken birth on Thunder’s face.

“Once again no, he must be the same person who holds a grudge against Cai Shaohong, and he would have taken her away so as to protect her.”

Ye Feng shook his head, as he placed his own speculation on the platter.

“I hope, whatever you said is true, and you turn out innocent.”

Thunder said that while nodding his head. Then he took a screen device out, pulled out a photograph from the top of it and handed it over to Lin Detian to have a look.

As a result, Lin Detian’s complexion immediately took a 360-degree turn, that picture, which was clicked by a member of the National Security Agency in the factory ruins, had abundant of long-haired freaks who were already blown to pieces in this explosion! Certainly, this fierce explosion had roasted these hairy freaks, but their hairs didn’t get burnt completely.

Was this the proof that Cai Shaohong really helped Pei Keang Group in carrying out the gene medicine’s experiment in this country China?

Unfortunately, there was no evidence to prove that Cai Shaohong was related with all these things. This matter must undergo thorough investigation, they couldn’t merely rely on the masked man’s one-sided statement.

“I hope you can help us in finding the evidence together.”

Lin Detian shifted his vision towards Ye Feng, and faintly said : “I believe you are well aware that we don’t have a single evidence, therefore, we will certainly push you out in front of Pei Keang Group to give an account of everything to them.”

The thought of a true politician, apparently he placed the national interest on top over everything.

However, Ye Feng wasn’t at ease at all, so long as he could drag on for some time, he could cast Invisibility and like a heavenly bird, he would fly high, then who could dare stop him?

Right at this time, suddenly a sound of the car passed on from quite afar, in this dark night its dazzling headlights which were on full beam, attracted the attention of surrounding all people.

“Shiqing, Shiqing!”

A lively and cheerful young girl’s voice, but with a touch of concern, suddenly burst out from the car.

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