Chapter - 133: The East China Sea will be in a huge wave
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It was indeed unexpected for Lin Detian.

In usual times, his daughter always dealt with any kind of problems very rationally, but rightnow, it was quite obvious, neither Mo Jiuge nor “Zhao Mingze” were important people to her, then why did she come out and stood firmly, saying not to chase?

Although because of the help of these two men, they would turn out successful in raising the curtain from Cai Shaohong’s crafty plots and machinations and then making them publicly known, but still, they couldn’t let them go!

Even though it appeared now that the evidence was very authentic, but it was still far from true determination, therefore, a more precise investigation would be preferred in this case. Furthermore, in case something went wrong, and these two people couldn’t be found, then what would they do?

“It’s not like I am acting impetuously.”

Lin Shiqing glanced at Xiao Qi, as she smiled, then she shook her head and said: “There is a possibility that Mo Jiuge and Miss Long are in some kind of relationship, therefore, if we grab him, wouldn’t it make Long Clan at loggerheads over this matter? This kind of matter still needs to be dealt safely, if a thorough investigation will continue in the dark, then the decision won’t be late again. ”

She said so, obviously, there was a reason.

Firstly, what Zhui Hun said that Mo Jiuge had a relationship with Miss Long, this was the fact for them as they would prefer to believe this story, rather rejecting it completely. In addition, temporarily they didn’t know anything about what kind of attitude Long Clan generally possessed, so they couldn’t act blindly without thinking.

Secondly, she intentionally raised this topic in front of Xiao Qi, so as to make things clear to her, and dispel her small thoughts. Ye Feng already had an affair with Miss Long, therefore, Xiao Qi shouldn’t try meddling with him!

Lin Shiqing didn’t like to judge people by their appearances, but now the point was, Mo Jiuge’s face was really something very difficult even for her to digest. Besides, what she had experienced just now, on that basis, it seemed that the character of this guy was also not up to the mark.

The moment she recalled that just now how badly she had been taken advantage by him, immediately blood rushed to her mind. However, when she thought that she had to save her best friend at all cost, immediately her anger was pressed down.

She had never been an unreasonable and persistent person, but somehow she couldn’t control herself and turned a bit annoyed. After all, from childhood to maturity, she had never portrayed that something like this would have to her, like how Mo Jiuge pressed her under his body heavily, to the extent where it cause a severe ache in her chest ……

Lin Detian listened to her explanation, and sighed a bit : “Anyway, you are such a trouble, we are supposed to chase after them, it can’t be skipped.”

She heard that and a self-satisfied smile spread on her face, it seemed that her father really cared about her viewpoint very much.

What was there within the scope of this country China which couldn’t be caught up by the collective strength of Lin Clan and the National Security Agency? Apparently, Lin Detian agreed to her viewpoint and decided to change his current strategy.

“Lin Shiqing, just ……”

On seeing them giving up, Xiao Qi finally took a breath of relief, however, her heart soon became a little restless, therefore, she ran over and quietly asked: “What did you just say about Miss Long?”

“The masked man, Mo Jiuge has an affair with her, a great beauty. But what’s wrong, does this little girl get jealous, ah?”

Lin Shiqing giggled tenderly and tried to tease her.

“How can it be, neither I know him for a long time, nor have any clue how he looks like, then how possibly with him ……”

Although Xiao Qi said that, but her cheeks immediately turned bright red, she raised her head and looked towards Lin Shiqing’s face, and by throwing a giggling smile, said : “By the way, what happened to you just now? Look, there is little mud on your face.”

While saying that, she lifted her small hand and stroked on Lin Shiqing’s face lightly, so as to brush away the residual mud from her pretty face.

“It’s nothing ……”

Lin Shiqing felt a little embarrassment, definitely, she couldn’t bring herself to narrate her everything, like how she was pressed by the masked man under his body, and so on. Therefore, she changed the subject and immediately asked: “This evidence, does Xiao Zhao give them to you.”

“Hmm, he said that ultimately he has taken his revenge from his enemy, and the effort he had exerted whole one year in ambushing him, finally paid him off.”

While Xiao Qi said that, she was somewhat moved: “Perhaps, later we couldn’t see him again.”


It sounded little strange to Lin Shiqing, how she couldn’t see him again?

“He said that he will seek for the new life.”

Xiao Qi smiled : “I think, if I were him, I would have also done so, after all, he had taken his revenge, Zhao Mingze, this identity now doesn’t need to exist anymore.”

“What’s his real name?”

Lin Shiqing asked.

“Ah? This, probably I haven’t asked ……”

Xiao Qi gawked as she replied.

Lin Shiqing looked at this sweet, lovable little girl, and thought something while shaking her head helplessly. This little girl was indeed a naturally stupid person.

“In the end, who exactly is he? Last year, when Southern Heavenly Gate was wiped out completely, there were still two people who survived this incident ……”

Lin Shiqing looked towards the direction where the yellow Santana had vanished, and couldn’t help but think about this.

However, at this time, on the other side, both Lin Detian and Thunder were occupied in their own things. They already had assembled people to validate whether the videotape was genuine or fake, besides this, they commanded the soldiers of the Fourth Guard Regiment, to cordon off the vicinity so that they could perform a thorough investigation again tomorrow morning.

In case, any useful evidence fell into their hands, then they could bravely conduct an international confrontation with Pei Keang Group’s capital!

“Oh, by the way, Thunder.”

Lin Detian thought something and called Thunder aside to discuss over something, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he said: “Regarding the East China Sea, is that area fall under the control of Li Feng’s squadron presently? Since, Long Clan has already assembled there in the East China Sea, therefore, in my opinion, this kid, Mo Jiuge perhaps will also pass.”

“Pretty good.”

Thunder complexion sank : “It is said that a fairy has appeared in the East China Sea, therefore several people from the martial arts world have already rushed towards it.”

“Well, let’s do it like this, using merely a single person Li Feng perhaps won’t be enough to resolve this matter.”

Lin Detian said that, and thereafter, he submerged himself into a deep thinking mode for a moment. However, promptly he made a one shot decision: “By the time the complete investigation of the things is completed here, you also place your team there in that area. At first, ensure the public security, it doesn’t matter who the person is, as long as he dares to disrupt the social order, will be arrested rihtaway.”

“Yes, Chief.”

For the arrangements made by Lin Detian, Thunder didn’t have any objection.

Now the situation of the East China Sea seemed to be more tensed up, the team of Li Feng was insufficient since there were less than 100 people in his squad, and with that small group, how could they confront with Long Clan? Let alone this matter, there were already various kinds of martial artist present on the spot.

To send a group of people as reinforcements before any accident took place, was absolutely not a wrong decision. In case any big problem popped up there, then that would be harder to resolve with such a small group of people.


While these things were going on one side, on the other side, Ye Feng, who waited for the right opportunity to act, and then escaped at one fell swoop, easily sensed with the help of Soul Search technique that the other masked man drove his car towards the direction where Lin Detian was along with the other group of people, obviously because he tried to create a chaotic situation, to help him escape in this chaos.

Thereafter, Xiao Qi bravely stepped forward and stopped the action of the NSA people, this incident was also seen by Ye Feng. Now he apparently knew that this whole arrangement was done by the other masked mask beforehand.

Seeing the NSA people didn’t pursue him, after running around half a kilometre road, he stopped. But as soon as he stopped, a yellow Santana caught up and stopped beside him.

“We met again, brother.”

Skeleton masked man softly chuckle, as he pushed open the door and got down.

His voice was very ordinary, which was making it difficult to recognise his identity. However, it was quite obvious that now Ye Feng didn’t need to listen to the sound to identify the identity of others.

Since, he had the ability now to even penetrate through the mask, and see the appearance of the skeleton masked man.

Indeed his appearance was worth praising, he was a handsome young man, not the sissy Zhao Mingze type guy. Come to think of it, this Zhao Mingze’s appearance was something which he had been generally using while changing his identity.

This explained that how talented this person was!

“Walk with me for a moment.”

Ye Feng smiled while referring to the direction, also Su Menghan was left by him on that side. As for this car, of course it was impossible to leave it open and depart, after all, it would sound too conspicuous.

What was the reason, nobody knew, but every time Ye Feng acted together with this skeleton mask man, always there had been an inexplicable and bewildering tacit understanding between them, however, obviously in the heart of the opposite party, there was a feeling of being on guard at all times.

Perhaps it was because the opposite party was very smart.

“Hello, I am called Nan’fang.”

The Skeleton masked man held his hand out, as his corners of the mouth curled upwards : “Ye Feng, right?”

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