Chapter - 150: Astonishing reversal!
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Su Xinchang gradually stepped onto the witness seat.

On one side there was his daughter Su Menghan, when he looked at her, then he noticed her beautiful eyes had a touch of little expectation as well as fear. Her expectation was that certainly, Su Xinchang would speak out everything truthfully, making Xie Min and Xie Chengye convicted of this accident; and her fear was, most probably Su Xinchang could let her down again.

Su Xinchang’s heart was really in a state of entanglement and he was constantly struggling hard with his own thoughts, all puzzled he finally took the witness seat.

On the other side, his wife Xie Min was there whom he had married ten years ago and who was the key person who had helped him a lot in obtaining various achievements all along.

Moreover, in front of him, Lin Rentian was also there who could make his second half of life remarkably splendid.

While behind him, in the visitors’ seats, there were numerous people just enjoying watching this bustling scene and wondering how Su Xinchang would present everything into light.

And there was also Li Dagou, who was sitting aside and showing a satisfied smile, it was simply impossible for him to admit this thing, otherwise wouldn’t he be sent to the prison? However, he collaborated with President Lin on this agreement that he would receive one lack money once this case would come to an end, how cheap this matter was!

By now Huang Ande had also occupied his seat and sat together with the ten other relatives of Su Menghan’s maternal Clan, just a moment ago he made his testimony, which could get him two hundred thousand money to improve his present life, as well as if Dai Gen could swear off the drug addiction and come back, then this money could also be used in getting him married and settle down……

Lin Shiqing and Xiao Qi were somewhat anxiously looking at Su Xinchang standing in front.

This man, afterall how would he make a choice?

“I take an oath in the court: I will faithfully fulfil the obligations prescribed by the law for testimony, will only speak the truth that I know. If I disobey the oath, I would like to undertake the corresponding legal liability and moral condemnation …….”

Su Xinchang, according to the firm voice of justice, began to take an oath.

Meanwhile, from one side, Xie Min signalled him with her eyes, the meaning of which was quite obvious.

Su Xinchang looked into her eyes, also glanced at the solemn and respectful appearance of Lin Rentian who was in the front and ultimately his heart set a firm resolve.

“I can prove that the matter which had taken place six years ago, Xie Min and Xie Chengye has nothing to do with it! Although one side is my former wife, while the other side is my daughter, but ……”

Holding a very resolute facial expression, Su Xinchang finally said aloud.

The words went out and stole away the complexion of Su Menghan rightaway, her face turned white as she thought that really, in the end, this person Su Xinchang showed his true colours, he had always been such a disloyal person all along, how did she anticipate that he might change?

However, Su Menghan’s suddenly changed complexion couldn’t escape Su Xinchang’s eyes, he noticed that she had immediately turned deathly white, although he was feeling restless in his heart, but was still very resolute. What drove him to make this choice was very clear in his mind, now that Su Menghan had fallen in the clutch of this new type of drug addiction, her lifespan had already reduced, she couldn’t live more than a year, since this being the case, better he should discard considering him as finished.

If he succeeded in defending Xie Min and Xie Chengye, then from now on they could also help him a little in the future, and as for Lin Rentian, like what he said, he would return Su Sheng Group’s shares to him positively……

Finally, Xie siblings heaved a sign of relief; Lin Rentian naturally brightened up; almost everyone present on the scene was all relieved, really the final result was similar to their speculation.

“Su Xinchang!”

Right at this moment, a resonate voice from the visitor’s seat suddenly rang up, which shivered the heart of everyone present rightnow in the courtroom for hearing this trial!

Everyone spontaneously turned one’s attention towards Ye Feng who was currently standing.

“Immortal Technique, Hypnosis!”

Ye Feng saw that Su Xinchang, Xie Min and Xie Chengye simultaneously turning around towards him, and in a split second he looked into the eyes of those three people, one after another, super fast, simultaneously cast hypnosis on them and implanted a thought in their minds at once!

Such hypnosis usually caused a substantial injury to the human, since Su Xinchang didn’t know anything about repentance, hence all trapped Ye Feng had to take this step.

Invisible and several wisps of Zhenqi, directly sneaked into Su Xinchang’s brain. And the next moment, the man directly knelt down on his knees.

“Menghan, I made a mistake!”

His tearful voice suddenly reverberated!

This astonishing scene, made everyone present on the scene gawk, they thought that this man, in general situation, decided to remain dumbfounded, then what happened to him now that he knelt down towards his daughter suddenly?

“Your grandmother was really murdered by the person hired by Xie Min and Xie Chengye, I have a lot of evidence, including the proof of transaction which had happened with Li Dagou. Later, it was me who went out with money to compensate Li Dagou ……”

“I have been always unfair to you my daughter, Menghan forgive me! Whatever I said just now is 100 % true!”

Under the influence of hypnosis, all of a sudden Su Xinchang forgot everything and knelt down towards Su Menghan, confessed everything!

This scene suddenly blew away Lin Rentian’s mind, as if he was hit by a huge shock!

He couldn’t properly think through this sudden occurring of Su Xinchang’s action. Fortunately just a moment ago, he had really done a good job and spoke everything just like the plan, so now suddenly what happened to him which made him break out in this kind of bewildering action?

On the other side, on hearing this baffling statement, panic-stricken, Li Dagou stood up at once. And he had to be anxious, in case this matter was brought to the light like this, obviously, he would be charged with the murder case and would be forced to spend his entire life in the prison!


Xiao Qi’s face lit up with the joyous expression, she hadn’t expected at all that at a critical moment such a startling reversal could take place. It seemed that this man Su Xinchang still had a bit of conscience thing left, right?

Somewhat puzzled, Lin Shiqing gazed at Ye Feng who had occupied his seat by now, and thought that this boy shouted loudly, which really had such an enormous power, that it even forced Su Xinchang to suddenly thoroughly rectify his old misdeeds and turn into a reformed man?

Ye Feng felt her vision and understood that he was being observed.

Besides, what Ye Feng noticed was a trace of curiosity and suspicion Lin Shiqing’s eyes were revealing, which left his heart a bit puzzled, this girl Miss Lin, why did she come here? He couldn’t guess properly.

At this moment, Su Menghan also turned her head and looked towards her maternal relatives, gradually she felt tightness in her heart, Su Xinchang was indeed neither honest nor kind, how did he strike back at such a crucial moment?

“Silence Silence!”

Lin Rentian’s bespectacled face suddenly darkened a bit as he knocked the gravel.

He was indeed a crafty old fox!

Then he gloomily glanced towards visitor’s side where Ye Feng was and said : “This student, the court is such a serious place, it doesn’t allow you to threaten the witness, I think that you should leave this place first. Security!”

“All right, I walk by myself, no problem.”

Ye Feng got up and smiled, anyway, he had already implanted a thought in the minds of those three people, Su Xinchang, Xie Min and Xie Chengye. Even if he wasn’t there, these three people would still acknowledge their guilt one after another!

“Come on.”

Ye Feng stood up and waved his hand to Su Menghan by piling up an encouraging smile, then he turned around and left the courtroom.

Upon seeing him so calm and relaxed, Lin Rentian felt a little strange, he thought that this boy, how oddly he always turned out to be everywhere, it was indeed a little unusual.

However, when Su Menghan saw Ye Feng leaving the scene, her heart felt a little lonely. Fortunately, Su Xinchang had admitted the facts truthfully now, making her heart feel a stream of warmth. Now that Su Xinchang had testified everything, so it should be enough, right?

“Witness Su Xinchang, since he was threatened in the court, therefore his current testimony becomes invalid. Now please re-testify and say the truth you know.”

Wrapping himself with a calm and composed expression, Lin Rentian said that, his bespectacled face revealed a trace of the threat as he looked at Su Xinchang and said : “Committing perjury in the middle of the trial in this serious court, the consequences of which would be equally serious.”

“Moreover, if for a moment let’s consider whatever you just said thoughtfully is the truth, then not only you have constituted the perjury charge, but also it is proved that you have also committed the crime of harbouring culprits!”

Meanwhile, the defence lawyer of Miao Clan finally found the opportunity to display his performance, he stood up and said : “If this case of hiring a person to murder turns out to be true, then it’s clear you have withheld this information so long, harboring criminals for six years, the situation is very serious ……”

Obviously, this was an open threat to Su Xinchang!

In the general course of the trial, such threats were not at all permitted. But in this game, since Lin Rentian was leading, therefore Miao Clan’s lawyer didn’t consider this thing.

Su Menghan heard that and immediately her face turned white again, how could this lawyer be so shameless?

While everybody thought that the situation would go to the right path, in the process of the development of the situation, something unexpected happened and completely turned the table instantly, making the whole situation beyond everyone’s expectations.

“No, I have to stick to the facts, not only Xie Min and Xie Chengye are guilty but Li Dagou is also one of them!”

Su Xinchang determinedly said that.

His statement fell and really surprised the present people for a moment, while their eyes got fixated at Xie siblings. When everyone thought that this sibling would soon go all out to refute this completely, exactly then an astonishing thing happened again.

“I made a mistake! I am guilty!”

Xie Min and Xie Chengye, both simultaneously knelt down in front of Su Menghan!

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