Chapter - 28: Listen to my woman
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Ye Feng looked at Su Menghan’s sweet and charming face, he shook his head and said in a soft tone: “The world is a dangerous place, honest and kind hearted girl like you are normally rarely seen. Since you want to help them, I will give you a chance.”

After saying this he took out that bank card of two hundred thousand from his pocket.

“Here, I am handing over this card to you, now its completely your decision as how to use this card, but you need to think clearly since you already know the result very well. Anyway, I’m going to do my own thing, have to do a phone call.”

Finally Ye Feng made his decisions, first was let Su Menghan do whatever she wanted as she was a very kindhearted girl. And the second was to charge ransom from Heavenly Serpent Gang for their crime, their sin.That short-sleeved youth, Dai Gen was victimized by drugs and for this, Heavenly Serpent Gang was partly responsible, so this matter couldn’t be ignored, somehow Ye Feng was feeling a bit sorry about this.

When she saw Ye Feng so solemnly explaining things to her, she took the card and nodded once.

Ye Feng felt a little funny inside while looking at her, actually in his heart he was looking forward to see what this girl was going to do now. After all, she had experienced cruel things in her life, he was thinking that was this girl reallly so simple and pure?

The motorcycle man and that middle-aged woman still didn’t pay any attention to Ye Feng and Su Menghan again this time, they were busy supporting their son, Dai Gen, they were trying to board him on the motorcycle, but Dai Gen was in an unconscious state so it wasn’t easy to do so.

Just then, two vans came whistling from the alley raising a cloud of dust everywhere, all of a sudden the way was blocked by them. One after the other, several sturdy men got down from the car, holding cigarettes in their mouths, bare chested, wearing a garment with a low neckline, two of them were still had their sunglasses on, just by giving a glance at them, one could say that they belonged to the criminal community in the society.

“Who dare to annoy Heavenly Serpent Gang, do you want to die?”

Headed by a muscular man in dark sunglasses, he spat out the cigarette and looked at the crowd standing in front of him very fiercely, as if he was trying to guess the person who hit their men.

Seeing these dangerous looking people, the parents of Dai Gen were immediately panicked, they stared at each other for a quick glance and then they suddenly pointed towards Ye Feng: “He is the one who is involved in this, how can we ordinary people dare to provoke you brothers?

The dark sunglasses man suddenly turned his vision towards Ye Feng and when he saw at his side where the pretty attractive Su Menghan was standing, he remained surprised for a bit, he never thought that such a beautiful lovely young girl could be seen at this kind of place.

Once someone provoked the Heavenly Serpent Gang, they would certainly have to pay the price.

The dark sunglasses man gave signal to his men by waving his hand, and in an instant, his ten or so people rushed towards Su Menghan and Ye Feng and surrounded them by forming a circle around them. Their frightening appearance terrified the parents of Dai Gen and they immediately moved towards one side.

That middle-aged man heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that those gang members had completely ignored them, he then whispered: “Who are they, the young boy and girl?”

“It’s Su Menghan, your niece. Heavenly Serpent gang has come back to hit them, lets not get involved in this for our good, Dai Gen is already in such a miserable condition …….”

The middle-aged woman said this with tears in her eyes, she cried since she was afraid that he would go back there to help them.

That man was a little surprised hearing about this, Su Menghan? How did she come back today…… His eyes were at Ye Feng and Su Menghan who were surrounded by a large group of gang members at that time. Although it was difficult for him to endure this but then he thought about their own situation clearly and shook his head to let it go.

No way, he couldn’t help those two who were standing against the Heavenly Serpent Gang, besides in this current situation when he was surely going to get burdened under huge medical expenses. His son was badly injured, one of his legs was broken, on top of that, he was an addict, in addition to this, perhaps he had other injuries and concussion as well.

Su Menghan was extremely nervous. She grabbed the arms of Ye Feng very tightly and hid behind him. This time there were total eleven men in the opposite party. Besides, something was going on in her mind that why was Ye Feng not revealing his identity to them, they might have stopped all this chaos once it was told properly………….

As everyone knew that Ye Feng was simply not a bit worried about anything, for him, they were just trivial ten or so men, although he would need to use his hands and feet to deal with them, but for him, by no means it was a difficult problem.

Just when Ye Feng was prepared to begin, suddenly, the cellphone of the leader of this group rang up. He then waved to his men, letting them to go on first, while he stayed behind to answer the phone call.

“Hello boss, what…… Go back? Don’t do it?”

The dark sunglasses man was in shock: “Oh, yes I got it, but there is a boy who has stirred up trouble, first let me deal with him…… what?”

He looked up and saw Ye Feng who was at that time playing with two of his men, he hit both of them, both of them flew and crashed on the ground. Also he noticed that there was an old ancient ring on his finger of the right hand.

“Yes, yes, it’s him together with a young beautiful girl….. Well, ok got it boss!”

After that call, he understood very well that the situation was quite critical, so very quickly, he hung up the call hen moved few steps forward and roared: “It’s my order! Everyone stop right-away!”

But he was a bit late.

He saw Ye Feng had embraced Su Menghan’s soft and slender waist in order to protect her. Besides, his several men had already been wiped out by him, they all were lying on the ground yelling in pain. It seemed like Ye Feng had very badly smashed them.

While the remaining five men were still gathered around those two vigilantly, actually they didn’t dare to go forward and fight with him.

That sunglasses man once again shouted very loudly, since he was uncertain about the whole situation, what happened, we mustn’t fight with him? Although this boy is very ferocious and powerful, but they still had to let him go……

“Sorry, Brother Ye, it’s out fault.”

The man in dark sunglasses ran several steps towards Ye Feng, and with a slight smile, he scratched his head in a somewhat embarrassed manner.


Ye Feng had already guessed that just now, the scarred face man had called the sunglasses man,he waved his hand to him and said: “Just find a person to drive me to a place, the rest of you just stay here and listen to my woman, just do what she wants you to do, and you know why right?”

Su Menghan was still in the embrace of Ye Feng, after listening his words, her face instantly turned red.

The sunglasses man glanced at her and secretly said to himself that Brother Ye’s woman was really very beautiful, he nodded: “Ok got it, San Zi, come over here, take a car and drive Brother Ye to the place where he wants to go.”

A thin man heard this and immediately responded by saying yes to him.

“If you need anything, please call me immediately and anytime.”

Ye Feng let go of her fragrant body, then stretched his body till his heart content and with a smile on his face, he immediately followed that thin man toward a van.

Su Menghan was still blushing, she didn’t know what she shouldsay, in her heart, she was scolding Ye Feng several hundred times: Who is your woman, you shameless guy.

Regarding Ye Feng’s arrangement, she understood very well.

Seeing that taking her cousin by a motorcycle to the hospital was a big problem for his parents, so Ye Feng planned all this, leaving behind few people for her was also a convenient idea, but at the same time, it could also be considered as a way to give her protection in an unknown town while he was away.

“Quickly, take my cousin to the hospital.”

Just thinking of this, she without any hesitation quickly pointed her finger to the family of three.

Till this time, both middle-aged men and women had been stunned, they did not expect that this would be the case. Recently, Heavenly Serpent Gang had been very rampant in this area, provoking their people had always been a bad thing for anyone, but now……

The middle-aged woman surprisingly looking at Su Menghan, a thought was running in her mind that Su Menghan was such a beautiful and attractive girl, how did she manage to maintain a relationship with that flamboyant young boy, could it be considered as normal?

At this moment, Su Menghan’s image in her heart had completely transformed from an innocent young girl to a clever and smart seductress.

However, this did not matter at all right now, the middle-aged woman thought intelligently that Dai Gen could be saved only because of Su Menghan, it looked like nowadays, Su Menghan was involved in dirty business by using her good appearance. So helping them with medical expenses should not be a big issue for her right?

At present, she just completely forgot how badly she treated Su Menghan few minutes back.

While on the contrary, Su Menghan wasn’t thinking so much.

As soon as Ye Feng left, she asked those men of Heavenly Serpent Gang to arrange one more van to take her cousin Dai Gen to the hospital. However this matter was taken care by the dark sunglasses man, he did a phone call to the hospital for an ambulance.

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