Chapter - 33: Win an inch, want a foot
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Originally, Ye Feng wanted to injure Long Wan’er to prevent her from chasing after him. But the current situation was comparatively better than his original plan. Now, there were lots of holes in her long skirt. Clad in this semi torn skirt, if she still kept on pursuing him, then her snow-white beautiful skin would certainly attract attention of the huge crowd present in that area, which was obviously not something a girl could endure easily.

Ye Feng turned back and saw her beautiful figure gradually disappearing in the distance. While on the other side, Long Wan’er was extremely angry, she was bitterly stamping her feet on the ground. With one hand, she was trying to hide her plump and white chest and her other hand was trying to cover her legs. While doing so, she was looking around while clenching her teeth tightly to think deeply about some countermeasures.

So, should she just let him run away like this?

This was impossible!


Ye Feng kept on running all the way, and very soon, he reached the main road. He had already thrown away his mask and his ‘Ancient Dragon Sword Ring’ was back to normal. He then stopped a taxi and went directly to the People’s Hospital.

Together with Heavenly Serpent Gang, Su Menghan took her cousin to the People’s Hospital, but what happened after that, Ye Feng did not know anything. What actually happened there which forced her to call him so impatiently? Due to that, he was almost captured.

Fortunately, Long Wan’er did not continue to pursue him. But Ye Feng knew that Su Menghan’s actions were not intentional.

Ye Feng got out of taxi right at the entrance of People’s Hospital. He thought of first finding a place to buy new clothes so that he could change his clothes before entering the hospital. He then called Su Menghan and asked: “What happened?”

“They have started fighting again, my cousin has been found addicted to drugs, please come quickly ……”

Su Menghan almost immediately picked up the phone and anxiously replied.

Ye Feng hung up the phone and quickly rushed inside. He quickly arrived at the nearby ward where Su Menghan and other were present.

He looked around and discovered that on both sides of the hospital ward entrance, a dispute was going on between the parents of Dai Gen and the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang. While Su Menghan was caught up in the middle of all this chaos, she was anxiously trying to settle this dispute all by herself.

The quarrel had also attracted the surrounding people to flock near the ward entrance.

“You people are the reason behind my son’s bad condition, you must take responsibility for this!”

Dai Gen’s mother was acting very rudely like a vixen. Since she was in power now, she had no intention to forgive them, thus she was making this unreasonable scene in the hospital.

“How are we responsible for this?”

The man in black sunglasses asked while suppressing his anger.

“At least pay for the damages, or do you want to just hit people and forget about it?”

Dai Gen’s mother was looking at the sunglasses man in a threatening manner, since Su Menghan was on her side so she was taking advantage of this, while, the opposite party couldn’t dare to argue with her.

“Aunt, regarding the medical expenses, I have already paid, cousin is alright now, so just let it go.”

Su Menghan was constantly persuading her Aunt to settle all this peacefully. Since she still had no idea how Ye Feng was related to Heavenly Serpent Gang. She thought that if her Aunt went too far and these men lost their cool then something tragic might happen.

“No, you still led Dai Gen towards drug addiction, so today you must take responsibility for this and pay for the damages.”

Dai Gen’s mother was extremely angry and said in a bitter voice. It seemed as if the other party didn’t pay up then they would certainly lose their lives at her hands.

“Dai Gen, you hang in there…… It’s not good, he can’t hold up anymore, cannot we give him drugs in small amount? Seeing him in this condition makes me very uncomfortable in my heart.”

The painful voice of Dai Gen’s father transmitted from inside the ward as well as a shaky painful voice of Dai Gen, struggling on the bed. It was quite obvious that Dai Gen was a big drug addict, so he was struggling and craving for drugs while his father was trying to suppress him.

“No, it’s not good, he cannot take drugs again……”

Su Menghan firmly refused him. She was basically clamped between two sides, on one side were her relatives and on other side were the members of Heavenly Serpent Gang, it was really too painful for her to deal with both sides at the same time. Now, she really felt like crying, she was really hoping for Ye Feng to come quickly.

“No, no, if something happened to him then will you take responsibility for it?”

Dai Gen’s mother said this bitterly and then stared at Su Menghan, she dragged the sunglasses man hurriedly and said: “Help him quickly, he can’t bear anymore…..”

“What’s going on here?”

At this time, Ye Feng walked up to them and said. When the middle-aged woman saw him, the unruly look immediately vanished from her face and her complexion paled. Ye Feng then looked inside the hospital ward and saw a female nurse and Dai Gen’s father. Both of them were very trying their best to suppress Dai Gen to lie down on the bed.

Bulged out blue veins could be seen on Dai Gen’s whole body, he was so in so much pain that he wanted to crash into the wall to commit suicide, but actually cannot achieve it. He was unceasingly struggling and violently swinging on the bed.

Su Menghan as well as the several members of Heavenly Serpent Gang was extremely happy to see that Ye Feng was finally here, because they were all really fed up by now!

Without any hesitation, Ye Feng walked into the ward and hit on the back of Dai Gen’s head. In just one hit, instantly, the world turned very quiet and relaxing. There was no longer any struggling noise or painful screams because Dai Gen had immediately fainted on the spot.

“How could you do this to Dai Gen!”

Dai Gen’s parents simultaneously reacted and called out in alarm.

“Let him rest quietly, he will wake up after some time.”

Ye Feng indifferently said.

The nurse reached out to probe a little, but she was also relieved, because finally, the patient was in relief, and it was peaceful for other patients as well……

Ye Feng turned back, looked at Su Menghan and members of Heavenly Serpent Gang and said: “All right, you all can go back. Su Menghan, we will leave as well. Have you paid the medical expenses?”

“Yes ……”

Su Menghan lowered her head and looked somewhat embarrassed, because the big amount of 200,000 didn’t belong to her, Ye Feng lent it to her. After admitting in the hospital, she found out that even the amount of 200,000 was insufficient so he had to request Heavenly Serpent Gang to pay the rest.

The hospital took full onetime payment for surgery, hospital expense and so on, most important was brain stem damage and even the slightest carelessness could send Dai Gen into a vegetable state. Not to mention, this was the case of drug addiction.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Feng waved his hand to say goodbye to the man in black sunglasses and others. They quickly dispersed with happy expressions on their faces.


Usually, if they were to face such an unreasonable bitch, then they would have slapped her away long time ago, but just because of Ye Feng, they didn’t dare to do anything and were stuck with that vixen for so long. The whole time, they simply felt like dying from extreme rage building inside them.

(Lastvoice: The above paragraph is meant for Dai Gen’s mom, not Su Menghan :P)

“Hey, do not even think about leaving, you better pay for the damages, I tell you!”

Dai Gen’s mother hastily rushed outside and tried to stop them.

“I warn you.”

Ye Feng noticed her talking endlessly, he suddenly looked back and said in a cold voice: “You must learn to be content, do not push your luck, do not reach out for a yard after taking an inch, do not wait to get into big trouble because at the end of such path, only regret awaits you.”

Indeed, Heavenly Serpent Gang had already done enough. Dai Gen owed them a big amount of 300,000, which they already wrote off. They also helped Su Menghan while paying the medical expenses, how could this middle-aged woman dare to ask for more?

Ye Feng’s ferocious argument left Dai Gen’s mother in a scared and stupefied state, she immediately shut her mouth.

Su Menghan saw this but didn’t say anything. Before, even she thought the same thing that her aunt was going too far, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the same words as Ye Feng.

“Look, the matter ends here. Even if he has become a drug addict, it’s not like this is not his fault at all, maybe he has his own reasons for this.”

Ye Feng said then gave a cold glance to Dai Gen’s parents then held Su Menghan’s frail hands and departed together with her.

Dai Gen’s mother look at their back profiles while they were leaving, but even now, she was not quite convinced. She turned towards her husband and shouted: “Look at your niece, she doesn’t understand a single custom of your family.”

“I wonder who doesn’t understand?”

Even Dai Gen’s father was unable to continue watch this. Did these people have any obligation to help them? Now, they help them out by paying more than 200,000 worth of medical expenses, when his own blood brothers were not willing to help him!

“You still talk bad about the people who helped us, you devil!”

The middle-aged woman suddenly cried: “You look at our Dai Gen, what are we supposed to do in case he slips into the vegetative state…… Even if he is cured, how are we supposed to cure his drug addiction……?”

Dai Gen’s father remained silent. He looked at his wife and thought that if something like that really happened, would her curses and scolding do any good to help them?


Ye Feng and Su Menghan continued to hold hands and went all the way out of the hospital, her complexion was slightly red, she was blushing and also trying to find meaning in Ye Feng’s actions. Why did he hold her hand all of a sudden, was there a deeper meaning hidden in this?

If something like this had happened earlier then she would certainly be very offensive, but after coming to Langfang and experiencing a series of events, she had actually started to accept Ye Feng in her heart.

“Ye Feng, stop!”

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