Chapter - 39: Elder brother Ye and Ms. Ye
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Seeing that Su Menghan stood up in favor of Ye Feng startled everyone around there.

“Young lady, may I ask you something, is this a fact that he hit someone?”

It appeared like the chunky train marshal had noticed something, therefore he tried to shift the whole matter towards hitting a person.

He could now figure out easily that the relationship between this young boy and girl standing in front of him was not general, they were most likely to be a couple. In that case, the so-called harassment charges certainly didn’t hold up, but hitting a person on the train could be considered as quite a nasty behavior.

“He hit that other guy in order to protect me, right?”

Su Menghan pulled Ye Feng’s arm and clung on to him very intimately and said while opening her big beautiful eyes wide open: “His temperament was a little bad, and more importantly, that was at fault in the first place.”

Ye Feng listened to her words which somewhat took him by surprise, he never thought that Su Menghan actually had the courage to stand up and speak for him.


The chunky train marshal somewhat hesitated seeing her taking Ye Feng’s side, now at this situation, he didn’t know what should be done.

“Then it’s all right.”

The tall train marshal tugged him aside and with a smile on his face, said: “Sit down, you can leave the station only after a proper settlement.”

Then, the tall train marshal pulled his companion to leave this compartment.

“Hey, this is against the rules, what are you doing?”

This really baffled the chunky train marshal.

“Well, this matter is related to Heavenly Serpent Gang, so we can’t interfere into this matter foolishly.”

The tall train marshal said in a whispering tone, the way he was speaking truly revealed that he was obviously afraid of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

Both of the train marshals left, and suddenly, a silence spread out all over the compartment. Many people were feeling speechless since they were thinking that it was just a little couple argument, but that youth in western-style suit selfishly interfered and got beaten up, this whole incident was purely hilarious for them.

However, this pair of young lovers must be very scared right now and wouldn’t be feeling any better since the opposite party had the full support of Heavenly Serpent Gang……

“Why did you help me?”

Ye Feng sat on his seat and asked this question from Su Menghan.

“This was entirely my fault, so shouldn’t I help you speak with them?”

Su Menghan replied to him and then she leaned against the window.


Ye Feng smiled and nodded his head, he thought that didn’t this whole thing happen only because of the single word “beast” which came out of the mouth of this little girl which stirred things up?

Fortunately, this matter was also not a big trouble for him. If he was an ordinary man, then whether it was to swallow an insult or brutally fight with people, ultimately, just by knowing the fact that Heavenly Serpent Gang would be aiming at him wouldn’t end up in a good result for him.

This was the benefit of having strength. In case of lack of strength, just being together with such a beautiful girl, Su Menghan, would attract a countless number of troubles for him.

In order to avoid more troubles, Ye Feng took out his phone and sent a message to the Scarred face man, directing him to come to the train station and defend him.

“Also, listen.”

Su Menghan raised her beautiful black-colored eyebrows and continued saying to Ye Feng: “You must keep your temperament in check later on, , even though you are backed up by Heavenly Serpent Gang but frequently beating up people like this will one day certainly cause a big trouble for you ……”

Ye Feng stared at her face, as always, she looked very pure and beautiful when accompanied with just a touch of concern on her face.

“Got it.”

Ye Feng turned his head and nodded.

Originally, he was definitely not used to seeing such type of things. In the World of the Immortals, there was a law of the jungle which stated that one should not interfere in the fights of others, because the fight might lead to losing one’s life. When he used to have a weak cultivation of just 10 years, following his beautiful female master was the safer option for him to survive in that world.

However now, he felt some strange feelings in his heart. In the World of the Immortals, there was a beautiful woman who used to always stand in front of him to protect him from dangers, she was his master. But at this time, his beautiful master was no longer by his side.

“I remember he was not like this earlier, could it be that he received stimulation that evening which ended up turning him into his current self……”

Su Menghan thought to herself that the sudden change in Ye Feng’s attitude took place right after her dad offered him 200,000 to humiliate him, she felt a bit sorry in her heart.

There was no denying of the fact that Su Menghan had now imprinted a very good impression of Ye Feng in her heart, or it could be said that she was in love with him. But something was still intriguing her, it was that if last night, at the entrance of the hospital, that Long Wan’er girl hadn’t shown up suddenly, then perhaps, she might have really confessed her feeling to Ye Feng by now.


The train stopped at Yanjing Train station, both of them got out of the train together and left the station.

Taking a broad view at the stretch of tall buildings, Ye Feng felt a bit relieved, finally, he was back to his own city. Here, as long as he did not expose his identity of being a martial arts practitioner, he would not get into any trouble caused by the martial arts community.

“Uncle, they have come out.”

Just after getting out of the station, Ye Feng immediately heard a familiar voice. He tilted his head and looked to the side and saw the same young man in the western-style suit from the train, was standing there along with another group of men in the same western-style suit and sunglasses. From very far, he was pointing to him and Su Menghan.

They all should be from Heavenly Serpent Gang, but the scarred face man wasn’t there.

Soon, a group of people walked toward them with an aggressive look on their faces. They all looked like they truly belonged to a dark organized crime world, were clearing the path by dispersing the surrounding passer-by in abundance, and nobody really dared to approach even half a step close to them.

Only Ye Feng and Su Menghan were still standing together waiting for the other party to come close to them.

“Is this the guy who hit my nephew on the train?”

This group was headed by a square faced man who was looking coldly at Ye Feng. He was the uncle of that young man in the western-style suit, besides he was also a small gang leader of Heavenly Serpent Gang.

“He was being rude to my girlfriend, also cursed my family, did I do anything wrong if I hit him?”

Ye Feng fiercely looked at the young man in western-style suit and said lightly.

“Young boy, you are in this situation and you still dare to be arrogant?”

When the youth in western-style suit saw Ye Feng’s bold attitude, it instantaneously ignited his anger. He wanted to take away them, cripple the guy then take his woman and have fun with her, but now, he decided to teach this guy a lesson right there on the train station and make him know the fate of those who dared to annoy Heavenly Serpent Gang!

“I am just stating the truth.”

Ye Feng shook his head then looked up and saw that from a very far place, the scarred face man was actually anxiously rushing toward them, and seemed to have just now hung up his phone. Therefore, now Ye Feng knew fairly well that he didn’t need to begin anymore.

While the young man in western-style suit along with his square faced uncle were still staring at Ye Feng constantly, so they didn’t notice the Scarred Face man coming toward them. Seeing Ye Feng’s calm appearance really made them furious, triggering their anger to grow bigger and bigger. They mused that this punk just had a short period of time left to feel all better, after that they would teach him a good lesson.

Square faced man waved his hand to instruct his men in suits and sunglasses to gear up and be ready to attack any moment. For them, dealing with a high school student was not a big deal so they were kind of feeling relaxed. They just needed one second to put down the opposite party and end this fight instantly.

But at this time, a familiar voice came from behind them: “Stop! What are you punks trying to do!?”

A group of people turned their heads to see the source of that voice and they saw their boss standing behind them, there was a scowl and anger present on his whole face.

“Brother, this guy hit my nephew on the train with no reason at all, so we are just here to discuss with him about how to solve this issue.”

The square faced man noticed his boss’s bad mood and did not speak the entire truth.

“Well, do you think I don’t know what kind of guy your nephew really is?”

The Scarred faced man lightly snorted and then stared at that youth in western-style suit.

“This ……Brother ……”

The youth in western-style suit was somewhat cautious, he was constantly looking at the mobile phone held by the Scarred face man and was actually aware that something was not right here, about which he didn’t know anything completely.

“Well, this young boy is my younger cousin, later on when you see him, must call him Elder brother Ye and her as Ms. Ye, understood?”

The Scarred face man said this in a very serious tone and then he affectionately patted on the shoulders of Ye Feng, stupefying all of the members of the gang instantly.

Elder brother Ye and Ms. Ye?

The faces of both the youth in western-style suit and the square faced turned green all of a sudden. Fuck, so this boy actually had such a status? So he was intentionally playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger in the end!

Su Menghan, who was originally standing quietly beside Ye Feng, at this time listened to ‘Ms. Ye’ and immediately blushed, her face suddenly turned red from her cheeks to the bottom of the neck. She thought that this man was really too much, he didn’t know what to talk and actually spoke so irresponsibly. However, most importantly, was really Ye Feng the cousin of the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang? No wonder, her father made her to approach Ye Feng.

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