Chapter - 52:  Fierce tiger transformed into sick cat
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Today, Miao Zhenqiang was supposed to be attending the grand feast of Lin Clan’s Old man’s 70th birthday, but suddenly he received a warning call from Jingcheng restaurant from the opposite side of the road and was informed about the chaotic situation where criminal police was also involved. Therefore, he used his maximum speed to rush over here to tackle the situation.

As soon as he arrived at the incident floor, suddenly his eyes fell on Ye Feng who was stuck at the doorway of that Private room, he secretly sneered at him in his heart and thought that did this kid, who caused so much trouble to Dragon Clan, again dare to cause such a high-profile trouble?

Undoubtedly, this time regardless of the situation, he would surely stand against Ye Feng!

Being the Chief of Yanjing public security Bureau headquarters, or the member of sub-provincial level municipal party committee, in this kind of situation he was obviously going to be deterrent. Merely the sudden appearance of Miao Zhenqiang immediately turned the fuss making incident floor into complete silence.

“Ye Feng, he is Miao Zhenqiang.”

Su Menghan pulled Ye Feng’s arm and cautiously said that to him, while doing so, she was being more and more anxious. A character of this level had appeared there, in the present situation even her dad, Su Xinchang, also had no right to speak.

“Hmmmm, ok.”

Ye Feng squinted his eyes, looked at that middle-aged man of strong-built, wearing a first-level commissioner epaulet. He slightly thought that the current situation had gone beyond his expectation,  if not handled with care then it would likely to hurt many people standing in his support like  Su Menghan, Scarred Face Man, Liu Lihui and other people.

“Put down your arms and raise your hands!”

At one side of Miao Zhenqiang, one individual who was the Chief of Criminal Police,  holding small speakers in his hands, facing the crowd in front of that private room, shouted out loud to alert them.

Seeing that Xie Chengye promptly jumped out and said: “Officer, these people are from underworld, to hold knife with the intention to offend someone is a serious crime, they must be severely punished.”

Miao Zhenqiang listened that and chuckled: “how can the people from military be so coward, can’t they even handle trivial underworld people?”

As soon as Xie Chengye heard that, his half still swollen face suddenly flushed. The relationship between the army and the police was not quite good,  so in this kind of situation it was very normal to have a sarcastic encounter between them.

By crossing his hands behind his back to stand comfortably, Miao Zhenqiang was piercingly looking at Ye Feng and in a promiscuous manner he ordered directly: “Action! Catch them rightnow, the people of Organized crime gang as well as that boy wearing casual cloth!”

He knew that recently, Dragon Clan had suffered a great loss in Langfang City once again, seemingly that masked man who committed the crime there in Langfang was somehow related to Ye Feng. But because of the agreement done between Dragon Clan and Ye Feng’s Grandfather, now Dragon Clan couldn’t dare to trouble Ye Feng anyhow, but Miao Zhenqiang did not have this type of concern.

If he took hold of Ye Feng and got success in drawing out some news about that masked man from his mouth, then  undoubtedly that would be a great help to Dragon Clan, obviously by doing this he would reap lots of benefits for himself. Being such a high level senior official, he was already quite aware of that hidden world of martial arts, moreover he had been on good terms with Lin Clan as well.

His this order had made this crystal clear among the people present on the scene that this time, who came out victorious and who lost the match!

Xie Chengye together with his group of soldiers had probably won this fight, with full of proud and self-satisfaction he was gazing at Scarred Face Man and his men.

He was feeling slightly uncomfortable in his mind and heart, since he couldn’t succeed in humiliating Ye Feng personally, but as he knew already that it was impossible for him to take his revenge rightnow. Meanwhile, he could clearly see, although Miao Zhenqiang ridiculed him, but in fact his this action was aiming directly at Ye Feng. Ye Feng was soon going to be under the police custody, absolutely this thought was making him restless, however, he didn’t know how this kid had offended such a high- ranked official?

Xie Min, who was still in that private room, although she didn’t see what was going on outside, but after listening to the outside propaganda she could atleast guess now. She couldn’t help herself from having a malicious thought in her dark heart. While looking at Ye Feng around Su Menghan, she thought as long as Ye Feng didn’t return, she would see who was going to protect that young vixen?

On the other side, Xie Pinghui and Su Xinchang, who were still sitting inside that room, they stood up and approached  close to the door where Ye Feng and other people were standing.

Su Xinchang was cold sweating, he totally didn’t expect that inviting his daughter to dinner, such a trivial  situation would evolve into something so big where even provincial and ministerial level officials had arrived at the scene. It seemed to him like, wasn’t this guy Ye Feng, not on good terms with Chief Miao? However, if he relied on his identity as the cousin of the boss of trivial Heavenly Serpent Gang, and dared resist the provincial officials, then it would be undoubtedly suicidal for him.

Xie Pinghui was just as surprised as Su Xinchang, but it was a good thing for him. Since, in comparison to his idiot son, Chief Miao could do much more to Ye Feng, already he was eyeing  at him, certainly he would bring more miserable fate for him.

He was just waiting for Ye Feng and the trouble making underworld people to be taken away by police, then after he would be able to handle the matter of Xie Clan very properly. He glanced at Su Menghan who was standing beside Ye Feng, and thought to himself that this little vixen was indeed very pretty, perhaps also ……

Everyone present on the spot was extremely happy because of Chief Miao’s order, while on the contrary, there were few people like Scarred Face Man, Liu Lihui and Su Menghan who were worried like hell.

Liu Lihui was perspiring and looking at Ye Feng over and over again, he thought that why was Ye Shao not bringing up into light his relation with Lin Clan hastily? Did he want to wait until he entered the police station once again, was he playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger again?

On the other side, Su Menghan was tightly holding the arm of Ye Feng, a pair of her beautiful  shining eyes were exhibiting the color of worry for him. She didn’t utter a single word, but still Ye Feng could feel her anxiety and nervousness very well.

There was a fierce look on the face of Scarred Face Man, he was staring at Ye Feng as if his eyes were conveying this message: Ye elder brother, what do we do now. Would you like to fight with them ?

Fight with them!

Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled, this fellow was really a single minded person. He was pondering that in this current situation, very obviously only one thing left to do, that Ye Feng voluntarily got carried off by the opposite party. However,  he must ensure the safety of Scarred Face Man.

He thought so because of two reasons, first was- organized crime people in the police station, was not good to speak about, second was- since Su Menghan would be left alone while she still needed someone very important to protect her here. If all people were taken away then apparently Ye Feng would not feel relieved.

Liu Lihui? Ye Feng didn’t believe that this potbellied fellow would really firmly  stand at his side once he was carried off by the police.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked towards the end of the corridor, that majestic Miao Zhenqiang was standing there looking at him constantly, coincidentally at that time, both were looking at each other’s face. Miao Zhenqiang’s face was exposing his secret sneer.

Ye Feng knew fairly well, this fellow was standing at the side of Dragon Clan, definitely he would not easily let him off from his grip. Moreover, several fully-armed police men were positioned close to the doorway of that private room, totally prepared to grab Ye Feng and Scarred Face Man at any cost.

“You stay here, I will be fine since I don’t have anything to do with this matter.”

Ye Feng tried to comfort Su Menghan by saying that, then he raised his legs to arrive at the front.  From his look it appeared like he was very self-poised at that time.

“I advise you, don’t resist, if you try to act recklessly, then must know snipers have been kept on standby.”

Miao Zhenqiang said with a sneer,  it was similar to the case where a brave fighter got selected to fight with a fierce tiger.

“Chief Miao , you really command such a huge power and prestige. Was this matter that important, ha-ha,  that you needed to assign snipers to handle this situation?”

Just then, a very old spiritual voice passed  from behind Miao Zhenqiang, reverberated everywhere across that incident place.

Suddenly Miao Zhenqiang’s body went stiff after hearing that voice, he thought wasn’t that the voice of that  Old man? Wasn’t today his 70th birthday feast, unexpectedly had he come here in real?

Everyone’s vision shifted towards Miao Zhenqiang’s behind, they saw an old man indifferently approaching towards them, wearing a light gray Chinese tunic suit, although he was seventy years old still appearing very healthy and tough.

“I’m called Lin, the criminal police handles the case of dangerous criminals, how did you come here ……”

Miao Zhenqiang all of a sudden broke out in a cold sweat, he was thinking that this old man appeared here, there was 80% chance he was here just to protect Ye Feng, right? He had heard alot that Ye Feng’s Grandfather had some relation with Yanjing’s Lin Clan, and now it appeared like it was pretty close to what he had heard!

In the eyes of people, just few minutes back, this powerful looking majestic Miao Zhenqiang  all of a sudden turned into a sick cat from a fierce tiger. For other people like Xie Pinghui, etc, the vibration of the sudden appearance of Lin Clan’s Old Man was way bigger than imagination!

Mr. Lin, this Old man, who shrouded in Yanjing’s power and influence, actually unexpectedly came? Not to mention, before the sudden arrival of Mr. Lin, Miao Zhenqiang, who was a sub-provincial-level official  and was also the state leader, he as well used to address him as “senior”!

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