Chapter - 62: A maiden jumped off a building
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Ye Feng quickly glanced around, but Long Wan’er was nowhere around. It seemed like only this handsome young man of Dragon Clan was present nearby. As a matter of fact, it would be more easier for Ye Feng now since there was no need to worry about being attacked by Long Wan’er such early.

Right behind Scarred face man and Zhao Yibei, Ye Feng was walking but a bit slow, as he was secretly observing that handsome young man, and found out that this fellow seemed to be harassing that young couple.

“How about it, I, Long Xian, have plenty of money, you just accompany me one day and I’ll give you ten thousand, what say?”

That handsome young man, Long Xian had carelessly blocked the way of that young couple, and with overflowing arrogance he said that to that attractive young girl while frivolously looking at her.

“Are you crazy, your are getting out of my way or not?”

The attractive young girl scolded him tenderly. Wearing white shirt and black skirt, she was dressed up very nicely, it appeared like probably she just came out from the hotel with her boyfriend. By listening to her tone, obviously it could me concluded that Long Xian had not at all any favorable impression in her mind.

“Oh, everyone has a price, ten thousand is not enough, then twenty thousand? Thirty thousand?”

Long Xian chuckled loudly: “Come on, beautiful lady come up with a price.”

After saying that, he disdainfully gazed at the youth who was standing beside that beautiful maiden, his eyes were exhibiting a look piled up with a contemptuous expression.

“Young man, joke also has a limit.”

The youth was quite sturdy and grandiose, seeing him talking nonsense in front of them, he came firmly in front of his girlfriend to support and protect her, he fiercely stared at Long Xian and threatened him: “Now apologize, if this thing doesn’t happen, then…….”

“Oh, so now you are threatening me.”

Long Xian contemptuously smiled, there was a black mole on his chin which was extremely noticeable: “Man, I have just started coming to this place, but this place has lack of beauties to play with. I just happened to see your girlfriend, she is pretty enough to attract my attention, also she has a sticking out perfectly suitable bosom. Enough with your nonsense, just lend me your girlfriend for one day to have a fun with me, money is not a problem for me, Hahaha. ”

His statement drew the attention of surrounding passers-by, as a result the expressions on their faces suddenly took a form of despise for Long Xian. Although, they saw such type of thing was happening before their eyes, still no one dared to come out and say anything in this matter. Afterall who would like to invite trouble for themselves. Another pair of young lover was also there, but they moved round the road and went away out of the fear of being seen by that handsome man.

After listening to the words of Long Xian, that sturdy youth glared at him with his burning red eyes, the blue vein on his face stuck out suddenly. How could a man hear and endure such type of vulgar words against his own girlfriend?

“Ye elder brother?”

Upon seeing that scene, Scarred face man glanced at Ye Feng, since he wanted to ask that he must not pay attention to those people.

“Don’t bother about it, first go to open those three rooms. Yibei, help me to buy some rations from the nearby area of the hills, so that I can fill my stomach before I set off on my journey.”

Ye Feng said that and directly advanced towards the hotel by completely ignoring the existence of Long Xian and the pair of those young lovers. He thought to himself that it wasn’t like Long Xian would always try to snatch away girls on the street. He really didn’t need to meddle in this kind of matter, he must not get noticed by Long Xian, since that would be the best option for him.

He quickly opened a room, Zhao Yibei went out alone to buy some dry rations for him. On the other side, Ye Feng and Scarred face man finally went into their respective rooms in order to show that they were going to be staying in this room for considerably a longer period of time.

The room was on the third floor and the environment was pretty good as well, but Ye Feng didn’t care about the environment. Instead he was thinking about how to exit from this place, he was planning to use window to jump down to the lower floor without being discovered by anyone. Considering his current cultivation, jumping down from the third floor which was ten meters high, was really very dangerous for him. Obviously, for him it would be better to explore any other option.

Ye Feng had completed making constant false appearance, probably after half an hour Zhao Yibei came back with the stuffs including dried beef, pilot biscuit, mineral water and so on, everything was packed in a small packet for easy carrying. It was sufficient meal for a common person to eat for atleast three days. For Ye Feng, to carry it even for one week wouldn’t be a problem.

Ye Feng took the black packet from Zhao Yibei’s hand, and suddenly he remembered anything and asked: “What happened outside about that handsome young man?”

“They all disappeared till I came back.”

Zhao Yibei knew what he meant to ask, with a smile he said: “Probably he is a crazy man, how can he think of finding a woman on the streets like this. Even the others girl who would be willing to accept such type of offers for the sake of money, will never agree to something asked in this way. Ye elder brother, won’t you say anything?”

Ye Feng did not speak, he just put down his heart.

On the basis of rationality, Ye Feng was not a good person, if someone got caught into any dangerous situation, then Ye Feng would never go to interfere in his matter to help him out. But sentimentally, he was very emotional type, he was little worried about that couple of young lovers.

Long Xian was from the world of the martial arts, and just now he had a conflict with that sturdy youth, sure enough no good outcome would come out from this conflict. Since, Zhao Yibei didn’t see those two people still conflicting, then in that case Long Xian should be gone by now.

He returned to the room alone, as he wanted to take his mask and keep it in that black easy to carry packet to carry them all together. But suddenly from his window, he heard a sound of glass broken!

Following that sound, a weeping sound of a girl appeared, and just after that sound, again a sound of a weighty thing fell heavily on the ground was heard and then the crying of that girl suddenly stopped!

Ye Feng wrinkled his brows, after packing up his stuffs he immediately ran up to the French window edge and saw a young girl fell from the building to the ground, the ground was full of fresh blood, it looked like she was not alive.

“Wasn’t she that maiden from back then?”

Ye Feng felt a cold shiver in his heart, wearing white shirt and black skirt, wasn’t she just a moment ago outside with that handsome young man, Long Xian? Currently her shirt and skirt had the torn traces here and there. Ye Feng slightly wanted to know what happened with her.

“Isn’t this the deed of that Handsome young man of Long Clan?”

As soon as Ye Feng thought and relted this incident with Long Xian, he became inexplicable angry in his heart. Although, he didn’t know concretely what was the matter, but compelling others to jump off a building, that handsome young man also couldn’t dare to do this thing.

In the World of the Immortals, Ye Feng had seen the deaths of lots of people, even after coming to the Earth, he had seen innumerous deaths repeatedly. But they all were evil and rogue doers. This time, at present, the dead person was an innocent maiden!

Behind the hotel there was an alley, generally no one used to pass through that alley. But when the girl jumped off and her voice heard by the surrounding people, the crowd quickly began to gather up there, simultaneously many people began to report to the police by hitting 120.

Looking at the pool of red blood all over the ground, Ye Feng didn’t react a bit, instead without any hesitation he changed into a black sportswear which he had brought from black Hummer and then he put on his mask and picked up that black packet.

He did not jump through the window to leave, rather he quietly left the room in such a way that not even Zhao Yibei and Scar noticed him leaving the room. By following the staircase he arrived to the hotel lobby. The hotel had total three elevators together, Ye Feng walked out of the hotel by hiding in the side of the elevator.

In case this scumbag Long Xian would appear, then Ye Feng would follow him very far and would look for the opportunity to settle this completely by using his sword! Anyway, his Ancient Dragon Sword Ring was a very convenient thing by which he could receive and dispatch things freely without leaving behind any clue of murder. This sword was not the entity, rather it was made up of Zhenqi which used to scatter. So, where would someone try to look for the murder weapon?

After neatly finishing everything, he would go straightly into the mountains to look for the ancient grave by following the map.

The news of a girl jumped off a building behind the hotel, very soon spread out and came to the knowledge of the nearby people as well. They also rushed to the alley behind the small crowd. The hotel lobby’s elevator doors finally opened, however, it was not Long Xian who appeared from the elevator, but it was that sturdy youth in a totally bruised condition, a trace of anxiety could be seen on his face, was he not the boyfriend of that girl who just jumped off?

“Lily, Lily …… that beast ……”

That sturdy youth was black and blue all over, he was shouting the name of that girl loudly. Staggeringly he ran out of the hotel towards the back alley.

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