Chapter - 69: Now, its his turn.
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At this moment, Ye Feng and dark-skinned young fellow Luo Li were confronting each other, wearing a mask on his face, Ye Feng chuckled softly and said: “Boy, so do you have any strategic move to execute now?”

Luo Li’s small eyeballs took a quick revolution: “Elder brother, people should mind their own business, it’s not worthwhile to die while vying against one another, right?”


Ye Feng’s tone suddenly rose up: “Long Wan’er is a friend of mine, you are bullying and insulting her like this, how can I turn a blind eye?”


Hearing his statement, an expressionless look immediately clouded over the face of Luo Li, he thought to himself that back then, during Langfang city’s trade fair, these two persons weren’t acquainted with each other, were they? Besides, this masked man had also killed the corrupt Wolf Sword at the scene, and ruined the reputation of Dragon Clan, as well as became their personal enemy.

Then how did they become friends now?

When nearby standing Long Wan’er heard that, she blushed, and started criticizing Ye Feng in her heart, who was a friend of this person, a really shameless guy he was!

“Beauty, I exhort you not to run wildly all over the place.”

The tall guy Luo Lei gradually approached the side of Long Wan’er, and by putting a smile on his face, said: “You are in such a situation, where would you run away, isn’t it the same like earlier?”

Presently, he wanted to injure Long Wan’er so as to atleast restrict her movement and stop her from running away anywhere, after then together with Luo Li he could launch a convergent attack on Ye Feng from both the sides. Thus by using this way, he could get an edge over him in this fight.

To finish it up as soon as possible, Luo Lei abruptly picked up his pace and quickly leapt towards her, who was currently leaning against the tree, simultaneously he pounded out a shot with his double fists. This skill was considered as the supreme Feat of God Fist Gate, and was called ‘Paochui Fist’! (NOTE : Paochui Fist is also called as Three Emperor Cannon Punch)

He condensed his inner qi in his double fists in a tigerish style, and in an instant came closer to the chest of Long Wan’er. But when he was about to hit her, he decided not to hit on her face, such an attractive beautiful woman was she, in case her face got injured because of the hit, then it would be very awful. Moreover, to handle this matter like this, would also be not good.

Hitting her chest would be more than enough to shatter her meridians and kill the chance of her running away!

The moment Long Wan’er saw that, her heart became very anxious, with her light footsteps she quickly went behind the back of the tree and hid there, while at the same time, the opposite party rushed towards her and hit directly on the tree’s trunk with his double fists, followed by two immediate back to back explosions caused by that hit, making the debris swirl in the air.

A sound “squeak” echoed, and along with it half of the upper part of such a thick and big tree actually started collapsing, obviously it was the might of his pair of fists.

Seeing that, Long Wan’er didn’t dare to still stand behind that tree and risk her life. While breathing heavily, very swiftly she rushed towards one side to dodge that chaos, then she looked towards Ye Feng by placing her hope on him, that very soon he would settle his fight with Luo Li, and would come to help her out.

Ye Feng was watching the situation Long Wan’er was in all along, he deliberately had let her exhaust her physical strength, so as to avoid any trouble which might occur while holding her as a hostage. He was very calm and composed even in such a pressure. All of a sudden he made an instance of hand-to-hand fight, and by stacking up a smile, he said to the dark-skinned young fellow: “Come on, let me have a look whether my fist is stronger, or the fist of God Fist Gate is!”

As soon as his voice fell, he spontaneously took the initiative to attack him using Bagua Fist technique, and all of a sudden with an explosion, he approached in front of his face!

“Play with me?”

Luo Li saw that, and smirked secretly in his heart, the boxing style of God Fist Gate was recognized throughout the world as a matchless technique, which had the capability to erupt in the shortest time with the maximum might! In response to him, Luo Li bumped his fist with him hardly, wasn’t it like he courted his death?

Since Lui Li was extremely confident about his school’s boxing technique, he instantly welcomed Ye Feng’s both fists. Just after that his inner qi started circulating heavily and he bumped his fists against Ye Feng’s fists!

As a result of the bilateral contact, a violent gust of air burst out, which simultaneously blew away large quantities of leaves lying on the ground, making them flutter in the air everywhere!

“What, we have the same level of Cultivation, how could it be possible….”

Luo Li exclaimed in fear, and then with a screech, his whole body flew upside down as a kite with a broken string, and fell heavily to the ground!

Seeing that Ye Feng sneered in his heart, God Fist Gate was also nothing but a big talk only! Although both of them were at four years of cultivation, but the power intensity of Luo Li’s inner qi was only the half of Ye Feng’s Zhenqi.

In addition, Ye Feng’s Bagua Fist Technique was far exquisite than Luo Li’s Paochui Boxing, both sides had just a touch, and as it’s impact, Ye Feng’s qi promptly entered the opposite party’s fist, immediately caused a severe destruction inside his body, and in just one fell swoop jolted him and made him fly.

“Another one!”

Ye Feng vociferated, trod forward, and pounded out the double fists again!

As Luo Li saw Ye Feng approaching towards him, his heart was thunderstruck, he immediately crawled on the ground to set out, since he wanted to escape, so he took rapid steps, and instantaneously slid out the distances of ten meters!

Unfortunately, Ye Feng’s agility was not just for a show, in a flash he activated his Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, and moved forward leaving behind a faint blurred afterimage, followed by two fists, which smashed on Luo Li’s face and chest one after another, when he was trying to escape.

“Ping” a sound resounded everywhere, followed by “Kacha” sound, apparently Ye Feng’s fist had completely smashed the ribs of opposite party. Afterwards by using his formidable strength, Ye Feng hit the thin and petite body of that dark-skinned young fellow, which made him fly with a huge force in the upward direction, and then his petite body fell down the cliff.


Luo Li screamed pitifully as he was getting smaller and smaller until disappeared, falling down from such a high cliff, on top of that was seriously injured, it seemed like this fellow had no way to survive.

This sudden incident, let Luo Lei freeze to the spot!

How he couldn’t think that his young fellow couldn’t be able to drag Ye Feng even for a minute, merely a short face to face fight, which resulted in a disastrous defeat to the extent where he fell off the cliff. By listening to this masked man’s voice, it looked like he was about twenty years old, how could he be so dreadful?

After all, he was an expert of a school!

Luo Lei’s sharp mind worked fast, but at the same time, a loud scolding burst out from other direction.

“Obscene traitor, suffers to death!”

Seeing him distracted, Long Wan’er suddenly dropped the idea of running away, instead, she turned around, jumped up, and pointed her snow white creamy and powerful right leg at his chin and kicked him powerfully.

“Dragon Rise!”


The response time of Luo Lei was way too long, besides his Cultivation was not as good as her, by moving her foot in an upward direction she precisely hit his chin, making him fly to the sky, then he collapsed heavily on the ground, and his several teeth fell out.

“Dragon Tail!”

She was in form now, and she had no intention left to forgive him, from sideways she revolved, and kicked a foot on the center of his chest, which threw him away more than ten meters far in one fell swoop, and like a bullet he heavily crashed against a tree, making it completely knock down.

He spat out fresh Blood, as he could no longer dare to stand up. Dragon Clan’s exquisite unique move “Dragon Leg” was not an ordinary move, under the unexpectedness, this guy was strongly kicked by her feet twice, leaving behind a severe injury.

Immediately by suppressing the efficacy of that intense drug, and desperately resisting her body which was becoming hot and fragrant more and more, she suddenly started running away without any hesitation, as she wanted to return to the mountain’s platform, to make the elders of her Dragon Clan take responsibility for her.

But Ye Feng was always concerned about the situation here, hence he continued using Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace! Since his Cultivation was at increased level now, so he had this advantage to continue using it for little longer, moreover he decided not to display any strategic move to exhaust his Zhenqi anymore.

He flashed towards her, leaving behind a blurred afterimage, and by stretching out his hand, he grasped her and seized her in his arms.

“You want to run away? It’s not so easy.”

Ye Feng chuckled loudly while clinging her to his bosom in order to control her delicate and charming stature. The present Long wan’er, had kicked two back to back hits just a while ago, hence now she was not in the position to suppress the drug’s efficacy anymore, her body was getting more and more softer, and her consciousness was also fading away bit by bit. Not to talk about her revolting attitude against Ye Feng, now she wasn’t even in the condition to do anything except clinging onto to him involuntarily, and constantly exhaling blue and light aroma.

“It’s really troublesome ……”

Ye Feng thought to himself, and while hugging her tightly in his arms, he came around the severely injured Luo Lei.

“If you kill me now, then God Fist Gate won’t let you off ever!”

After saying that, Luo Lei vomited out blood and a look of a relentless threat suddenly covered his face.

“Cut the crap.”

Ye Feng’s Zhenqi quickly started rushing out, and in a matter of second, a red Zhenqi condensed sword emerged out again. Thus, finally, by using his Zhenqi coated sword, he pierced the throat of Luo Lei and finished his life, then he kicked his body off the cliff. He clearly remembered the teachings of his master Su Feying, that was – must get the opportunity to get rid of the threatening enemy!

Then he turned his gaze towards nearby lying Long Xian.

Long Wan’er looked at his eyes, and suddenly became little bit awake, while hugging his neck with her arms, she softly asked: “You want to…… to him…… what do you want to do?”

“Now, it’s his turn!”

Ye Feng muttered, thought that today in Downtown, that girl jumped to her death only because of this young man, he naturally would never let this young man, Long Xian off!

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