Chapter - 88: Xiaohua’s Immortal Cultivation
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Ye Feng was already in an awful mood.

Seeing Su Xinchang sitting on his knees, at the entrance of the room, he didn’t say much, but said : “Bring him home first, there I will have a talk with him.”

He wanted to take Su Menghan back to the villa, as soon as possible, so that he could try to remove the drugs present in her body, with the help of his Zhenqi. “Yes.”

This time, Scar directly called Ye Feng as “Ye Elder brother” in the public, and other people didn’t have anything too big to respond.

Ye Feng’s relationship with Lin Clan had already spread all over in Yanjing, obviously, all the people of Heavenly Serpent Gang must be aware of it already. Could Scar have such a younger male cousin? It was close to impossible.

“But Ye Elder brother.”

At first, Scar thought for a while, and then said : “Song Hu is not here in Tianhua Casino at the moment. He might have gone to have a discussion with Black Dragon Association. So, what should be our next move?”

“Regarding the matter of the Gang, I won’t go to manage it, you have to take care of it.”

Ye Feng shook his head, and directly left the room while holding Su Menghan’s soft and tender body.

He was not even the least bit interested in the matters of Gang, however, regarding Song Hu, he would certainly kill him! Of course, since the opposite party wasn’t here right now, hence he would let him live his dog’s life for the time being. But, immediately after curing Su Menghan, he would definitely take him on.

“Two of you, go with Ye Elder brother to his villa!”

Scar gave an order to those two black dressed tall guys, and then together with Su Xinchang, he returned to ‘Qingfeng Park’ as per the instruction of Ye Feng.

Just thinking about the death of Zhao Yibei, suddenly made Scar feel a little tired. So many years of hard work to establish his gang, Heavenly Serpent Gang, but in reality, he failed to protect even his own loved ones, several times. Then what was the point of running such a big gang?

As he saw Ye Feng’s back while he was departing, he finally came to a conclusion, and set his firm resolve. For him, after getting things completely done over here, he would just follow Ye Feng from now on. And this determination of him was finally made by keeping this point in mind, that someday in future, he would get trained by him, to become his number one right-hand man!


Holding Su Menghan in his hands, Ye Feng went outside, and got in the car, BMW. A trusted man of Scar personally drove him back.

Icy-silver BMW car reminded him of Zhao Yibei. Now he had finally avenged for him, but it was still difficult for him to cheer up his heart.

He shook his head, for him currently, the first priority before anything was to deal with Su Menghan’s things.

Ye Feng thought that today during the daytime, this Xiaohua had talked to him about school’s mock test result on the telephone. All of a sudden his mind ceased and he felt dazzled just by thinking that how could Su Xinchang do such a thing to his own daughter? Even if he didn’t know that Song Tianying would inject drugs to her, but still deceiving his own daughter and handing her over to the underworld people, wasn’t it too trash?

If Su Xinchang were an ordinary person, Ye Feng would have directly killed him to put an end to this trouble, but since he was Su Menghan’s father, therefore, how to deal with him was quite puzzling for him. Hence, he would rather prefer to see what would be Su Menghan’s decision, when she would wake up.

Soon, two cars pulled into ‘Qingfeng Park’, and stopped in front of Ye Feng’s villa.

Ye Feng, while holding Su Menghan, opened the door of his villa, and stepped inside. Two black dressed tall guys followed him, along with the detained Su Xinchang.

“You guys have a sit, just don’t run all over the place. Also, keep a good watch on Su Xinchang, and wait for me to get down and start dealing with him.”

After finished saying that to those tall guys, Ye Feng went upstairs carrying Su Menghan.

As those two guys heard that, they looked at each other in blank dismay, they never had thought that Ye Feng would be so polite to them. Moreover, unexpectedly he also asked them to sit down. Certainly, Ye Feng asked them to sit until he got down, still they didn’t dare to sit, rather they stood firmly in the hall, watching Su Xinchang.

Upstairs, as Ye Feng holding her went inside the bedroom, he smelled a faint delicate fragrance. That was this young girl’s unique fragrance, which could make people feel completely relaxed.

“Fortunately, I came back to Yanjing at a right time, because, in addition to injecting drugs to her, that bastard could have done other harmful things to her. But he didn’t get enough time for that. However, still this drug alone has been difficult enough ……”

While thinking about this, Ye Feng gently placed her delicate body on the soft bed.


She finally showed a little movement along with a sound, somewhat drowsily she opened her eyes, and saw Ye Feng looking at her, with a very anxious-looking face. She rubbed her eyes, as she couldn’t believe that she would see him in such an anxious state.

“Menghan, I finally came back …… tell me, how are you feeling now?”

Ye Feng opened his mouth to ask that.

“I …… I feel like I was knocked down probably …… What happened?”

She said that a little weakly, and then tried to sit up.

“Don’t move.”

Ye Feng stopped her, it seemed like she didn’t know anything about this drug thing. Hence, he decided that not telling her would be a good choice.

Somewhat haggardly, but with a touch of concern for him, which could be clearly seen in her beautiful eyes, she said : “What happened about your trip and where had you gone? Did that matter go through?”

“Yes, everything has been all right, It’s just ……”

He was about to say something, but hesitated.

Suddenly a thought crossed his mind, there were no such things like drugs in the World of the Immortals, was it because Cultivation practice never let people become addictive to any drug? Even if it was the worst Immortal Cultivation Technique, but when it was in revolution, it used to automatically clear away all impurities present within one’s body. Therefore, people of Immortal world rarely fell sick.

If it could also make Su Menghan capable of beginning practicing Immortal Cultivation, then it would be good ……

As he was thinking that, the Ancient Dragon Sword Ring present on his finger, suddenly lit up!

This thing suddenly attracted the attention of Su Menghan. She had been seeing him wearing this ring from quite a long time, and had always been thinking what was the meaning of it. Now for her, it was like, could it also shine now? Very miraculous appearance!

A month ago, exactly like now, this Ancient Dragon Sword Ring had also shone brightly then, and then a mystical air current entered Ye Feng’s body, and immediately formed core Dan in his Dantian.

But now?

He didn’t have any hesitation, he immediately put out his hands, and tightly hugged her soft tender body.

“Ah You……”

Su Menghan wasn’t ready for that, hence, this action of him suddenly startled her.

“Don’t move.”

Ye Feng softly whispered: “There is a secret that I have never told you. Actually, I am an Immortal who can practice many Immortal Cultivation Techniques …… Now, I want to also make you an Immortal, do you want to be?”

“Immortal, Cultivation? Are you kidding ……”

The secret of Ye Feng frightened her. Terms like Immortal, Cultivation, and so on, were not new to her. Ofcourse she already knew about this, after all, she had seen a lot of things in the past related to this, such as the Internet novel “Execute the Immortal” and the likes.

However, was Ye Feng really an Immortal who knew Immortal Cultivation?

Was this possible?

She didn’t believe such a thing, but due to the surge of warm air into her body, the area below her navel began to release heat. That was the position of her Dantian, accompanied with the tingling and itching feeling all over her body.

“Really good! Now there is core Dan in your Dantian, I’ll teach you one of the Immortal Cultivation Techniques, just follow me, and try to start revolving just as I say.”

Now Ye Feng could feel the formation of core Dan within her body, and his face instantly lit up. He immediately started teaching her Star Tomb Tactics. He wanted her to clearly understand the complete process of this technique.

However, Su Menghan was sceptical about it. On the basis of Ye Feng’s instructions, she really felt that a flow of air had suddenly started within her body. She tried to mobilise the streams, which suddenly startled her, because just like what Ye Feng said, her body began to warm up.

“Can you do it?”

Ye Feng was concerned about her, therefore, he anxiously asked that.

With the help of Ancient Dragon Sword Ring, he could make Su Menghan Cultivation Immortal, which was unusually lucky. But this option alone was not enough to let Ye Feng have a peace of mind, since to begin the process of Cultivation, Immortal Cultivation talent was needed, which was considered as the most important step!

Also, he didn’t have any idea, whether Su Menghan had any talent or not?

Back then, he just took a second to comprehend the full process of Star Tomb Tactics, and had completed the big heavenly circulation just in an hour.

“It seems to be a bit strange feeling ……”

Su Menghan finally succeeded in controlling Zhenqi within her body, but her mind was piled up with lots of question. She was puzzled, even if he was an Immortal, why did he come back to teach her Immortal Cultivation? Could it be that something was going to happen?

While on the other side, Ye Feng was a bit tensed. Actually what making Ye Feng a bit worried was, did she actually know that she had been injected with a new drug while she was in the stupor?

He closely hugged her in his bosom, and by moving his own Zhenqi, he started guiding her the initial practice. Back then, Su Feiying had also taught him like that, but the only difference was, he had a gifted talent, therefore soon Su Feiying had loosened him to let him practice on his own.

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