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At Shui Lan secondary school, a light rain is drizzling throughout the school compound.

Under the rain, Many parents holding onto their umbrellas are crowding outside the school, their faces filled with expectations.

Today is the most important day of their children’s academic life! Whether or not they can be admitted to a magic high school or to be admitted to a good magic university in the future depends on their children’s exam today!

You are not mistaken!

The magic high school!

The society, respects only the power that is magic!

All children are required to attend the compulsory 9 year magic education where the children will learn basic magic theories and life skills. In the end of the education, all the students will take the final examination to determine if they can be admitted to the magic high school and to become a real magician!


Osmanthus scented rain is drizzling down on the school’s yard. And when the school bell rang, the examinees rushed out of the school building towards the school’s yard where many students are gathering with their friends to discuss about the exam.

“Hey Mu Bai, the seven primary elements of magic, ice, fire, earth, water, wind, light, thunder exam topics, did you manage to work out all the questions?” asked a boy wearing a small bow tie

“Of course, perfect answer” said Mu Bai, the boy with great hairstyle, tall and handsome.

“ As expected of honor students to be able to answer the most difficult exam question. Hey! Isn’t that Mo Fan who got 6 on the mock exam?” said the Zhao Kun San the boy with the pockmarked face/

Mu Bai with a glance full of disdain looked at the teenager walking alone and said “This cuss is just like his father, a poor old broken delivery pickup truck”

“Isn’t he your Mu family’s servant? Hahaha!”

The three male students spoke very presumptuously, unafraid of the boy Mo Fan who was nearby hearing it.

After the ridiculing him to their satisfaction, the three students swagger along with confidents to be admitted to the magic high school.


Carrying the black umbrella, Mo fan walked out the school gate.

As he turned back to bid farewell to the campus, Mo Fan becomes speechless as the everything in his mind comes into “PIT FATHER!”

(ok, im just joking, Keng die directly translated to Pit (dig a hole) father, is a chinese internet slang that means this is too unbelivable it must be a lie/too awesome, so awesome I can’t bear it, this can’t be for real” etc)

This is too PIT FATHER?

Mo Fan was not from this world, in his world he’s a genius student but on the mock test he has been putting poor marks on purpose.

To him, the mock tests has no meaning, just like a college student, there’s no point sitting over an hour doing a mock tests for scores.

Originally, Mo Fan intended to be serious only on the final examination and casually take the school’s first place and on the side give that damn Mu Bai a slap to the face as he go into the best high school in town.

But who would imagine that this happen instead.

He being a good student, slept in the class after school, wtf suddenly went into a different world!

A world with magic!

The people he knows, the students, teachers, father, sister have not changed, but the whole world is wtf!

(tn notes, 尼玛, ni ma. Is the equivalent of the wtf of English or unbelievable, It is also used interchangeably with other ni ma like your mom, your head or other expression of “are you stupid?”)

The advancement of science and technology in his own world change into the research in magic in this world.

The field of physics and chemistry becomes black magic, white magic and time magic!

All the field of study turns into ice, fire, earth, water, wind, light, thunder

Everything he knows changed so much, Mo Fan has no idea what all these magic is about and all the knowledge he learns on his previous world is pretty much useless on this world. Even if he knows about magic, everyone else has already prepared for the exam, and Mo Fan is truly shitting his pants on this exam. (t/n notes, dig a hole when you want to shit, is like cramming the day before the exam)

Mo Fan knows nothing about basic magic theories and knowledge!

And so Mo Fan, from wanting to pretend being a pig to eat the tiger, he suddenly becomes a real pig and suffered even more ridicule and mockery.

His only good news is that the compulsory 9 years magic education is only based on theoretical knowledge and not their true magic potential, which is something they will learn after they enter the magic high school.

The most important step of becoming a real magician is the “magic awakening”

Magic awakening is usually conducted during the magic high school’s opening ceremony, witnessed by the school’s teachers. At that moment, even if you have no knowledge of any magical knowledge or know hows it doesn’t matter anymore as it’s possible to awaken the magic element within the person!

Mo Fan really like the idea of magic and feels like he has been rebirth into his perfect fantasy world.

He also wish to be able to becomes a supreme magician wielding fire and thunder, and with his powers saving the world.

But contrary to his expectations, this secondary school’s final exam hurdle….

Even with his tireless efforts before the exams, he managed to understand some of the magic theories and as he read more of the questions in the exam, even if he doesn’t understand it, he’s still quite happy.


“Mo Fan, Mo Fan….” Among the crowd a sallow faced middle aged man waved his hand to Mo Fan

Mo Fan looked at the familiar face with a surprised look and exclaim “ Dad, Why are you here?”

“I came to pick you up! It’s your graduation exam after all, I found us a job in the city. Guang Feng is willing to hire ah! Work fer a couple o years if we’re lucky maybe we can get 4-5 thousands a month ah” said Mo Xing smilingly

The world has changed, but the feeling of his father’s love will always stay the same.

Contrary to the work thing that Mo Xing talked about, Mo fan wanted to give his dad a surprise, but he have to accept the hard reality upon him.

His currently situation is something that he will not and cannot live down!

The cars, mobile phones, computers, refrigerators all these technological products didn’t change because of  the substitution of magic but if you’re not a magician then you can only live your life as a labor worker! Damn this, his life in the original and now has no difference! I want to learn this damn magic!!

According to this world, any other things shouldn’t be any different to his original world, Mo Fan believes that his own talent should still be the same. As long as he put in more efforts to learn the things that he missed in the secondary school, he can still become a real super scholar, no a super magician!

“Dad, I want to continue to learn” said Mo Fan, after being silent for a long time tell this idea that has been in his mind to Mo Xing.

“I thought you didn’t like to study magic?” said Mo Xing with weirdly raised eyebrows

“uhhh…” Mo Fan was a little crestfallen, unsure if his father will believe if he told him the truth.

Mo Xing looked carefully at his 16 years old son, with his simple and honest face said “It’s alright, dad won’t blame you even if you don’t study hard at magic, different people have different aspirations”

“No, I really want to learn” Mo Fan

“Can you in with your exam results?” asked Mo Xing

“Can’t” replied Mo Fan

“It’s alright, it’s not a problem, As the old saying goes: Magic is the most valuable thing of the world, we should all practice more magic! But there’s also another saying: No matter what your pursue, you can achieve greatness…..” as Mo Xing continued to comfort his son

As Mo Fan listened to his father, he unconsciously bite his lips

Many knowledge that Mo Fan knows now has been transform in this world but Mo Fan doesn’t know which and how great the changes are to the knowledge of his original world, For example, if Mo Fan remembers the history teacher telling students that the originator of light element magic is Thomas Edison, Mo fan will go wtf right there and then!

Mo Xing patted his son’s shoulder, looked with a sigh as he finished his words, when he found his son remained silent and looked odd.

Knowing his son better than himself, Mo Xing slowly put away his smile and as his voice turning deeper said “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I want to get that awakening, even if I might regret it later, I really want to go into a good magic high school, I want to become a magician” said Mo Fan sincerely.

I just needed that one change.

Mo Xing had a moment of silence as he watched Mo Fan seriously.

Mo Fan didn’t speak any longer.

“Do you really want to learn?” Mo Xing confirms it to his son again.

“I really do” answered Mo Fan without any hesitation.

Mo Fan initially thought that this world he has come to is their dream world and as he come to understand his situation, he has really crossed over to this world! It’s not a dream!

“Alright, I’ll find a way for you” as Mo Xing stopped discussing about it any further.

“Dad, I’m going to go to work part time in Tian Lan magic high school’s library in the summer holiday, working as a librarian there. The work starts the day after tomorrow” said Mo Fan.

Since he has made the decision to learn magic, Mo Fan is going to give it his all into this.

Whether or not he can go into magic high school and awaken his magic will have to depend on the opportunity his father might get, but his own lack of magic knowledge has to depend on his own effort to study. Therefore, knowing what he needed in order to succeed in the magic high school, Mo Fan goes to Tian Lan high school to get this job.

The job has almost no wage, giving only a pittance of a pocket change, but it’s not important for Mo Fan, the knowledge he found in the library is what he really needs.

Fortunately, He’s a genius, in a short time all the knowledge that he needed to know in the secondary school has been fully learned. Damn it, such simple knowledge on magic theory that he doesn’t know during exam makes him feels so much like a retard.

Mo Xing, seeing his son’s determination day after day also have his heart moved.

Mo Xing is pleased to see his son striving to learn magic to better himself, after all only magicians have status in the society, they could easily run a business, own a house, own a car, even a graduate from a  magic high school has more value and respect than any common citizens.

“Don’t worry about this, Dad will give his all to help you on this!” Mo Xing nodded having nothing else to say.

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