Chapter - 39: Simply Not Giving Up
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The gigantic scarlet blood blade seemed to have been given life through the technique. As the blood aura descended upon the area, it seemed as if a legendary dragon was coming down with a tidal wave of blood.




Numerous negative elements pervaded the area around the Immortal Goddess and began to erode at her state of mind. It made her feel complete despair.

“Why are the effects of using the Heavenly Crystal during this time so powerful?!” The Immortal Goddess paled as she suddenly retreated.

No, under these current conditions, I will only get myself wounded! I can only retreat for the time being!

The Immortal Goddess did not dare to go all out against the blade of blood, and she activated one of her divine skills to flee. In the time it took to breath, she was already far away.

Yet still the massive blood blade pierced through the air behind her…

Boom! Boom!

A sonic wave exploded filling the sky and shaking the mountains. It seemed like the end of the world had come early.

The massive blood blade continued to slice through three peaks of the Gu Xie mountain range before it stopped. With just one swing, the entire Gu Xie mountain range had its tops leveled flat.

After he had completed his move, the iron-masked blademaster soared and accelerated quickly to his limit, fleeing the scene.

The massive bloodblade dissipated and the dense stench of blood in the air around the disciples began to disappear. The Immortal Goddess surveyed the situation from a distance and was surprised to find that the blademaster had disappeared without a trace.

How ruthless! Unexpectedly, engaging in direct combat with this blademaster would have been like risking being sliced in half from his profound techniques! Looking at his current actions, although he could not slash me, he could still push me back easily.

Fear lingered in Immortal Goddess’ heard. However, after waiting for a moment, while she was still standing on her white sword, she decided to drop down to the grounds of the school.

Although her current actions were rude and unreasonable, the disciples of Gu Xie Xin School did not dare try to approach her. They could only watch anxiously the current situation from a distance.

The confusion caused by the clash gradually disappeared as the disciples began to come to their senses.The Immortal Sword Sect disciples formed a formation and faced respectfully towards the descending elder.

The elder landed.

“Greetings Elder Long!”

All the Immortal Sword Sect disciples ha saluted stilishly and respectfully.

“Elder Long, what matter caused you to personally come here?”

Xiao Zheng Ming was also very respectful. A smile was evident on his face as he stared at the Immortal Goddess. He could not take his eyes away from her beauty. Even if Bai Yan Shan was standing near her, it is obvious that he would not even bat an eyelid in the formers direction.

“I am tracking the person that took the Heavenly Crystal from us. After I found him, I immediately rushed over. Despite this, I did not expect that I would let him escape!” Elder Long said lightly, but her eyes shown unwillingness.

“This person is looking down on the Immortal Sword Sect, so it is obvious that we must take action!” Xiao Zheng Ming said with a bitter look: “I will return and report it immediately to the headmaster. I will ask him to publish wanted posters to apprehend this man!”

“Oh, repeatedly offended you?” Elder Long knitted her eyebrows: “What else has he done?”

“The Everlasting Stone!” Not waiting for Xiao Zheng Ming to answer, Bai Yan Shan yelled out.

“The Everlasting Stone? Is…”

“He killed Tie Zhang Men and took the Everlasting Stone!”

Elder Long remained silent for a moment.

“This person seems to exhibit a mysterious spirit aura and atmosphere of evil and blood, which correlates to the demon disciples of the Demon Continent. Elder, we must take care of this!”

“Yes, I agree!’

Elder Long nodded and said, “Elder Xiao!”

“What does Elder Long require!” Xiao Zheng Ming quickly responded in turn.

“You must immediately return to the sect and report this matter to the headmaster, so he can dispatch a group of elite cultivators to conclude this matter. Then when we scour this area, even if we encounter the demon cultivator, we will immediately cut him down! We will not let him go this easily!”

“Yes Elder Long!”

“Yan Shan.”

“Elder, Yan Shan is here.” Bai Yan Shan gently responded.

“You are a disciple of the grand elder. This one time that you went outside the sect, you encountered a problem but luckily remained unharmed. Consider yourself fortunate! You led the disciples here to Gu Xie Xin School to accomplish a beneficial goal. Return to the sect now that it is concluded!”

“Elder Long, what are you going to do then?”

“Me?” Elder Long replied, “Naturally, I will continue to chase this so-called Sword God!”

“Chase?” Bai Yan Shan whispered with her lower lip. Then she immediately said, “The culprit managed to obtain the Heavenly Crystal and the Everlasting Stone. He is really cunning. I’m afraid that afraid he tries to hide, elder…how will you even find him?”

As elder Long stood upon her white sword, she quickly waved her hand. A round, crystal-clear mirror suddenly appeared in her hands.

The disciples around her were immediately entranced by the object.

“Spirit Core Ranked: ‘Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Technique, which can easily trace any presence of this world; but before it can be activated, the technique has to be casted once. From then on, it will continue to track the presence. Although it will only be able to mark the approximate location. However, for my purposes this is enough.; not to mention the apprehension of this “Sword God”, we will obtain the Heavenly Crystal and the Everlasting Stone! Therefore, both of you shall quickly return, so you can deliver my message!”

After Elder Long finished, she waved her hand and the round mirror disappeared.

After Bai Yan Shan heard this, she was unable to speak.

With such a technique, Elder Que Jian Long could find anything. The elder left the everyone behind as she flew off into the horizon. Shortly after, another person followed.

The surrounding people just looked at the elders actions.

They saw Elder Long lower herself to pick up a few pieces of iron on the ground.

This was what broke off from the blademaster’s iron mask. It was now just fallen debris.

Elder Long glared at the broken iron mask as he eyes swept the horizon with determination.



A shaking figured suddenly crashed to the ground.

It was soon followed by the sounds of heavy breathing.

After a moment, this fallen figure steadily rose up.

“Careles! Truly Careless!” The Sword Elder shouted.

Su Yun could only continue panting.

“Kid, are you alright?” The Sword Elder could feel that the Demonic Blood aura surrounding Su Yun’s body beginning to dissipate. Afterwards, he immediately came out and asked about Su Yun’s condition.

“For now, I’m fine!”

Su Yun weakly smiled, “I never thought ‘Demonic Blood Array’ utilized with Heavenly Crystal would actually have such an amazing effect. My sword aura is at first level, which is fairly weak. Fundamentally, it is just utterly useless in combat. However, with the effect of the Heavenly Crystal, my sword aura’s level soared and almost reached Spirit Soul Realm Level! (Tl: 4th level, Su Yun is still at first level currently)

“Impossible!” After Su Yun finished, the Sword Elder immediately shouted. “You are only peak spirit novice realm, how can this crystal’s effect be so high?”

“Senior, think about what you just said.” Su Yun shook his head and continued, “If it was ordinary effects of the crystal, I would have certainly not reached Spirit Soul cultivation level. I’m afraid that I would not even be able to battle the Immortal Goddess. But the “Demonic Blood Array” is different. This array uses countless materials to build it, and is one of the highest level of devil techniques that I know of. It is capable of directly affecting the crystal, allowing me to utilize the very essence of the crystal.”

“Essence of the cyrstal?” The Sword Elder said. Then he hurriedly asked, “What are they?”

“It is just my strength influencing the magic power!”

“Magic power?”

“Right! Magic! The Demonic Blood Array is able to increase my spirit aura’s power rapidly by transforming it into a devil spirit aura. The devil spirit aura is just a mutation of regular spirit aura. This technique is an exclusive one from the evil spirit abilities of the cultivators from the Demon Continent. This devil technique is capable of thoroughly releasing a person’s latent energy and power. As long as the cultivator’s body can sustain it, the cultivator could also release all his power and exhaust all his residual energy. Although my cultivation level is not high, with Demonic Blood Array added effects, I was able to thoroughly unleash the whole of my strength. Coupled with the added effects of the Heavenly Crystal, my body strength increased to the point where I had the ability to employ the first form of the Limitless Sword Arts: Worldly Sword Form. Therefore, I managed to control thousands of blood blades into the battle, but I was still incapable of bringing the true power of the sword arts due to my lack of skill. Therefore, I am ashamed…”

Su Yun was steadily walking forward while trying to maintain his balance on the road.

The Sword Elder listened intently, and then asked, “How do you know the devil techniques of the Demon Continent so well?”

“Reading books…Chronicles of Sky Military Continent!”

“Get Lost! Chronicles of Sky Military Continent?! Do you take this sword elder for an idiot?” “…..”


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