Chapter - 103: Encounter
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“Aiko, what’s wrong, are you not feeling well, what happened to you?” Asami asked interestingly.

“I’m fine,” Aiko said with a sigh.

“Saying you’re all right, are you sure it’s not because of that fellow Gennai-san?” Asami asked.

“Ah, that guy hasn’t come to see me for several days already. Ami, do you think that he doesn’t like me?” Aiko’s eyes turned a little red.

Asami sighed in her heart, then smiled and strongly comforted her, said: “How could that be, with your looks, figure, how can any boy refuse, perhaps he’s just quite busy recently, so he didn’t come see you, don’t think about it too much.”

“But, I don’t understand him at all. Sometimes he’s very good to me, but other times he doesn’t seem to have any interest in me. I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t even like me.” Aiko said in frustration.

“You little fool, don’t say that, is there even anyone who can thoroughly understand that guy? I’ve never met anyone as unfathomable as him; it’s like he has many hidden secrets. Aiko, assuming, I mean, suppose, did it ever occur to you, that he may just be looking at you as a sister.” Asami said with half interrogating tone.

At those words, Aiko’s face immediately turned pale, answered very difficulty: “Yes…is it true?”

Seeing this, Asami hugged her immediately replying back: “It’s just an assumption, it’s not real. Sorry, Aiko for scaring you. Hey, look, isn’t that Gennai-san?” She suddenly said surprised.

Listening to her, Aiko immediately looked toward the line of sight of Asami, and sure enough, not far across the street were people walking, among them a sleepy teenager had his hands inside his pockets while walking slowly.

“Gennai-san!” Seeing the boy, the girl immediately rushed out towards him.

“Aiko be careful!” Asami suddenly screamed.

Just when the girl ran in the middle of the road, Asami suddenly saw a motorcycle in the middle of the road coming at high speed, quickly ramming Aiko….

At that moment, Asami felt her heart stopped. She was afraid to look at what happened next.

“…..Peng!”, After the hasty sound of a harsh brake, followed by a very big impact noise, as well as heavy items falling down the ground.

When Asami opened her eyes, tears started to fall, seeing an alarming brake marks on the road, and a red motorcycle not far away from the middle of the road, the bike rider fell off the red motorcycle keeping down his voice as his leg was unable to move for a while.

Aiko? Asami ran up to search traces of her friend. She had never felt such a fear before making her eyes hazy, and those few steps in her mind seemed like it was very far away.

“Kid, do you want to die? You almost died back there.” At the side of the road, the voice of a teenager full of anger was suddenly heard.

“Aiko!” When Asami saw the girl in the youth’s arms, she couldn’t help but rush towards them as she clung on her friend in tears.

Seeing the two girls huddled together crying, Masashi couldn’t help but wipe the sweat on his forehead.

“Dead child, are you blind?” The bicycle rider managed to climb up throwing away his helmet and menacingly came.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Kurata Ryoko, who saw the trouble at the side, hurriedly rushed in front of Masashi.

“Fuck off….Ah!” He still couldn’t let go of what had happened and shoved the girl aside, when all of a sudden he held the lower part of his body, kneeling down on the ground while calling out pitifully.

Standing behind Kurata Ryoko was a teenager who had his left leg outstretched, who then went forward stepping on the motorcyclist that immediately screamed pitifully.

“Let’s go find a place to rest.” In the people’s surprised look, the teenager held the young girl who was still unceasingly shivering and walked towards the front of a restaurant.

In the restaurant, Kurata Ryoko asked curiously: “Masashi, is one of these two girls your girlfriend?”

Masashi shook his head saying: “The girl who almost got hit by the motorcycle, is the younger sister of my previous high school teacher. The other one is her schoolmate; I didn’t think that I would see them here.”

Just thinking of the girl’s attitude towards Masashi, Kurata Ryoko couldn’t help but be a bit puzzled.

After carefully fixing themselves, Asami and Ryoko came out from the bathroom inside the restaurant; everyone couldn’t help but look at the two.

Because it had occurred too suddenly, everyone didn’t notice the two’s appearance, looking again, they found out that the two turned out to be surprisingly beautiful.

Seeing the two stop at a table, it had immediately captured everyone’s attention.

Seeing Aiko closely sitting with Masashi, Kurata Ryoko said: “Masashi, introduce us.”

Listening to Kurata Ryoko speak, the two Nishino brothers who don’t have a girlfriend yet suddenly became excited.

After briefly introducing them, Masashi turned to Aiko and whispered: “Hey, kid, I’m taking you to the hospital, okay?”

“No, I’m fine.” Looking a bit pale Aiko shook her head.

Masashi then said: “If you feel your body uncomfortable, then remember to speak out. Otherwise, if you leave your internal injuries alone, it would become troublesome.”

“Ah, I know.” Feeling his concern, the girl was so happy, and her face became a lot better too.

Seeing the two quietly whispering, Kurata Ryoko became more doubtful.

Knowing that the two girls were a student from a very famous elite school, several boys couldn’t help but sigh, the girl really is out of the ordinary, these two’s figure and looks would trample many girls. As the matter stands, not only the two Nishino brothers, even Kangchuan Hiromi also quite warmly chat with Aiko and Asami. As Kangchuan Hiromi observed, he suddenly became angry and annoyed.

Since Asami and Aiko were suddenly added, the whole atmosphere had become very subtle.

Perhaps it was because they were frightened, as the normally lively and outgoing Aiko suddenly didn’t like to talk, in addition to not answering to other’s question, while more often just quietly watching Masashi. Seeing her cute appearance, the two Nishino brothers were both jealous and angry.

Because it was still too early, there were only a few people in this restaurant.

After dinner and rested for a while, in order to continue to retain the two beautiful girls, the Nishino brothers suggested to go ballroom dancing.

Masashi wasn’t interested in dancing and didn’t want to go.

“Masashi cousin, you’re such a loner. No wonder you’re always being bullied in junior middle school.” Nishino Nagason said with a smirk.

“What, you were bullied in junior middle school Gennai-san?” Aiko asked incredulously. There are still people that can bully this guy?

“Aiko, you didn’t know? That guy in junior high school was almost everyday beaten up, had his money stolen, or ordered to buy breakfast. Always very miserable. Isn’t he also bullied in the high school that he’s attending now.” Nishino Choshi immediately followed up.

When Kangchuan Hiromi heard these words, he had a look of disdain as he glanced at Masashi. Just looking at the guy who saved the girl from the motorcycle, he thought that he was very powerful, but it turned out that he was only a coward.

While two Nishino brothers happily talked about the ‘glorious days’ of Masashi, Kurata Ryoko carefully watched his reaction.

And to her surprise, the teenager was still very calmly sitting on the chair, leisurely sipping his tea, his face was not the slightest angry nor ashamed, as if they were talking about another person.

This discovery made her think about her previous cousin and made her think that he was like a completely different person compared to the past, making her more curious of her cousin.

After observing at him for a period of time, she said to the teenager: “Masashi, if you don’t want to dance go there to sit. I’ll accompany you, ok?”

Masashi turned his head to ask Aiko: “Little rascal, do you want to go, do you want to go home?”

Rarely seeing his face, Aiko certainly wanted to stay at his side for a while longer, so she said: “If you’re willing to go with me, then I’ll go.”

Masashi thought that she really wanted to go, so he told her: “all right, but you have to make a phone call to your sister, tell her you’re going home late, or else she’ll be worried. Asami you too, if you want to go, then inform your family.”

“Ah,” Aiko smiled sweetly for a moment, then pulled out her cell phone to dial. Asami also took out her cell phone from her pocket.

Seeing Masashi mature approach, Kurata Ryoko appreciated it.

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