Chapter - 51: Tranquil
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“Excuse me, which room is Gennai-san at?”

“He’s in room 309” the nurse desk blurted out.

“Thank you.” After bowing, Ryutaro Maeda walked towards the third floor.

‘His also looking for Gennai Masashi, why are there so many people looking for that boy? And this time, it’s a police officer. That boy isn’t guilty of anything, right?’ The nurse wandered again.

Maeda knocked at the door, which was answered by a lazy voice, “come in.”

Opening the door, he saw Masashi leaning comfortably on the bed, holding a book as the boy looked up at him.

Kazumi was sitting on his bed peeling an apple. Seeing Maeda come in, she immediately made a “be quiet” gesture towards Maeda, while pointing at Rumi, who was lying asleep on the sofa.

Masashi suggested going out for a talk by making a gesture, Maeda nodded.

When Masashi reached the door, Kazumi gave him the peeled apple, he then smiled, took it and went out.

After a while, they’ve finally arrived at the rooftop.

“I just travelled back to the police station, I’ve heard about what happened, I didn’t imagine that such things could occur.” Ryutaro Maeda was the first one to speak.

“It’s all thanks to brother’s blessings,” Masashi said with sarcasm.

Maeda forced a smile, “I didn’t think that that guy would see my reports. Really sorry, for involving you and Kazumi, even Rumi was involved in this case.” Maeda made an expression full of guilt.

“By the way, how’s the group of kids doing? Did anyone die?”

Seeing Masashi so relaxed like usual, Maeda didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Fortunately, no one died. Just that three people were hit by the shockwave of the explosion resulting in broken rib or thigh fractures while others have varying degrees trauma. Them, and in addition to the three of you, all of you should go through psychotherapy.”

“I’m still capable of living a good life. As for psychological problems I have none.” Masashi shrugged.

“Well, if that’s all, I want to go back to rest. If you have free time, help the three of us go through the discharge process today. In fact, I know best their situation, but my mother insisted that we carefully check it, I really don’t want to stay here.”

“But if Rumiko finds out she’ll be angry.” Maeda recovered, a little embarrassed to say.

“Mom hasn’t married you yet so you don’t have to be obedient, if you get married to her later then you must listen to her.”

“No, Rumiko is a very gentle and very reasonable woman,” Maeda said, a little embarrassed.

Looking at the man expose a gentle expression, Masashi couldn’t help but find it a little funny.

“In short, you are responsible for helping us with the discharge procedures. That will be your punishment.” Masashi waved his hand, expressing that there’s no room for negotiation.

“Well, I’ll talk to Rumiko about it,” Maeda said a little annoyed.

“You’ve worked hard.” Masashi laughed.

After talking to Maeda, Masashi went back to his room. Opening the door, he saw the two girls asleep.

Watching them quietly sleeping, Masashi suddenly felt kind of guilty. Although it wasn’t intentional, he still got them involved in this bizarre case.

Masashi sighed, then picked up two blankets, gently covering it on them.
After two days in the hospital, and being carefully checked. Rumiko was finally willing to go home.

After going home, Rumiko to celebrate their return, made a big table of food.

Masashi looked, and saw that most of it were vegetarian, it seemed that Maeda told Rumiko that they couldn’t eat meat as it would be bad for them.

Thinking that this big burly man has a careful side, Masashi grinned at him.

“What, is there something on my face?” Maeda found it a little strange.

“Nothing, just a little curious about something. You shouldn’t be pure Japanese, right?”

“How do you know?” Maeda looked at him in surprise.

Hearing him talk, Rumi and Kazumi was also interested.

“It’s because the standard Japanese men wouldn’t go into the kitchen to help, they think it’s a man’s disgrace. Another point is the most important one, your facial figure with native Japanese men is somewhat different. In Japan, a deep facial figure such as yours can rarely be seen.

“You, not being a police is really a waste. You’re right. My father is a Filipino while my mother is Japanese. But they’ve long since divorced, I was ten years old when I started living together with my mother in Japan, which is why I can no longer speak Tagalog, you’re the first person to notice this matter.”

“Senior, you can give people’s fortune by physiognomy,” Rumi said innocently.

The atmosphere during dinner was very good, and may convince people that they’re a family.

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