Chapter - 56: Nightmare
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In one corner of the hall, there was a bathroom, and there she saw a window with no glass.

As long as she’s careful, she could climb out from there. Aiko thought, so she immediately went inside. Because there was no light, she could only walk very slowly, hoping to find a foothold to step on.

Having not much time, as the two men will be back soon, Aiko was both worried and nervous. Unable to find a foothold, without any choice she suddenly jumped up immediately grasping the edge of the window with her two hands.

She was delighted in hear heart, and immediately propped up on the wall that was covered with tiles wanting to step on it to leverage her up.
Just thinking about it made Aiko exhausted, when suddenly she felt her feet suddenly stepped on something. Not thinking what it was she immediately wanted to step on it to leverage her up.

“Do you need help?” With that, a voice resounded, as she felt her ankle was suddenly gripped by two cold hands…..

Aiko exclaimed loudly, and quickly looked back, immediately seeing a figure standing beneath her. Although the surrounding was dark making her unable to see the person’s appearance, the person seemed to be laughing at Aiko.

The girl was immediately filled with horror as she wanted to kick him back, but the man’s hands were still gripping on her feet tightly.

“It’s too tempting. I can’t resist anymore.” The man with a hoarse voice said as he stroked Aiko’s feet. He even started breathing heavily.

“Mito Toyokawa, you bastard, come out….” Aiko was still being held by the man’s cold hands and was being pulled down by this perverted man. She would rather face that Mito guy than this sick man who was touching her.

Aiko shouted, but after a short while has passed, Mito Toyokawa still didn’t appear. She thought that both her hands were unable to hold on any longer.

At that moment, the man burst into laughter, “Toyokawa, someone’s calling you, why aren’t you answering it? That’s too rude, right.”

After a while, no one still answered.

A few second later, the man suddenly loosened his hands and let go of Aiko’s foot.

Getting free Aiko immediately jumped out and made a surprise attack, using her shoulder to push the man, and unexpectedly knock him down.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Aiko immediately bypassed him running to the direction of the hall rushing out.

She thought that she would see Mito in the hall, but there wasn’t anyone there. No time to think about it, she instinctively rushed to the door.

Only two steps away from the door, her heart was filled with joy. So long as she escapes this damned place, she had the confidence to get away from them. After all, her sports scores were the best compared to the girls in her class.

But at that time, she suddenly found herself unable to move.

Just like last time, except for her head, the upper and lower body couldn’t move.

This strange phenomenon made her feel despaired again.

At that moment, a person slowly came out of the bathroom and came before Aiko.

Under the flickering light, Aiko saw the man’s appearance.

And at that moment, she forgot her fears, and very angrily cursed at the man: “Mito you bastard, why do you want to kidnap me?”

Mito looked at her silently, then burst out laughing, “I’m sorry, I’m not Toyokawa.”

It was a very hoarse voice.

“You, who are you?” Aiko was almost speechless, she clearly remembered, this was the voice of the man holding her legs in the bathroom. But why does he look exactly like Mito?

“You can call me Hisanaga.” This man claimed that he was Hisanaga was like a wolf who had cornered his prey, looking at her with eyes full of lust.

Being seen like this, Aiko was embarrassed and felt like she wasn’t wearing any clothes. “I don’t care who you are, call out that Mito bastard, I have a matter to talk with him.” Aiko turned around to escape his from his eyes.

Hisanaga chuckled, “Toyokawa, do you hear me? She’s looking for you again. If you don’t come out, she won’t understand what’s happening.”

After about five or six seconds, someone finally spoke.” Why do you have to force me out? I didn’t want her to see me in this kind of situation.”

Aiko hearing the sound of Mito immediately got angry, and searched for the position of the sound, but still didn’t see him.

At that time when Aiko was trying to find him, the boy named Hisanaga spoke up, “Aiko, I’m here.”

“You, you’re Mito?” Aiko was too frightened to say a word. After a while, she suddenly realized, “so you’ve been playing around with me, actually what have you done to me?” She found that she still couldn’t move her body.

“Don’t you understand? I’m Toyokawa, but also Hisanaga, but strictly speaking, Toyokawa and Hisanaga are not the same person.” Mito suddenly said in a hoarse sound, and his expression instantaneously turned into a sinister smile.

As he spoke, the flickering lamp suddenly went dark, and then light up again, and continued alternating between light and dark.

“Enough, don’t play tricks with me, I’ve seen through you.” Aiko was a little afraid, shouting loudly.

“Aiko, what he said is true. He’s Hisanaga, and I’m Toyokawa. Why are you doing this to me? If you had just been willing to accept me, things wouldn’t have become like this.” Mito reverted to his usual personality, holding out his hand and stroked Aiko’s pale face.

“Don’t touch me! You monster.” Aiko screamed.

“You called me……monster?” Toyokawa suddenly trembled, then his whole body bent over, body shaking more and more stronger.

Aiko was petrified, she knew that what she’s dealing with was a real madman.

As she was at a loss, Mito suddenly jumped up. Aiko didn’t react, having her neck tightly grabbed by Mito.

“You bitch, If you dare say it again, I’ll make you regret it 10000 times.” A hoarse voice resounded. The man’s eyes were blood red, facial muscles completely twisted and looked viciously at her.

“Uhh, let go………..I…….” Aiko couldn’t move, and can’t beg to be freed.

“Bitch, I won’t let you die, I’ll fool around with you first.” Hisanaga loosened his hands on her neck, long hands, effortlessly held down her head firmly.

“……Don’t want to, let me go…..” Aiko gasped desperately.

Hisanaga chuckled and began to unfasten the buttons of her pajama.

“No, stop…..” Aiko cried.


“Bitch, I’m willing to engage with you, you should feel flattered.”

Unfastening only one button, Hisanaga finally lost patience, and forcibly pulled open all the buttons of the entire pajama. Suddenly, a beautiful female body only wearing short pants was exposed in front of him.

“Gee, this bitch’s figure, looks very good.” Hisanaga’s eyes were filled with lust, stretching out his right hand, he gently touched her smooth and tender skin.

Aiko never touches her body, but at that moment, she felt like she was being touched by a corpse’s hand. It was a kind of cold sick filling that makes her skin dry up.

“Stop, I told you to stop!” Aiko, screamed while crying.

At that time, Hisanaga actually stopped.

Aiko thought that the second personality Toyokawa stopped him, looking at Hisanaga. She saw him quietly looking at the direction of the door, having a weird facial expression.

“I don’t care who you are, but before I get angry, you better quickly get your ass out here.” Hisanaga, with his hoarse voice, spoke a sentence towards the direction he was looking at.

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