Chapter - 59: That Morning
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The young girl woke up when the sunlight shone through the opened curtained window onto her. She routinely looked at the bedside alarm clock.

Ah, it’s 10:30 already.

Well, anyway, going to school now is pointless, as only the afternoon classes were remaining. Thinking of this, the girl wanted to continue sleeping with a clear conscience.

She suddenly felt that it was a bit strange as if the bed became very crowded.

She turned around, and her brown eyes turned wide, and then her brain completely stopped working.

Was she lying next to a boy? And the distance between the two was close enough to the point that she could feel the breath of the boy on her face.

When the girl was about to scream for help, she suddenly saw the boy’s face. At that moment, she remembered everything that happened.

It turned out that everything wasn’t a dream…..

When Aiko completely calmed down, she couldn’t help but stare at the sleeping boy.

He’s not like those handsome type of boys but still had a very good-looking face.

She remembered that a few days ago a few of her friends helped her find a candidate to disguise as her boyfriend. At that time, she didn’t know who mentioned him. But later, they agreed on the guy.

Aiko remembered that they even evaluated him, in fact, even her heart now approves of the guy.

He was a very special boy. Perhaps calling him a boy is inappropriate because he was far too mature for his age and also have the so-called extraordinary temperament. A person who she could only watch his back and unable to reach him.

He wasn’t like those boys around her that wanted to get closer to her, and please her. In his eyes, she was only just a “kid”. This point was the thing that made her very angry.

However, he, in her most desperate time of need, saved her. She still remembered that wonderful feeling when she tightly leaned on his back.
Unwittingly, the girl’s face was getting closer to the boy. When suddenly the boy’s gentle breath lightly touched her sensitive lips, her face suddenly became very red. However, she didn’t pull away, but slowly, slowly, little by little, getting closer…..

When outside the door, a soft knock came, Masashi suddenly woke up.
He looked at the girl next to him because she didn’t wake up.

Masashi was afraid of waking her up and gently got out of the bed.

Walking over to open the door, seeing Asami standing outside the door, looking at him a bit strangely, his eyes still secretly watching Aiko, who was lying on the bed.

“Aiko?” Asami first asked.

“She didn’t wake up. What time is it?”

“Almost 11 o’clock.”

“So it’s already noon. Where’s the two girls?” Couldn’t believe that he slept for so long, it seemed like he ran too much last night.

“Ryoko with Ai went outside. They just went to buy some food back and is now preparing to make lunch. Do you want to go wash your face?”


Masashi yawned, and closed the door gently.

Seeing that Masashi went into the bathroom, Asami thought for a moment and opened the door to Aiko’s room.

Asami went towards Aiko’s bed, carefully watching the sleeping girl, and after a while suddenly burst into laughter.

“Don’t need to pretend, I know you’re awake.”

Hearing her laughter, the sleeping girl immediately blushed.

“How’d you know I was awake?” Aiko embarrassingly looked at her, and immediately covered her head with her sheet.

“How can people be asleep when their eyeball like yours move around, so I understood at a glance that you were just pretending to be asleep. Well, get up now.” Asami smiled as she opened her sheets.

“Really so obvious?” Aiko nervously looked at her.

“Okay, don’t worry about it. Just hurry up, Ryoko and the others are waiting outside.” Asami laughed.

Listening to her talk, made Aiko calmed down.

“Ami.” Aiko was changing her clothes as she suddenly let out a cry.

“What’s up?”

“He…Why was he sleeping…. beside me.” The sound at the end of her sentence was faint.

“He, who is he?” Asami squinted her eyes, grinning at her.

“Hateful fellow, you know who I’m talking about.” Aiko was shamefully angry, throwing herself towards Asami and all of a sudden tickled her.

“Yeah, don’t….ha, I admit I’m wrong….ah!” Asami feared this move, and in less than three seconds, immediately begged for mercy.

“See if you still dare play around with me.” Aiko’s small nose wrinkled.

“You guys always immediately come to use this trick. Ah, no, I’ll tell you.”

Asami moved three feet away from her. “Last night Gennai-san came back holding you, we were shocked. We asked him what happened, and he just said that you were kidnapped by Mito Toyokawa, but soon was discovered by police, and that police caught Mito. And he was only there to bring you back from the police. He also asked us not to tell others about it. Because he heard from the police, that Mito seems to be very close with some bad guys, and in order to catch those people, the thing that happened can’t be spread, so as not to startle them.”

“Aiko, was that true? Were you really abducted by Mito?”

Watching Asami’s puzzled look, Aiko almost couldn’t bear to tell her the matter last night. But recalling last night’s conversation, she finally bears it down.

“It’s true, that Mito Toyokawa bastard kidnapped me. But there are a bit out of things that he said, in fact, it wasn’t the police who saved me. Actually, the one who really saved me was just him alone.” When talking about Mito, Aiko was infuriated, but when it came to “him”, the tone immediately became as gentle as silk.

“So it’s true? That….did that Mito guy…you….” Asami nervously looked at her face.

“Fool, of course not. But if he had come a little late it would be hard to say.” Thinking of the scene, Aiko still felt the chills.

Listening to her talk, Asami was immediately relieved.

“Right, you said that the person who rescued you was Gennai-san, but how did he save you? In addition, how did he find Mito?” After Asami calmed down, she immediately asked a series of questions.

“I’ll tell you later. You still haven’t answered my question, why was he….lying together with me?”

Listening to her question, Asami exposed a strange smile, “You have the nerve to ask? Last night, Gennai-san lay you down on your bed when your hands suddenly clutched tightly on his clothes. We tried several times to take your hands off, but instead, you grasped him more and more tighter. Because we were afraid to wake you up, we had to tell Gennai-san to sleep together with you. But that fellow actually didn’t want to. He said that a boy and a girl sleeping together is bad. If people find out, they will refer to him as an old cow eating a young grass. I still don’t understand what problem that guy was talking about.”

“Later, without any choice, I told Ryoko and Ai to sleep together on the floor, so the room was filled with the five of use, and at that time he was quiet. That guy was in a very bad mood as if we were all boys, and he was the girl. Thank God you didn’t see his look, or you would have been mad at him.” Stopping there, Asami still remembered the look he made. Aiko couldn’t help but laugh. He really was a jerk, but she seemed to feel that it wasn’t surprising that he did that. Perhaps he was also an odd person. Thinking of this, the young girl was a little overwhelmed.

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