Chapter - 352:
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That sword was a radiant sword.


Qiong Bi Luo’s facial expression drastically changed and his heavy rain curtain started moving towards Lin Feng’s sword to isolate it. At the same time, he retreated back at lightning speed.


“Crrrr…. Crrrrr….” The rain curtain of the blue void spirit was sliced apart and then Lin Feng’s dazzling sword slashed into Qiong Bi Luo’s chest. Dark red blood splashed through the air and a deep wound appeared on Qiong Bi Luo’s chest. If he had been a little bit slower or if he hadn’t used his heavy rain curtain, the sword would have sliced his body into two parts.


“You’re even weaker than I thought.” Said Lin Feng while looking at Qiong Bi Luo. He didn’t kill him, he basically didn’t care about Qiong Bi Luo. The whole fight was because Qiong Bi Luo wanted to use Lin Feng to prove how strong he was to everyone in the academy. Lin Feng thus decided to “help him achieve his aim” and show him how ridiculous he was being.


These two silhouettes were floating in the sky, Lin Feng looked carefree while Qiong Bi Luo looked weak as he was struggling to stay in the air, while looking at the scene, the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. What they thought was the complete opposite of the reality. Qiong Bi Luo should have been the arrogant victor after defeating Lin Feng in one strike, however at that moment, the reality was completely different.


Lin Feng didn’t fight often but each time he did, it was extremely brutal.


Each time, the crowd got to know his personality better. At the time when he had fought against Hei Mo, Lin Feng was unknown and Hei Mo was one of the top ten students of the academy, everybody saw the result.


The second time that Lin Feng had fought at the Celestial Academy was against Du Gu Shang, in the end, Du Gu Shang had ended up kneeling in front of Lin Feng.


The third time was against against Du Bi and he had cut off his arm, it was a shocking and amazing battle.


And then, when everybody thought that Qiong Bi Luo would easily defeat Lin Feng, Lin Feng surprised them again.


Lin Feng said that Qiong Bi Luo was much weaker than he thought. The crowd had thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack and they believed that Lin Feng would inevitably lose the battle. But Lin Feng didn’t even care about Qiong Bi Luo. Lin Feng had actually always looked beyond Qiong Bi Luo and had never considered him as an opponent or rival.


“Is that so?” Said Qiong Bi Luo looking extremely sharp. Behind him, his blue void spirit twinkled and flashed. He then whispered: “Blue Void Underworld!”


Lin Feng could cut through the raindrop curtain but how would he break out from the blue void underworld.


In the sky, raindrop threads appeared and immediately transformed into a raindrop curtain which started to pour down around Lin Feng.


“Let me see how you will escape this.” Said Qiong Bi Luo in an ice-cold way when he saw Lin Feng being surrounded by the blue void spirit.


“Are you looking closely?” Said a cold and indifferent voice from behind the raindrop curtain. The silhouette in the middle of the raindrop curtain split in two and suddenly there were multiple Lin Feng’s, it was an afterimage left by his quick movements. After dodging, Lin Feng was still standing in the middle of the raindrop curtain and looking down at Qiong Bi Luo indifferently, as if he wasn’t even moved by such trivial things.


The blue void underworld was invisible and inaudible but it was real, raindrops immediately started pouring, the fluctuations were very subtle and it was almost impossible to dodge that attack because by the time a cultivator sensed that it was close, it was already too late, however, Lin Feng could perceive even the tiniest movement due to his earth fusion. Even the slightest change couldn’t escape his awareness. At the moment when the raindrops became visible, Lin Feng had already moved.


“How is this possible?” Whispered Qiong Bi Luo who was stupefied. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had already dodged the blue void spirit and appeared behind it. How was that possible?


“It’s a coincidence, I must be right, he’s just lucky and luckily managed to dodge at the right time.” Qiong Bi Luo’s eyes looked ice-cold. In the sky, the raindrop curtain dispersed and Lin Feng appeared, Qiong Bi Luo and Lin Feng stared at each other.


Suddenly, Lin Feng disappeared from his initial position, however, Lin Feng’s initial position was suddenly attacked by the blue void spirit.


Qiong Bi Luo was astonished, was it a coincidence? Was Lin Feng really just lucky?


The best way to dodge the blue void underworld was to be constantly changing position not giving any opportunity for the attacks to begin, however, Lin Feng had dodged it the first time, and the second time, but Lin Feng just been standing there waiting for it and still dodged it as easily as before.


“It seems like you rely on your worthless little spirit to act so arrogantly. Without the power of your spirit, you’re nothing, you wouldn’t even be Du Bi’s opponent.” Said Lin Feng when he saw that Qiong Bi Luo was looking desperate. Lin Feng was exasperated, a cultivator’s spirit was linked to their  cultivation, it was very important for a cultivator, an extremely strong spirit helped a cultivator become stronger much faster, but if a cultivator forgot about cultivating himself and only relied on his spirit, his expertise became extremely limited to the power of his spirit, in the end, they would be a worthless cultivator.


Cultivation required a spirit, but by only relying on a spirit’s power, a cultivator would never become truly strong themselves.


At that moment, Lin Feng had taught Qiong Bi Luo a good lesson. The crowd agreed with him. They realized that Qiong Bi Luo hadn’t ever shown his strength. He always just relied on his spirit, but because his spirit was extremely strong, people had forgotten about his actual strength. They had just always considered Qiong Bi Luo as an extremely strong cultivator and believed that Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him.


But the reality was far from that.


“You said that you wanted to cripple my cultivation and teach me a lesson, well then I will cripple your cultivation so that in the future, you will know your place.” Said Lin Feng which stupefied the crowd. Qiong Bi Luo was acting incredibly egocentric, cripple Lin Feng’s so in the future, he would know his place? What would be the point of knowing one’s place at that moment anyway? Lin Feng was going apply the principle of a tooth for a tooth, Qiong Bi Luo had said this previously to Lin Feng, so Lin Feng just repeated it back to him.


Lin Feng slightly raised his fist and flames appeared around his fists, they were scorching hot. The temperature increased and it quickly became an immense heat.


“Die.” Said Lin Feng, deadly energy filled the atmosphere, he rushed forwards and his fist bombarded the atmosphere, moving straight towards Qiong Bi Luo.


“Blue Void Drizzle!”


This time, Qiong Bi Luo reacted much faster and rain started to pour down, it looked like a river was falling from the sky. It blocked Lin Feng’s path to prevent him from moving closer.


“You’re not the only person who possesses a spirit.” Smiled Lin Feng. A purple glow started to zigzag through the air towards Qiong Bi Luo which made his facial expression drastically change. His blue void drizzle was obstructing Lin Feng’s path so he could not use it to block the purple spirit or he would need to deal with Lin Feng’s fist instead.


“Blue Void Underworld!” Furiously shouted Qiong Bi Luo, unable to resist much more, his silhouette flickered and he suddenly rushed towards the Yu Clan which astonished the crowd.


“His life is yours.”


Qiong Bi Luo looked at the elder of the Yu Clan.


Lin Feng slowly turned to look at Qiong Bi Luo, Lin Feng looked terribly amused. Those people who only cared about their prestige and honour were extremely arrogant but inside, they were just cowardly insects.


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