Chapter - 38:
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“Would you dare to kill me?” Lin Qian asked whose face looked completely frozen.


“Why wouldn’t I?” replied Lin Hai grinning with the same killing intent filling his eyes.

“Lin Hai, do you know what you are doing?” shouted Lin Ba Dao and some other elders who were in panic.


“Lin Hai, you bastard! Who do you think it is that you are threatening?”


“Don’t talk nonsense to me. Today, I will kill anyone who gets in my way.” Lin Hai said while his eyes looked over the crowd. His gaze pierced like daggers.


Lin Hai looked at the elders miserable expressions, narrowed his eyes and suddenly a distant voice was heard.


“Is that so?”


Somewhere in the territory of the Lin Clan, a vast and powerful force with an incredible Qi burst out. Immediately after, the crowd noticed a human silhouette about a kilometer away. The figure flew at an incredible speed, moving over the crowd and landing on the fighting stage.


It was an old man. His eyebrows were as black as ink, he looked extremely mysterious. His frame was sturdy and he was as tall as Lin Hai. He looked extremely similar to Lin Ba Dao.


“Honorable Elder.” whispered Lin Hai and then immediately smiled but it looked like a sorrowful smile. It was his uncle: Lin Rui.


Lin Rui is usually always practicing cultivation within the Lin Clan territory. Each time there was a problem, whether it was important or not, the Head of the Clan and the Elders dealt with them. Lin Rui would almost never break his training and come to meet with the clan.


“Honorable Elder.” everybody was stupefied at the display of power he had just shown. Flying through the sky like he was walking in a quiet and peaceful courtyard, it required incredibly strong agility techniques and a high level of cultivation.


Lin Feng was lying on the floor powerless as blood still poured from his throat, he quickly swallowed a few profound healing pills. His wound had begun to heal, but he had lost so much blood that he could only lay there while the pill healed him. While looking up at Lin Rui from the ground, he remembered that he had seen him only twice. The Honorable Elder almost never came out.


“Honorable Elder, Lin Hai, the Clan of the Head, attaches no importance to the Lin Clan. He groundlessly killed the Seventh Elder”


“Right now, he also wants to kill an unprecedented genius of the Lin Clan, Lin Qian. He even threatened all of the elders and clan members present.”


“Honorable Elder, please punish Lin Hai for all of his crimes.” said the elders, as if Lin Hai was at the origin of all the problems within the clan.


Lin Hai Could only laugh at his situation.


“Lin Hai, what are you laughing at?” asked Lin Rui in an apathetic tone.


“I’m laughing because they are really shameless. Initially, wasn’t the Honorable Elder supposed to support the clan from the background and not get involved with the clan, unless the clan was in danger?” Said Lin Hai sarcastically.


“How impudent and presumptuous. How dare you talk to me like this?” Lin Rui said in an ice cold tone and anger filled his eyes.


“Uncle, I am the Head of the Lin Clan. Even if you have the status of an Honorable Elder, it doesn’t give you the right to concern yourself with how I handle the affairs of the clan. As clan head, my decision is the final decision on these matters” said Lin Hai stubbornly. He was standing with his back straight and head held high while looking Lin Rui in the eyes.


“What nerves you have! The Honorable Elder is not just any elder, he is also an elder of your own bloodline. You have the audacity to make no distinction between juniors and seniors. That itself counts as a crime against the clan.” Lin Ba Dao said in an attempt to incite unrest.


“A crime? I only said that I am the Head of the Clan and my decision on clan affairs are final, that’s a fact.” Lin Hai knew what the inevitable outcome of that situation was going to be. He turned around and went towards Lin Feng.


A palm filled with ice suddenly shot towards Lin Hai.


Lin Hai kept walking towards Lin Feng, ignoring the incoming attack. The palm of ice landed firmly on Lin Hai’s defenseless back. It was an extremely powerful attack, Lin Hai’s entire body was immediately covered with frost and a chill filled his body. He was completely white from head to foot and suddenly flew towards Lin Feng looking like a kite with a broken string.


“Huh?!” shouted Lin Hai surprised. He was kneeling down on the ground. He had flown over to Lin Feng and been caught mid air. He was shocked that his son was not dead and seemed unharmed when he caught him. Nonetheless, his facial expression hadn’t changed since the beginning.


“Uncle, you attacked me from behind when I was defenseless. From now on, there is no bond that exists between me and this clan and from this day forward I am cutting my blood ties with you.” Said Lin Hai with blood spilling out of his mouth. He had been attacked by surprise by Lin Rui. He could feel the cold piercing through to his bones and was slightly shivering from the cold. If Lin Feng hadn’t caught him as he flew through the air, he would have landed much farther away.


“Pfff, we are indeed blood related. You are my family, so I will not kill you. Just get lost.” Lin Rui said coldly. He hadn’t expected that Lin Hai wouldn’t block the attack so he had attacked without hesitation. He had mixed feelings about what had just happened. Lin Qian was starting to be well known in the clan as a genius. She had a bright future before her and she would raise the clan to new levels of fame and status. If the clan rose in fame and status then Lin Rui could also gain benefits.


“The skills and abilities of that piece of trash, Lin Feng, greatly improved but a useless spirit remains a useless spirit. Lin Feng will never be able to reach the same level as someone like Lin Qian.” thought Lin Rui.


“Little Feng, we’re leaving.” whispered Lin Hai to Lin Feng in a soft and fragile voice.


Lin Feng nodded. He was still unable to speak. In his heart he could feel nothing but hatred and regret. He looked like a ghost, he had lost so much blood that it was shocking that he was still alive.


Lin Feng was able to stand but he needed Lin Hai’s support to walk. Lin Feng didn’t even look back at the clan because their faces were already engraved deep into his heart.


All the members of the Lin Clan looked at him and his father leave. Many members of the clan were confused in their hearts about what had just happened.


Lin Feng was known as a piece of trash by everyone. Yet he had such a powerful force fused with his attacks, such a terrifying Qi, such  skillful sword play, he had defeated a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer and he even made Lin Wu crawl on the ground like a worm… could a piece of trash accomplish such things?


Lin Hai had killed the Lin Zhen in one strike and had threatened everyone present saying that he would kill them if they tried to get in his way, if the Honorable Elder hadn’t appeared, who could have stopped him?


Unfortunately, Lin Ba Dao had his talented daughter, Lin Qian. Otherwise, Lin Hai would have stayed the Head of the Lin Clan. Regarding Lin Feng and Lin Hai, the opinion of the Lin Clan’s members had changed, they deserved respect and could be proud of their actions.


“What a pity, if we had only worked together then we could rejuvenate the clan and would have no more worries.” thought the Sixth Elder while looking at the two silhouettes on the horizon. He then sighed in regret as he wasn’t strong enough to change anything that had happened. He could only remain silent and accept the situation as it was.


Lin Hai was meditating in his room. A white and foggy Qi was surrounding his body and started to penetrate into him, it was healing all of his wounds and removing the ice Qi which had penetrated into his body. Not long after, he opened his eyes and a dazzling light was surrounding his body.


“Father, how are you feeling?” asked Lin Feng who was next to him.


“The injuries are almost completely healed. Little Feng, these pills are amazing. Where did you get them?” asked Lin Hai while grabbing the medicine bottle containing the profound healing pills. Immediately after taking a pill, his injuries suddenly looked much better. He had rapidly recovered from his wounds.


“It seems that if I have the opportunity, I’ll have to thank Protector Kong.” Lin Feng had a big smile on his face. He wouldn’t have thought that these pills would have such a powerful effect on his father. On that day when Han Man was injured, Lin Feng had already thought that these pills were mysterious, almost mystical. The Honorable Elder’s attack on Lin Hai would have turned Han Man into meat paste. Lin Hai’s injury was much more serious than that of Han Man. Only because Lin Hai was much stronger than Han Man, had he survived such an attack.


However, as before, the profound healing pill was able to make Lin Hai recover in no time. This showed how powerful these pills were.


“Father, one of the protectors within the Yun Hai Sect gave them to me.” replied Lin Feng.


“Oh.” Lin Hai nodded. “Little Feng, you should go back to the Yun Hai Sect. In a short time, you will probably surpass Lin Qian by leaps and bounds.”


“Surpass Lin Qian?” Lin Feng smiled in his heart. He had not even put Lin Qian’s level in his eyes. The path of cultivation was vast, how could he pursue such an insignificant thing as trying to surpass Lin Qian?


“Father, what about you? Where will you go?” Lin Feng held back his words on his current goal being much greater. He would rather find out if his father had planned to stay with him.


“I’m getting ready to go to the Imperial City.”


“The Imperial City?!” Lin Feng was stupefied. The Imperial City is without doubts the biggest, busiest, the most powerful and prosperous city in the Xue Yue Country. In the Imperial City, a small Clan like the Lin Clan could easily disappear without a trace… the Imperial Clan was unsurpassed and extremely powerful.


Actually, it was also possible to regard the Imperial Clan as a sect, as the strongest Sect of the entire Xue Yue Country.


“Don’t worry Little Feng. Even though the Imperial City is full of extraordinary Cultivators, I am not going there to cause trouble or kill people. I’m just going there because I feel like visiting. There will not be any problems if I go there. Practice more and once you are stronger, come to the Imperial City to see me.” said Lin Hai who saw that Lin Feng was frowning and worry could be seen on his face. Lin Feng immediately looked more relaxed which made Lin Hai smile.


“Alright, let’s leave.” Lin Hai said while standing up. He just picked up a few paintings and scrolls then they left together. They eventually arrived outside the city and came to a halt.


They looked at the vast and boundless horizon stretching across the sky which seemed endless. Lin Hai spat towards the city, turned around and said to Lin Feng while smiling: “Little Feng, we are not taking the same road, you leave first, ok?”


“Father, I want to stay here until you are leaving. You can leave first.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.


Lin Hai looked at him a bit surprised, then smiled and said: “Alright, Little Feng, people are dangerous and many have evil intentions, be careful on your journey.”


When he finished talking, Lin Hai jumped on a horse and quickly disappeared into the distance. His silhouette gradually disappeared. Lin Hai had seen Lin Feng display his power during the annual meeting and was therefore feeling more relaxed. He had the feeling that Lin Feng did not need his advice anymore, but he could not stop himself from worrying as his father.


Lin Feng watched while his father’s silhouette disappeared into the horizon. He raised his head, gazed into the sky and then immediately rode Qian Li Xue back into Yangzhou City.


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