Chapter - 100: – Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons Pt. 2
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Helplessly looking at the student he was most proud of, the fire mage instructor bitterly replied, “I also don’t want to lose to the water mages. However, it’s the truth that Heaven’s One Holy Water is our worst nemesis. Moreover….that girl’s training far surpasses yours!”

The fire mage instructor turned to face Aimi and he muttered, “Heaven’s One Holy Water is the ruler of water. Perhaps…she might actually make history today. It can be said that both her talent and her training are magnificent!”

The referee still standing on the platform urged the next fire mage representative to enter. With no other option, the fire mage instructor turned around and bitterly said to the fire mage team captain, “Go tell the referee that we forfeit today’s match.”

“What!?” The fire mage captain replied incredulously, “How can we do that?! We haven’t even started yet; it isn’t guaranteed that we’ll lose. No matter what, I want to fight till the end!”

Clenching his eyes in pain, the fire mage instructor said in a trembling voice, “And what’s the point in that? You can’t even break her Aqua Aegis, and since her Heaven’s One Holy Water has twice the freezing power, she could paralyze you in an instant. If you think that seeking your own disgrace is the same as glory, then go ahead and lose by that girl’s hands!”

The fire mage captain shook at the instructor’s words. He knew that although his own strength was stronger than the first contestant’s, it was obvious that he couldn’t do anything the first contestant had failed do either.

After painfully contemplating his choices for a while, finally….the fire mage captain strode up to the arena. He shot a dark look at Aimi and turned around to tell the referee, “We forfeit this match!”

Without paying any mind to the referee’s shock, the fire mage captain turned back to Aimi and said through gritted teeth, “Heaven’s One Holy Water, right? Don’t be too proud of yourself; even though we admit we are not your equal today, I’ll definitely come up with a way to defeat you next year. Just wait, you’ll see for sure!”

Seeing the fire mage captain turn around angrily and walked away, Aimi couldn’t help but gape, dumbfounded. She hadn’t imagined that they wouldn’t even try to compete, and would directly forfeit the match. In addition…they even knew that she had Heaven’s One Holy Water!

Although she felt that she hadn’t played enough, the other party had already conceded, so continuing to stay there was pointless. Pouting, Aimi walked off the platform in annoyance, and sat down hard on her chair.

Seeing Aimi leave the stage, the female lecturer walked over in excitement and said in a trembling voice, “God! How come I never knew before that you had Heaven’s One Holy Water? This is really too wonderful, you know? You’ve already made history! You’re the strongest eight year old water elemental mage apprentice in the last thousands of years!”

“Che….” Frowning in disdain, Aimi rolled her eyes at the teacher and said, “What are you saying? How am I the strongest water elemental mage apprentice!? Putting others aside, I can’t even necessarily beat Aila.”

“Ah!” The lecturer seemed to have frozen into a statue after hearing Aimi’s words. Aimi continued, “What’s so good about Heaven’s One Holy Water? I can’t even condense it into ice. I’d much rather have Aila’s Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons. At least its destructive ability is much greater, and has a much more imposing manner!”

“What! Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons!” The lecturer couldn’t believe Aimi’s words at all. But seeing Aimi’s envious expression, she didn’t seem to be lying. This was too ridiculous; Heaven’s One Holy Water was the ruler of water, while Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons was the ruler of ice. There was nothing more innately powerful than these two types!

In that instant, everyone’s envious gazes locked onto Aila. The female lecturer said contently, “Heavens! This is really too amazing. I hadn’t imagined that there would actually be such talents amongst my students. God is really doting on me.”

The lecturer excitedly said to the two girls, “From now on, the two of you will definitely be the beautiful overlords, unrivalled in this generation. You two will be the strongest pillars of support amongst the Water Arts mage apprentices!”

“Please!” Aimi and Aili simultaneously interrupted the lecturer. As they looked at her, as well as the surrounding classmates, Aimi said in embarrassment, “We aren’t overlords or anything. Compared to Suo Jia, we’re nothing. Even against the two of us combined, Suo Jia could completely kill us in a single strike within 3 seconds!”

“What!” Hearing Aimi’s words, the female lecturer’s eyes seemed to glitter like stars. She gripped her hands tightly in excitement and asked Suo Jia, “Hurry up and say, what innate talent do you possess?”

Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the lecturer, Suo Jia replied, “Based on Teacher’s knowledge, is there any innate talent better than Heaven’s One Holy Water and Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons?”

“That….” The lecturer immediately calmed down at Suo Jia’s words. That’s right….no matter if it was Heaven’s One Holy Water or Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons, both were the rulers of ice and water. There wasn’t a third innate talent that could stand side by side with these two, let alone trump them.

Doubtfully looking at Suo Jia, the lecturer asked in confusion, “In that case, how could you be more formidable than either of them? And what exactly is your innate talent?”

Calmly looking at the lecturer and the other classmates, Suo Jia said, “Me? I’m no different from everyone else. Actually, in terms of talent, I’m inferior to everyone present.”

“How could that be!” The lecturer cried out in shock, “How could someone with average talent be stronger than those with Heaven’s One Holy Water and Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons? This is utterly impossible!”

Coldly gazing at the lecturer, Suo Jia said in a biting tone, “Nothing is impossible. I have my own methods to become more powerful. As for how I did it, I cannot say. Even if I did say it, you guys wouldn’t be able to replicate it!”

Suo Jia rubbed the Atlantis’ Wisdom on his head. Although he didn’t have the advantage of talent, he had Atlantis’ Wisdom. He was always in the meditative state. Such fast progress wasn’t something that anyone could achieve. This was his greatest secret; his way was something that nobody could replicate. Whether it was Atlantis’ Wisdom or Faerie’s Soul, only one of each existed in the entire world. There were no copies of either.

In addition, by just relying on his magic items, Suo Jia was able to enter a new realm after listening to Aila’s advice. In terms of attack, defense, recovery and auxiliary he had generated completely new systems for all four of them. This was something only his balanced abilities could do. Neither Aimi or Aila could even dream of using water magic like he did.

After the victory from the match having broken a record in history, all of the class’s girls began to cheer in joy. At the same time, all the fire mages had already left the area. This was the first time they had ever suffered from such a frustrating defeat, and they didn’t have the face to stay there any longer.

The tournament continued on. By noon, the first round of the tournament had finally ended. The water mages, earth mages, fire warriors, and wind warriors were the four divisions that had made it to the second round. However, the second round didn’t start till later in the afternoon.

At noon, a ton of people arrived at the school dining halls, and began eating. Suo Jia shooed off the crowds, and sat together with Aimi and Aila to discuss matters.

Carefully analyzing the next four opponents, Suo Jia asked, “Aimi, you’ve already been in the limelight this morning. Shouldn’t you go second in the next round?”

Although Aimi didn’t want to agree with Suo Jia, she still nodded her head to confirm her consent. Seeing Aimi’s reluctant expression, Suo Jia said in a low voice, “I’m doing this for your sake. No matter if it’s the earth mage’s Rock Thorn, or the fire warriors’ and wind warriors’ close ranged attacks, they aren’t things that your fragile Aqua Aegis can resist!”

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