Chapter - 103: – Suo Jia’s Divine Might Pt. 1
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While everyone was in a state of confusion and did not understand what was going on, Aila pulled back her left hand and pointed the staff in her right hand outwards. With a whizzing sound, an Ice Sphere immediately shot towards fire warrior #2.

“Peng!” A dull sound rang out, and although fire warrior #2 successfully avoided the Ice Sphere, the Ice Sphere collided with the enormous Aqua Aegis and immediately shattered. The ice-cold water completely drenched fire warrior #2 in the blink of an eye.

Not pausing for even a second, Aila quickly fell back. Her left hand made a circular motion, and another Aqua Aegis was summoned around the fire warrior’s body. Soon after, she pointed her staff forwards, and another Ice Sphere shot out.

After three Aqua Aegis’ and three Ice Spheres were cast in succession, fire warrior #2 was completely soaked by the cold water. His body was drenched, however… this did not affect him greatly. During this time, he had already shortened the distance between them by ten meters.

Facing the fire warrior who was getting closer and closer, Aila remained calm and lifted her staff. She released three Ice Spheres in succession; at such a close distance, it was impossible for her to miss. However… the Ice Spheres did not hit the warrior’s weak points, and were instead shattered by fire warrior #2 one by one. Even so, it was obvious that Aila had successfully accomplished her goal.

The cold air within the Ice Spheres spread out when they were shattered, and the moisture on fire warrior #2’s body rapidly froze into ice. He noticed that not only was the surface turning into frost, but even the armor, inner clothing, and the surface of his skin was frozen.

On the outside, it seemed like the warrior was nearing his goal of getting within the range of 7-8 meters. However to his surprise, it was was getting more and more difficult to move. The dense cold air surrounded his body, and the armor felt like it was being cooked as it turned scalding hot!

Ka Cha… Ka Cha… Loud, clear sounds rang out, and warrior #2 was using all of his strength to move his four limbs. The ice on his armor began to fall off chunk by chunk, and sanguine-colored blood continuously flowed out from between the armor’s chinks. It was obvious that these small chunks of ice had already pierced through his skin.

Seeing Aila almost within his reach, the fire warrior knew that if he simply took a few more steps forward, victory was his. Only under this belief could he endure the pain and suffering his body was facing from the icy cold. No matter what, he had to win!

Seeing the fire warrior walk up to her with difficulty, Aila stood in place, coldly staring at the approaching warrior. Her face showed a normal expression, quiet and easygoing.

Finally, fire warrior #2 stopped walking forwards. It wasn’t that he wanted to stop, but rather that he had no choice but to stop. When he looked at his two feet, he saw that they had already sunk into the ground!

“Ya!” Unwillingly shouting out, fire warrior #2 took the greatsword in his hand and slashed at Aila. Seeing the fire warrior #2 stabbing out, Aila’s face remained expressionless and she stood there for a long time as she watched her opponent attempt to attack her.

However, the greatsword gradually stopped a centimeter in front of Aila’s nose, and hung in the air helplessly, as the fire warrior #2 could no longer exert any more force. No matter how he moved his body, he could not move it even an inch.

Fire warrior #2 really wanted to throw the greatsword in his hand at Aila. However….the armor around him had already frozen, completely halting his movements. They locked him where he was standing, and he was unable to budge. Since his battle qi was practically used up, his entire body had frozen along with the armor, just like a hard shell. Although Aila was right in front of him, he could no longer move towards her.

Raising her left hand gently, she used her snow-white, tender, and almost transparent hand to push the greatsword in front of her aside. Aila replied in a heavy tone, “You have already lost!” Hearing Aila’s words, the fierce and unyielding expression in the fire warrior #2’s eyes instantly disappeared.  Hot tears overflowed from his eyes.

As if she couldn’t bear to see her opponent cry, Aila quietly turned around and began to walk toward the platform. When she turned around, Aila said in a low voice, “Don’t be miserable, after all, you’re currently witnessing history being written. You should be happy instead.”

Just as Aila finished speaking, the referee announced that the victor of this round had been the Water Arts mage representative, Aila! In an instant, the entire arena exploded. Water mages were always those that got defeated immediately. Yet they turned out to be so formidable this year; they had even managed to defeat the most powerful fire mages and fire warriors. This was too unbelievable!

In the midst of the noise, the fire warrior #2 left the stage without a fuss, perhaps Aila’s final words had taken effect. Although he was disappointed by the defeat, the fire warrior #2 was not dispirited.

Seeing the fire warrior #2 slowly walk off the platform, the fire warrior instructor closed his eyes. After contemplating for a long time, he helplessly sighed. He knew that Aila’s last technique was something that the fire warriors couldn’t break through at their current stage. Unless they were promoted to warrior trainees, there was absolutely no way they could counter it!

Opening his eyes, the fire warrior instructor slowly stood up, and said to the team captain, “Go tell the referee that we have conceded. There’s no way that we can beat this year’s water mages!” The fire warrior instructor turned around gloomily, and began to walk outside the tournament area.

As the fire warriors left, the entire crowd was shocked into a daze. All of them knew that they had just witnessed a miraculous history being made. Being able to personally see such a moment happen within their lifetimes was a type of honor!

After this, the competition between the earth mages and the wind warriors in comparison wasn’t interesting to the audience at all. Eventually, the wind warriors had gained an overwhelming victory. By defeating the earth mages, they were now qualified to enter the finals.

In the eyes of other people, if the water mages could defeat the fire mages and fire warriors, then taking down the wind warriors would just be a piece of cake. But Suo Jia, Aimi and Aila had serious expressions on their faces after seeing the competition between the wind warrior and the earth mage.

Strictly speaking, the earth mages weren’t weak. Even if Aimi and Aila went up against them, they wouldn’t dare to guarantee that they would end up victorious. Earth subdues water.

However, to the wind warriors, the earth mages weren’t imposing at all. The wind warriors had only sent out one representative, and had cleared the competition as if they were pulling weeds. When all of the earth mages had been swept out of the competition, the wind warriors held a matchless power of influence.

Looking at Aimi and Aila seriously, Suo Jia said in a heavy tone, “Our final match’s opponent should be the wind warriors, what do we do? Do you two have the confidence to defeat them?”

Aimi strongly shook her head in response to Suo Jia’s words and said, “No, no, no….there’s no chance at all. Their movements are so fast that my eyes can’t even follow. There’s no way I can lock my attacks onto them. Even if they were so near that they could chop off one of my arms, I still wouldn’t be able hit them with a spell!”

Aila chimed in, “That’s right, their speed is too fast. The wind warriors can evade my magic even within a distance of ten meters. I have absolutely no way of defeating them!”

Hearing Aimi’s and Aila’s words, Suo Jia helplessly sighed. He knew that the wind elemental warriors were really too fast. The Swamp Technique would have absolutely no effect on them with their speed. The fact that the Swamp Technique could be completely ignored by the wind warriors was something they all knew already.

Since the Swamp Technique didn’t work, the water mages essentially lost its strongest auxiliary magic. Moreover, the Water Sphere Technique was too slow; a wind warrior could easily dodge it within 10 meters. Based on these facts alone, Aimi and Aila would be completely helpless.

Taking a deep breath, Suo Jia slowly stood up and said gloomily, “Originally I didn’t plan on participating in this grade’s competition. However…..in such a case, this is no longer possible. Leave the wind warriors to me!” Suo Jia straightened his clothes, and then casually strode towards the tournament area.

Seeing Suo Jia’s unhurried and graceful movements, Aimi, Aila, and all of the class’ other girls couldn’t help but brighten at such a scene. To them, Suo Jia was an Epic-level expert. As long as he went out, there was no way they’d lose.

Feeling the 200 gazes on his back Suo Jia momentarily felt the burden on his shoulders become incomparably heavy. The most critical battle in their plans to make history was to be completed by Suo Jia; this most prominent part would be written by Suo Jia himself. No matter what, the wind warriors had to lose. On the other hand, Suo Jia had to win as directly and efficiently as possible, without any struggle!

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