Chapter - 106: – Suo Jia in Close Combat Pt. 2
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Following the judge’s words, wind warrior #2 abruptly pulled out the double-edged blade from behind him and quickly rushed towards Suo Jia. However, Suo Jia seemed as if he didn’t even see the wind warrior 50m away from him. Casually moving his hands, a stream of water roughly nine meters long suddenly appeared. Following Suo Jia’s movement, it circled Suo Jia’s body, whistling as it coiled around him.

“This…… What is he going to do!” Seeing this scene, the female lecturer, Aimi, and Aila were all dumbfounded. Could it be that…… Suo Jia wanted to beat his opponent purely through water manipulation? That was impossible! Suo Jia did not possess Heaven’s One Holy Water, so it would not be possible to defeat his enemy like this.

Seeing the stream of water completely coiling around Suo Jia on top of the stage, wind warrior #2 laughed ruthlessly and upped his speed by one level. His body arched as he rushed towards Suo Jia, and covered the 20 meters distance between them as fast as lightning. At the same time, Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he quickly started to make his move.

The instant the wind warrior got into Suo Jia’s effective range, Suo Jia suddenly spread both of his hands, and a layer of blue, cold air flowed out. With Suo Jia as the center, the cold air instantly surrounded and circled around him, while emitting a whizzing sound. Its momentum could not be stopped, and in a flash,the 20 meters perimeter around Suo Jia was completely enveloped by ice cold streams of air.

Although he had lost his Frost’s Sigh and its ability to lower his magic by 10 degrees, after half a year of wearing Atlantis’ Wisdom and the help of Faerie’s Spirit, Suo Jia’s magic and spirit power had far surpassed anyone else’s in his age group. His overall strength was superior as well. Even though Suo Jia and the warrior had both attended school for a year, Suo Jia’s might couldn’t be compared to other mage apprentices’. Just based on the improvement from the Exhaustion Training Method alone, he had already exceeded everyone else.

The Revolving Frozen Gas was originally a high-ranked magic for apprentice mages to use. Compared to the wind warrior who was just an elementary warrior, Suo Jia was on a completely different level.

The only downside was that the Revolving Frozen Gas was still an auxiliary magic in the end. It didn’t have a strong destructive power, and its only effect was freezing. It was slow, and was impossible to use it to kill an opponent with a single attack. However, this was exactly what Suo Jia wanted. He didn’t plan on relying on just this magic alone to get rid of his opponent. The honor that the wind warrior had previously taken from him was something he was determined to get back.

Following the Revolving Frozen Gas’ cold streams, the wind warrior suddenly felt acute pains all over his entire body. Overwhelmed with shock, he looked at his own body, and saw that the armor covering his entire body had already began to freeze. Due to the cold air streams, the water content from the air around him began to solidify, forming a thin ice layer. With his body under attack from the icy coldness, he felt both numb and acute pains, causing his speed to dramatically fall.

Even though wind warrior #2’s body had been slightly frozen, nothing could freeze the wind battle qi. The wind warrior mustered his strength to gather his battle qi, and leapt forward in a flash, entering within 10 meters range of Suo Jia. Seeing this scene, all the spectators outside the stage couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Everyone knew that the fight had reached its climax; the victor was going to be decided in a split second.

Under everyone’s attentive gaze, Suo Jia smiled mysteriously. In the next instant…… the water stream spiralling around his body began to freeze under the super low temperature of the Revolving Frozen Gas. This was the latest skill invented by Suo Jia in his closed-door training before the competition — Ice Stream Technique!

This was not truly a spell, but one could not say that it wasn’t magic either. In actuality, this was combining water control with magic in the most perfect way. Although the water stream became an ice stream, Suo Jia could still freely control it. This stream of ice was Suo Jia’s weapon in close combat!

Seeing that the wind warrior had entered within 10 meters, Suo Jia waved his hand. A thick and wide ice dragon instantly rushed out, gliding along the ground. It was quick-witted, as if it possessed life.

Seeing the stream of ice leaping towards him like a snake spirit, the wind warrior’s expression couldn’t help but darken. He brandished the precious sword in his hand, and chopped at the stream of ice with the intent of splitting it apart. However, he would never have thought that the stream of ice almost seemed as if it had a pair of eyes, wriggling away in an instant and avoiding his sword easily. In the next moment, the head of the ice stream rose up from the ground, and suddenly pounced onto wind warrior #2’s body.

“Geji…geji….geji….” A concentration of clear sounds rang out as the stream of ice instantly coiled itself around every part of the wind warrior #2’s body. The arm-thick dragon had completely wrapped itself around the warrior from head to toe, showing only his fear-stricken gaze at Suo Jia.

The audience watched attentively as the stream of ice lifted its head up high and summoned a sharp ice cone pointing at the wind warrior’s eyes. Everyone knew that once this ice cone descended, the wind warrior would be doomed; even if he was ten times stronger than he was now, the result wouldn’t change.

A person’s body was weak, like the area near a human’s eyes. No matter how strong one’s battle qi was, he wouldn’t be able to resist an attack aimed at their eyes. As long as a sword pierced through, no matter how brilliant one was, they would still be doomed. Of course…an expert would pay attention and protect their own eyes, as well as other weak spots, making them difficult to attack. However, the wind warrior #2 was no such expert.

In reality, it wasn’t just coiling around the warrior. The ice stream that had absorbed the Revolving Frozen Gas was constantly emitting cold air and corroding the wind warrior #2’s body, disintegrating any resistance. The creaking sounds were actually generated from the stream of ice as the wind warrior #2 struggled.

Laughing lightly, Suo Jia was not worried at all as he walked forward and stood in front of the wind warrior #2. The hardness and strength of this stream of ice was almost equivalent to a rock’s. An apprentice of the Wind Arts wouldn’t be able to break off from such a strong shackle. Since he had already been captured by the stream of ice, then he could forget thinking about escaping.

Smiling at the wind warrior currently trapped by the stream of ice, Suo Jia casually said, “How about it? Do you still have anything to say?”

Glaring at Suo Jia in fury, wind warrior #2 continued to struggle fiercely. However, the stream of ice’s grip was firm, and aside from the creaking sounds, there was absolutely no sign of it being deterred by his movements.

“You! This is clearly not magic. You’re definitely still hiding some type of magic item on you!” Wind warrior #2 said stubbornly, still refusing to admit defeat.

Curling his mouth arrogantly, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “Don’t think you are the strongest in this world. In reality, you are equivalent to a tiny ant in my eyes. I could kill you with a single finger. My powers are not something the likes of you can even imagine!”

Suo Jia conversationally explained, “Listen closely. This stream of ice is really just controlled by the manipulation of water. Examine it carefully; the core of this ice dragon is a stream of water!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the wind warrior #2 smiled grimly “Of course I know the manipulation of water. However….how are you able to condense the stream into ice? How do you explain that?”

Laughing ruthlessly, Suo Jia said arrogantly, “I don’t need to explain it to you. Since you are the one seeking problems, then it’s not my fault!”

Suo jia turned around to face the three judges and declared loudly, “Look closely. This fellow might not recognize it, but as the great heads of the Water Arts, if you cannot recognize it, then the Holy Light should be ashamed!”

Saying that, he extended his pale right arm and quickly began to draw into the air with his forefingers. The blue light coming from his forefingers formed a spell array. With a wave of his hand….a fierce, cold air blew outwards with Suo Jia as its center, and began to spread out and circle above them.

“Revolving! Revolving Frozen Gas!” Seeing such a scene, the three judges were immediately dumbstruck. The female instructor on the battleground below cried out sharply. He could fake everything else, but Revolving Frozen Gas magic was not something that could be faked.

Following the fiercely burning ice, wind warrior #2, who stood right in front of Suo Jia, was the most unfortunate one. A stream of cold air burst out and immediately, his outer skin was cut apart, with wounds as fine as threads. One cut followed another, and they appeared continuously all over his skin and face.

Fire wasn’t the only thing that could crack people’s skin. In reality, cold winds were like blades, and if the temperature was low enough, they could even instantly freeze one’s skin to split into cracks. Anyone living within the freezing Northern districts would know this fact.

“Ah!” A miserable, world-shaking howl echoed throughout the tournament area. At this very moment, the wind warrior #2’s voice no longer seemed like a human’s. The incomparable feeling of pain was not something that he could endure.

What does frigidness feel like? Does it only make people shiver? No…it actually isn’t like that at all. If it’s cold enough, it actually burns. Once a person is frozen to a certain point, it will feel as if the entire body is submerged into boiling water. Currently, the wind warrior #2 felt like a basin of scalding water had been dumped onto him. After a few miserable cries, his head lowered, and had completely fallen unconscious.

“We admit defeat!” Not waiting for the Revolving Frozen Gas to finish wreaking havoc, the wind warrior instructor in the battle arena immediately shouted their defeat in alarm. In the instant when he saw Suo Jia leisurely casting the Revolving Frozen Gas, he already knew that Suo Jia’s power had already surpassed the apprentice level. He could even be on the mage trainee level. He was already a strong expert; after all, the Revolving Frozen Gas represented a peak-grade mage trainee!

Originally, since the other party had already admitted defeat, Suo Jia would’ve naturally ceased his actions. However, he was enraged by the opposite party’s rude words in the beginning of the match, so Suo Jia intended to punish him. Taking advantage of the instant before the referee could end the competition, Suo Jia suddenly waved his hand, and the stream of ice suddenly unravelled itself. Along with the stream of ice’s sudden movement, the wind warrior’s body suddenly flew out into the air in a spiral. The body flew out of the tournament area’s perimeter as fast as the wind, and began to fall down towards the platform.

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