Chapter - 115: – Absolutely Will Not Cower Pt. 1
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The wind warrior’s body quickly swayed left and right in a strange manner. In the next moment… the Lightning Wind Warrior suddenly leapt past the left side of the Whirling Ice Protective Wall in a flash. The double-edged sword in his hand created a few tiny cracks on the ice wall. The sharp end of the sword swept past Suo Jia’s body; just a little bit further and he could have wounded Suo Jia.

Suo Jia was overwhelmed with shock; as he avoided the opponent’s long sword, he couldn’t help but inwardly wipe away his sweat. This fellow was equipped with treasures all over his body! The sword was obviously something with an extraordinary background, as it could easily cut the ice wall that was as hard as steel. This was not something a common weapon couldachieve.

Not daring to waste any time, Suo Jia hastily extended his right hand to control the Ice and Snow Pact to rapidly mend the small cracks in the Whirling Ice Protective Wall. Otherwise, the ice wall would shatter if the opponent was allowed to create small cracks.

However, it was only natural that Suo Jia wouldn’t defend continuously. From a distance…… the wind warrior turned around and flipped backwards. He breached the ice wall with the sword in his hand once more. If Suo Jia hadn’t mended the ice wall earlier, it might have already collapsed by now.

Not daring to be negligent, Suo Jia rapidly used dozens of Swamp Techniques in succession on the surrounding ground. Suo Jia finally smiled as the last Swamp Technique was laid out……. after defending for such a long time he could finally begin his counter attack.

Just as the Lightning Wind Warrior swung his sword down with an explosive force, Suo Jia suddenly used a Water Sphere, as well as the Revolving Frozen Gas. Immediately… the Lightning Wind Warrior’s double-edged sword was frozen and stuck halfway into the ice wall.

The Lightning Wind Warrior was dumbstruck as he discovered that his double-edged sword was actually stuck in the ice wall. He could only stare blankly as Suo Jia used another Water Sphere to cover the entire blade, freezing it so that it was even harder to budge.

Seeing this scene, the Lightning Wind Warrior couldn’t help but panic. If his double-edged sword was taken away from him, how was he supposed to fight? With his fists? This wouldn’t do, he wasn’t a boxer. Without his double-edged sword, he would lose his ability to fight. Even if he could fight, he wouldn’t be a match for Suo Jia.

The wind warrior frantically grabbed the hilt of the double-edged sword with both hands and pulled backwards with all his strength. However…… he had given a few tugs before discovering that the ground underneath his feet had somehow become soft. The wind warrior looked down suspiciously, and saw that both of his feet were already sinking into the ground slowly.

Greatly alarmed, the wind warrior clearly knew that because he had stopped moving, he had happened to fall into the Swamp Technique’s trap. If he didn’t manage to escape it soon, then he would lose this battle. A warrior with both of his legs restricted was no different from a magic target.

The Lightning Wind Warrior panicked, and tightly gripped the doubled-edged sword that wasfrozen in the ice wall. He gathered his battle qi around his feet, causing the ground to abruptly explode. As dirt flew everywhere, his feet finally came free!

However, before the wind warrior could even exhale, a blue ice stream as thick as his leg began to coil around his sword arm like a viper.

Seeing the ice stream coil around his arm, the wind warrior immediately became startled. He quickly attempted to release his sword and retreat, only to find that he had lost all feeling in his frozen arm. In theory it was a sound plan, but the slight delay allowed the ice stream to wrap around his body, entangling him completely in an instant.

If Suo Jia only relied on the hardness of the pure ice stream than he might still be unable to restrict the Lightning Wind Warrior; however, inside the stream of ice was a current of freezing water. While the ice bound the opponent, the ice water completely froze his limbs, effectively paralyzing him.

It wasn’t that the wind warrior didn’t want to struggle. However, the current distance between Suo Jia and the wind warrior was only about a meter. While the ice stream was coiling around the warrior and freezing him, the wind warrior also had to suffer from Suo Jia’s water manipulation attacks. No matter how the warrior tried to move, an opposite force would always materialize from inside his body, preventing him from completing his desired movements.

Feeling helpless, the wind warrior decided to try one last effort to use the remaining battle qi within his body to break the ice stream. But before he even had a chance to do this, Suo Jia had already taken control of the blood within the Lightning Wind Warrior’s body and caused it to frantically rush into his brain. The Lightning Wind Warrior could suddenly see only gold bars floating in his vision as the world started to fade to black. He attempted with all his might to grab the gold bars, but was unable to. Although not deadly, the mass amount of blood in his brain made him lose all ability to gather spirit power, let alone battle qi.

After some time, Suo Jia relinquished his control over the ice stream. It already covered the Lightning Wind Warrior completely from head to toe, flawless and without a single crack. Looking at it from a distance, it looked as if the Lightning Wind Warrior had become one huge block of ice, frozen in place.

In order to prevent an accident from occurring, Suo Jia was using all of his strength to reinforce the ice stream with the Ice and Snow Pact. At the same time, he executed an ice-cold attack on the Lightning Wind Warrior!

Most people assumed that ice was weaker than fire, however cold and heat generally were equally terrifying. The Lightning Wind Warrior currently couldn’t even tell if he was being frozen or being burned by a large fire.

Although the Lightning Wind Warrior was extremely strong and courageous, he was not strong enough to the extent where he could withstand fire and ice. After his initial efforts ended in failure, he had already lost all chances of victory. His body gradually began to freeze and become paralyzed, and even his consciousness had begun to fade.

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