Chapter - 129: Strong and Courageous Pt. 1
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After sorting out his train of thoughts, Han Sa tried to summarize as much as possible, “Lord Suo Jia, perhaps you do not understand thoroughly. In reality… the best feature of an Epic ranked magic equipment isn’t its ability to boost power, but rather its ability to supplement training. It allows the user to save half his efforts and gain two times the effects! This is the greatest advantage that Epic ranked equipment provides!”

Speaking until here, Han Sa caressed the battle sword within his hand, “In fact, an Epic-ranked magic equipment cannot even be compared to the might of a Legendary-ranked magic equipment by itself. However, I can confirm once you wear an Epic-ranked magic equipment for a long time, you can prevail in any fight as long as the opponent does not wear any Legendary-ranked equipment. The most crucial point is the user’s personal strength!”

This set of Golden Flame Battle Armor could increase the user’s power by twofold, and this power was not only the attacking and defending power. In fact, this power refers to the synergy of the 8 main stats for a warrior. This battle armor can increase strength, movement speed, attacking speed, Spirit Power, Magic Power, Fire Wind Battle Qi, Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 100%!

“My god!” Hearing Han Sa’s words, Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel flabbergasted. That was just too exaggerated. So it turns out that this power doesn’t indicates a single item’s capability but rather, all 8 parts of the set. Every different part could increase the Golden Flame Warrior’s one ability by 100%! Just based on this one point alone, although it still couldn’t be compared to a Legendary-ranked equipment, it was still comparable to half of a Legendary-ranked equipment.

Looking at Suo Jia’s appalled expression, Han Sa finally gained some face as he proudly said, “Furthermore, since this is a semi-Epic ranked set, then naturally, this battle armor’s main feature is to boost your training speed. Wearing these Golden Flame Battle Clothes while raising the abilities of the 8 main stats can increase the training speed of the Fire Wind Battle Qi by 100%. Thus, it will speed up the training speed of the 8 main stats as well!”

Sighing in praise while looking at the set of battle armor in front of him, Suo Jia finally understood why it was called a semi epic-ranked battle armor. In actuality, this set of battle armor’s status was in between that of epic-ranked equipment and legendary-ranked equipment. Its supplementary effects were more than half that of a Legendary ranked-set, and its boosting effects were more than half that of an epic ranked set. Summing up all the benefits given by each parts of the set, its strength already exceeded that of a Legendary set,  and it possessed more than half the might of an epic-ranked set. Strictly speaking, this set of armor should be called “Greater than half Epic-ranked” set instead of semi Epic-ranked.

Right when Suo Jia was thinking, the battle sword in Han Sa’s hands lit up and he gasped in admiration while saying, “As for this battle sword, not only can it raise the power of fire and wind battle qi by 100%, it also doubles the user’s attack speed and attack power. Pity, there isn’t much of an effect on cultivation, however, I can guarantee that once you use it for a long time, there wouldn’t be anyone willing to part from it!”

While speaking, Han Sa reluctantly returned the weapon to the shelf and laughed mysteriously towards Suo Jia. “Hehe, alright. Basically, I have already completely introduced this Golden Flame battle armor, only… there is still one last feature that I did not introduce yet. Can you guess what that is?”

“This… “ Grabbing his head awkwardly. Suo Jia giggled, “This is embarrassing, I am not too proficient in this field, it’s not… it is not that I cannot speak proficiently on this, but in fact, I have never even touched this field, therefore…”

Seeing Suo Jia’s awkward appearance, Han Sa had a slightly distracted look before immediately laughing heartily; only now did he remember that Suo Jia was only a 10 year-old child. No matter how talented he was, he had only lived for those few years after all. It was impossible for him to know everything.

After slightly thinking for a moment, Han Sa said, “That’s not important. Even if you don’t understand, you can still guess. Let me give you a hint, why do you think people wear armor?”

Doubtfully looking at Han Sa, Suo Jia could not understand where he was going with this. “What else could it be? Naturally it is for the sake of protecting oneself? Otherwise, who would have nothing better to do but wear such heavy coverings!”

“Pa!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Han Sa excitedly clapped his hands together, “That’s right! It’s exactly so. I told you that you would be able to guess it. Hehe….I can tell you now, the greatest features of the Golden Flames armors and war blades, aside from the fact that their ranks surpass Legendary and Epic ranked equipment, is their indestructibility, as well as its self-repairing ability!”

“Indestructibility? Self-repairing ability?” Suo Jia was totally baffled by Han Sa’s words.

Seeing Suo Jia’s confused expression, Han Sa’s eyes lit up as he replied, “That’s right, indestructibility means that these armors and war blades basically cannot be destroyed. They were all forged through an alloy of Spatial Meteorite Steel. When we created them, we pursued this kind of hardness. Currently, nothing harder than this armor exists in this world! That’s why they are indestructible.”

“As for its self-repairing ability, it is based on the metal’s memory. Whenever it receives an attack that deformed the equipment, it will automatically perform self-repair and restore it to its original shape. That’s why I can audaciously say that this equipment will last even after thousands of years. Hehehehehe….”

Indestructibility and self-repair were the two major features that all Legendary and Epic ranked equipments had. However, the reasons for its indestructibility were different. For example, Suo Jia’s Atlantis glove was also indestructible, but it wasn’t because of its hardness, but its powerful self restoration ability. No matter how it was pierced, the glove would instantly return to its original form. Thus, it was also ‘indestructible’. However, in regards to the user, it could still be destroyed.

Depending on extreme hardness and intensity to achieve indestructibility was something Suo Jia had never heard of before. To a warrior, this was equivalent to wearing a turtle shell. No matter how much one hammered it, it still wouldn’t break!

Naturally, not breaking did not mean that it was unrivaled. Physical attacks and bombardments of battle qi could cause shaking and vibration, and elemental spells could easily pass through armor. Once the attack struck the Golden Flame warrior within the armor, it would not shatter the armor, but it would be similar to a jar. Although the jar would not shatter, it did not mean that the person inside was not injured from the attack.

In addition, there was the Golden Flame warriors’ blade. With its indestructible property, the Golden Flame warriors could rumble wildly and not have to worry about the blade being damaged from a tremendous force. Even if the blade was rolled up and its appearance was deformed, it would rapidly restore itself!

“Formidable! Truly formidable!” Looking at the reddish-gold battle sword and armor, Suo Jia did not hold back his words of praise.

Looking at Suo Jia’s satisfied expression, Han Sa giggled and said, “Furthermore, according to the fire wind warrior’s battling styles, I added 6 sets of two meter long cloaks and combined them to form a reddish-gold cloak. Upon fighting, it could unfold into three at the left and three at the right. It was sewed together using the skin of the wind dragon as well as the fire dragon. By coordinating the Golden Flame warrior’s wind battle qi with these 6 cloaks, it could allow them to glide over a kilometer in the air. In addition, as their strength increases, there will be a day when they could soar in the sky!”

Faced with Han Sa’s explanation, Suo Jia already did not know what to say. Until now, these female warriors’ magical equipments had finally surpassed Suo Jia who possessed the three epic-ranked equipment. Even if it was Suo Jia, he could not help but feel a bit jealous.

However, it was a pity that this battle armor and sword could only be operated by fire and wind battle qi. In this whole world, other than them, no one else could use them. Even if someone else used it, it was impossible for them to display its full potential. Therefore, no matter how much they would admire it, other than licking their lips, they couldn’t do anything else about it.

Luckily, this set of equipment was prepared for the Golden Flame warriors, and they were equivalent to Suo Jia’s personal soldiers. They were young warriors, so Suo Jia did not feel reluctant at all to hand it over to them. Although it was still a bit hard to avoid jealousy, it would soon be in the past. Even if he could not wear it himself, the result was better than if Suo Jia wore it himself.

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