Chapter - 130: Strong and Courageous Pt. 2
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Seeing the neatly lined up girls, Suo Jia said with a heavy tone, “Everyone heard Master Han Sa’s words just now, right?”

As soon as they heard Suo Jia’s words, the girls all nodded their heads like chicks feeding on rice. Originally…they had only wanted a Marshal’s Armor and a Holy Cross Blade each. However, the current results had far surpassed their expectations. This was practically equivalent to more than half of an Epic-ranked equipment set. Its might was on the same level, and its training effects were only slightly inferior to those of an Epic-ranked equipment set. It could be said that this armor was even more powerful than a Legendary ranked magic equipment!

Just a single piece of Legendary ranked magic equipment could be sold for 100 million or higher. Right now, a single set was composed of 8 pieces of armor and a single weapon. Don’t even think about buying it if you don’t have 2 billion, as this battle armor was not Legendary-ranked but rather a semi-epic ranked one. Only with regard to value, let alone 2 billion, don’t even think about 10 billion. In fact, they were priceless, and any set would be sufficient to pass on through generations as a family heirloom. These sets of armor were made out of the materials that the 10 great thief families accumulated over a millennium, it was impossible for a 2nd batch to emerge within a millennia.

The reason why it was impossible for a second batch to emerge was actually because many valuable materials and creatures had already been extinguished over the millennia. Even if one searched the entire world, they also wouldn’t be able to find many! Many species had simply become extinct, it was unlikely that any more will appear in the future.

To be able to possess this kind of battle armor as a warrior, it was unnecessary for them to search for upgrades throughout their life. Apart from the sets possessed by the 7 great experts, in the present age, it was impossible for there to be any sets more powerful than these to exist. In addition…… these battle armors were different from the ones possessed by the 7 great experts, they were completely designed according to the characteristic of the girls. The girls would be able to exhibit the armor’s full potential!

One must never overlook this one point, in fact, an epic ranked set could only exhibit its full potential when it’s in the hands of the user it was made for. The reason was because those equipment sets were designed in accordance with their characteristics. The epic ranked sets produced the epic ranked Heroes, and conversely, the epic ranked Heroes also produced the epic ranked sets.

“Fwoosh!” Just when Suo Jia was contemplating, one of the Golden Flame warriors excitedly unfolded the golden cloak on her back. Immediately…… a reddish-gold belt unfolded from both sides and the rear in a flash. Along with the reddish-gold radiance, the Golden Flame warrior’s entire body actually started to float!

Seeing this magical and magnificent scene, Suo Jia was flabbergasted. He couldn’t even form a proper sentence for a very long time. Meanwhile, the other 35 Golden Flame warriors unfolded the Cloud Stream Cloak at their backs and floated up in succession. Momentarily, the top of the tall and spacious forging room was completely covered by the reddish-gold radiance!

Suo Jia stood there, sighing in admiration as he looked up at the 36 figures in the sky. At the moment…..a powerful gold and red battle qi had already covered their faces. The only thing he could see was a round gold and red glow in the shape of human figures, and extending outwards from the figures were the six bright phoenix wings!

Shaking his head in admiration, Suo Jia bitterly said, “It seems like we’ll have to change names again. The title “Golden Flame warriors” is no longer appropriate. But….exactly what name would?”

Hearing Suo Jia mutter this to himself, Han Sa chuckled, “What’s so hard about that? Typically speaking, they would be named after their appearances. Based on their current appearances, they look like a combination of a phoenix and a six winged angel. When you combine the words phoenix and six winged angel, you get ‘Angelic Six Winged Phoenix’!”

“My god!” Suo Jia looked at Han Sa in astonishment. He hadn’t imagined that this coarse fellow would actually be delicate enough to think of such a unique name!

The six wings were definitely the most beneficial feature, and it was definitely an irreplaceable part of their name. Although their appearances were like an angel’s, their colors were like a phoenix’s. When combined, they were definitely phoenix angels. The name was both flashy and appropriate; there wasn’t a better name than this!

Raising his head, Suo Jia shouted, “Did you girls hear that? From now on, your previous name will be cast aside. You will all become the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix instead, and our mercenary group will be the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix Battle Group!

Hearing Suo Jia’s voice, the girls stared blankly. After a while, as if planned in advance, they began to descend back to the ground, wordlessly landing on one knee. Despite remaining silent, everyone understood that they had all accepted this name.

Seeing this scene, Han San couldn’t help but be stunned. He had never thought that these girls were Suo Jia’s subordinates. After all….when Han Sa first met Suo Jia, the boy had only been 8 years old.

However, based on the current situation, these girls weren’t simply subordinates. They were people willing to die for him! After all, even subordinates would normally say a word of gratitude after receiving such amazing gifts. However, those willing to die for their leader would never say anything, since they had already seen themselves as their master’s personal assets. If the master presented them anything, they needn’t thank him, because regardless of what they got, they’d always serve their master. Thus, thanks was completely unnecessary!

Han Sa stared in a daze at Suo Jia. He knew that although the girls’ current strength and power were still very weak, they had unfathomable and immeasurable futures ahead of them with the new set of 36 armors. With the 36 semi Epic-ranked equipment sets, once those youngsters matured, they would have such great power. It was to the extent that even three or four of them would have enough power to eliminate an entire party! Han Sa really couldn’t imagine exactly how Suo Jia had managed to gather such formidable powers!

Gently shaking his head, Han Sa finally returned from his thoughts. He deeply looked at Suo Jia, and said in an overcast tone, “Lord Suo Jia, although you ordered 40 sets of battle armor, in actuality, I only made 36 sets of the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix Armor. After all… they were indestructible and had self-restoration properties, so I decided that there was no need for replacements. In addition, I was convinced that it was difficult to find other warriors like them.”

Pa! Hearing Han Sa’s words, Suo Jia violently smacked his forehead, and suddenly said, “Right, right! I also do not want to increase personnel, and everyone has already gotten used to each other. If I get any more people, it would influence the relationship and teamwork between everyone. Since it’s like this, then there really is no need to forge the other four sets of armors like this. After all… other than them, no one else could display the power of this set of battle armor!

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Han Sa could not help but chuckle. He nodded his head and said, “That’s right, that’s why I acted on my own. As for the remaining four portions materials, I purified it and combined it to one portion. With the remaining portion, I used your measurements to create the Monarch battle armor!”

“What! A battle armor for me!” Hearing Han Sa’s words, Suo Jia could not help but become dumbstruck.

Slightly nodding his head, Han Sa smiled and said, “That’s right, this set of battle armor is a set worthy of being used by a monarch. This is also this world’s highest standard, and highest grade battle armor. Normally, only the monarch could use such an armor, however, since there was excess materials, then naturally I had to make you, the master, a set!”

While speaking, Han Sa walked towards a large cabinet and gently opened the cabinet doors. Immediately… a set of dark light flickered, however, a set of armor that was as thin as paper appeared in front of Suo Jia.

Just looking at its external appearances, this set when compared to the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix Armor, was a completely different grade. This armor was a dark jet-black, and looked as if it was worn out. The entire set of armor was made fastened together in a circular design, and under this armor created through circular designs was a layer of black scales that thoroughly protected all-around.

One could say that outside of the head area, all the other positions were tightly protected. Gloves, boots, as well as everywhere else, only… such a weak thing, was it really useful?

Looking at Suo Jia’s questionable expression, Han Sa smiled and said, “You absolutely must not look down on this set of armor! All of these circular patterns are the same as the Angelic Six Winged Phoenix set. They are indestructible, and the scales under those circular patterns were formed completely from the scales of a black dragon. These scales are exceptionally soft, and although its defense is slightly inferior, but it completely nullifies magic!”

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