Chapter - 135: The Mysterious Book Pt.1
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Waves of powerful and pleasurable sensation rushed through Suo Jia’s head. After a moment, Suo Jia felt himself float upwards, higher and higher, until his mind entered a realm of nothingness and went completely blank. He could still feel a pulsing current repeatedly pierce his brain, but as this occurred, Suo Jia’s spirit surprisingly rose to higher limits!

As his body gave a violent shudder, Suo Jia felt his entire self loosen. At that moment, the third checkpoint of meditation that he had been firmly stuck at the entire time finally gave way, and along with the rushing current…..Suo Jia successfully broke through the third level of meditation and reached the fourth realm in that instant!

Suo Jia abruptly opened his eyes and in that instant….two cold rays of light shot out from his eyes, which then disappeared in a flash. After closely examining the condition of his inner body, he discovered that his magic power and spirit power had doubled in that instant. Feeling the surge of magic power in his mind, as well as the vigorous amount of spirit power, Suo Jia knew that he had already become an intermediate mage. Everything had changed so quickly!

As he took a deep breath, Suo Jia discovered that even his breathing sounded shaky. When he opened his eyes, he saw that one of the girls was holding his flabby little thing, while the other was lightly rubbing the fleshy balls underneath his little thing. A pleasurable sensation that rushed through him like a tide almost made Suo Jia faint.

“Hm?” Hearing Suo Jia’s shaking breaths, the two girls simultaneously turned to face him to look at Suo Jia with unwavering glances. Aimi asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with you? Is our pinching you like this making you uncomfortable?”

Suo Jia nodded as he gasped for breath. However soon after, he shook his head and said while at loss, “I don’t even know if I’m uncomfortable or comfortable. It just feels really weird!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Aimi curiously looked at the little thing she was currently rubbing in her hands and said doubtfully, “You’re so strange. Why did you grow such a thing? What’s it used for?”

“That….” After stalling for a bit, Suo Jia awkwardly replied, “What else would it be used for? Obviously it’s used to pee.”

After hearing Suo Jia’s words, Aimi looked down suspiciously at the little thing she was holding, lowered her head, and lightly gave Suo Jia’s little thing a sniff. She immediately knit her brows and said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?! No wonder it smells!” With that, Aimi immediately retracted her white and tender hand.

Just as Suo Jia thought that Aimi wasn’t going to move anymore, the next moment……Aimi quickly activated a Moisture Technique. In that instant….a screen of mist enveloped the air above Suo Jia’s small thing. At the same time, Aimi cheerfully helped Suo Jia cleanse it, rubbing it until it was shiny and clean, forcing Suo Jia to automatically moan out loud.

Suo Jia didn’t really remember what he did for the rest of the time. After numerous stimulations, Suo Jia was completely spent. Finally….unable to deal with so many stimulations, Suo Jia slapped the two girls’ hands away. He dizzily put his clothes back on. If the girls played with him any longer, he’d die.

After fixing his clothes, Suo Jia carefully taught the activation method he had invented to the two girls. In reality, this wasn’t that complicated; it was only differentiating the spell formation and the symbols from each other, and then drawing the diagram first before sequentially drawing the symbols in. This explanation only took a few sentences to complete.

While Suo Jia was telling them this, Eldest Sister once again entered the underwater training ground. She walked up to Suo Jia and said to him in a low voice, “Just now, the auction sent a card to invite you to attend tonight.”

“Oh!” Suo Jia’s eyes lit up in excitement. He knew that today’s auction was different from the previous ones. This was the grand auction held semi-annually. The magical artifacts present in this auction would definitely make it worth attending.

However, the auction would be held at 8pm sharp. Right now, it was only afternoon; there was still quite a bit of time. After sending Eldest Sister away, Suo Jia took out his magic book. Now that he had already broken through to the fourth level of meditation, he was now able to start cultivating rank 4 magics.

The representative magic of the intermediate mages was the Ice Arrow. Its full name was the Mysterious Ice Arrow, which was an extremely sharp ice arrow that was shot at one’s enemy to critically wound them. This was the most powerful, singular attack of the ice magics!

Simply put, the Ice Sphere Technique actually used magic to induce physical attacks. On the other hand, the True Ice Sphere Technique maintained the Ice Sphere Technique’s physical attack while also relying on its freezing ability to wound the opponent.

As for the Mysterious Ice Arrow, it exhibited the profound essence of physical attacks as well as magic attack to their ultimate limits; it not only injured the target physically, but also froze them to an extreme degree. It used the sharp end of the arrow to pierce through the enemy, and the freezing gas within the Mysterious Ice Arrow would instantly induce frostbite. This was the perfect state of the Ice Sphere Technique and the True Ice Sphere Technique!

Although the True Ice Sphere could also freeze the opponent, it was actually only able to do so on the surface. It essentially only formed a layer of ice, but couldn’t really injure the enemy directly. On the other hand, the Mysterious Ice Arrow could directly enter the enemy’s body to attack. From the outside, no changes were visible, but once one was struck, their entire body would immediately freeze into an ice cube that could shatter with a single strike.

Of course, both the True Ice Sphere’s and Mysterious Ice Arrow’s effects changed depending on both their enemy and their own strength. If the opponent was strong enough, they could easily negate the freezing power. Regardless of whether it was the ice layer formed by the True Ice Sphere or the freezing effect of the Mysterious Ice Arrow, neither would gain the chance to even begin showing effect.

Basically, the True Ice Sphere Technique was the evolution of the Ice Sphere Technique, while the Mysterious Ice Arrow was the entirety of both the Ice Sphere Technique and the True Ice Sphere Technique, the highest profound essence. Even if one managed to become a mage deity, the strongest singular magic that they could use would still be the Mysterious Ice Arrow. This would never change.

To a water mage, although the Mysterious Ice Arrow was a rank 4 magic, it was really the same as the rank 1 Ice Sphere Technique and the rank 2 True Ice Sphere Technique. Even though the Mysterious Ice Arrow completely superseded these two magics, its cultivation was actually accumulated bit by bit as time passed. Nothing was wasted; the experience gained from the Ice Sphere Technique and the True Ice Sphere Technique all transferred to learning the Mysterious Ice Arrow.

Starting from the elementary mage rank, every time one’s rank increased, they could only learn one specific ice magic. For example, the rank 3 Freezing Touch and the rank 4 Mysterious Ice Arrow were representative of an ice system’s profound essence! Out of all of the rank 3 and rank 4 magics, a person could only learn one. If one wanted to learn more, one would have to gather various magic books by oneself.

The Freezing Touch was the final ice system’s profound essence, as was the Mysterious Ice Arrow. After learning these, one could use them throughout their entire life. One wouldn’t have to replace it with some other magic, as no similar higher ranked magics existed. Thus, the degree of cultivation one reached in these two magics was an indication of one’s strength.

The Mysterious Ice Arrow’s spell formation was pretty much the same as the True Ice Sphere’s. There was only a single symbol difference between the two spell formations, as well as their skills in water manipulation and some other capabilities.

That’s why, in reality, the Ice Sphere, True Ice Sphere, and Mysterious Ice Arrow were all pretty much based on the Water Sphere Technique, which was derived from water manipulation. Once magic reached the high level realm, it became more closely related to control!

As someone who had extremely formidable water manipulation skills, Suo Jia pretty much learned the Mysterious Ice Arrow instantly . With a wave of his hand, Suo Jia quickly activated it….

“Whoosh!” The crystal blue ice arrow that was about the same thickness as a chopstick instantly whizzed out, directly crashing into the magic target in the distance. The Mysterious Ice Arrow instantly pierced into the sturdy target, leaving only the tail of the arrow quivering outside.

Suo Jia sighed as he shook his head in admiration. He couldn’t help but praise the might of the Mysterious Ice Arrow. It far surpassed the True Ice Sphere in every way, whether it was in terms of speed or fatality. However….what made Suo Jia even happier was that he could instantly activate it!

He had originally thought that the mysterious glove he wore could only instantly activate the Freezing Touch. However, just now, Suo Jia had realized that while activating the Ice Arrow, with a slight mental push, the entire spell formation for the Mysterious Ice Arrow had instantly materialized in the palm of his hand. Right afterwards, the sharp Ice Arrow had leapt forwards with a burst; it had clearly been instantaneous!

Incredulous, Suo Jia found the book introducing the Atlantis set and began to search through it. After flipping through the pages for a long time, Suo Jia finally smiled bitterly as he discovered that….originally, this glove had actually long since completed its link.

Originally, Suo Jia had always assumed that the parts necessary for the linkage hadn’t yet been completely gathered. Only now did Suo Jia suddenly realize that the glove had actually linked a long time ago.

The glove’s linkage with the crown allowed him to instantly activate Freezing Touch, while the glove’s linkage with the earrings instantly allowed him to activate the Mysterious Ice Arrow. Every time he gained another part of the Atlantis set, the glove would be able to instantly activate another magic. The entire Atlantis set had 13 parts in total. In other words, it could instantly activate a total of 12 magics!

Although he had already entered the fourth level of meditation, Suo Jia’s current magic power was still a bit lacking for a rank 4 magic. After activating only 10 Ice Arrows, Suo Jia’s vision began to blur as his magic power and spirit power were completely exhausted. A mage’s magic power and spirit power levels were never enough.

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