Chapter - 137: Magical Alchemy Pt. 1
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Although he was confident that this book had existed for over a thousand years and was certain to the point that he knew it was a water system spell book. In actuality, Suo Jia did not look carefully at its contents. Although the current Suo Jia could not be compared to those who truly had money, eight or ten thousand gold coins was still simply sprinkled water.

Deep into the night, Suo Jia finished his meditation and began to relax on his recliner. His two hands began to flip through the spell book, and with great interest, he began to ponder its contents. After going through a majority of the book, his notes only consisted of ordinary spells; the Moisture Technique, Ice Sphere Technique, True Ice Sphere Technique, Mysterious Ice Arrow… it wasn’t much different from what Suo Jia was currently studying. At that moment, Suo Jia felt as if he got ripped off.

After browsing a bit longer he reached the Rank 10 Absolute Zero, everything was still exactly the same. At that moment, Suo Jia feeling regretful let out a sigh, however, he did not care too much about 10,000 gold coins, as something like eight or ten thousand gold coins were something that the White Villa could earn from selling a single dish. It was a small matter, however, to fail while searching for treasure was still disappointing.

“Wait!” In the middle of his depression, suddenly, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up. Holy Light Academy’s standard magical texts ended right up to here. Absolute Zero was recorded on the very last stage, however, this book he just bought still had quite a few pages left, this…

Precision Strike — a common Internal system magic. It allowed one to use the heart eye to create a spirit crucifix that focused in on a target, allowing a precise hit!

Spirit Lock — Mind system shared magic. It allowed one to create spirit chains that followed moving enemies. The guided chains would latch on the target and exert its control.

Acceleration Drive — Thought system shared magic. It would allow one to use their thought power to accelerate one’s casting speed. The speed of the spell’s creation would be tremendously increased, as well as increasing the spell’s flight speed!

Berserk Impact — Control system shared magic. It allowed one to use the elemental essence to increase the attack power of a spell. It allowed the spell to go berserk in power and inflict even more damage on the opponent!

Enchanted Alchemy – It condensed the Hydration Technique’s moisture rain using a special technique, causing it to store together. It would form into a tangible medicine that could be used at any time to carry out treatment!

Mageforce Alchemy – It condensed the Stream of Magic Power, and used a particular method to store up that magic stream to form a tangible medicine. This medicine could be used to restore the user’s magic power and battle qi!

Spiritual Alchemy — By using the Sweet Spirit Dew, one could utilize a method to gather the dew and form a tangible medicine. It could be used at any time to restore one’s spirit power!

Strength Alchemy — With a special method, the Endurance Root could be condensed to form a tangible medicine. It can be carried around and be used at any time to recover one’s physical strength!

“Holy Fuck fuck fuck…” Reading up to here, Suo Jia almost fell over. He tightly gripped his fists while shouting madly.

Treasure! What was a real treasure? That’s right… this is what a treasure really is. After obtaining this knowledge, things like money, wealth and privileges; weren’t these things all easily taken away?

The things that Suo Jia could immediately grasp were Precision Strike, Spirit Lock, Acceleration Drive and Berserk Impact. As for the Alchemy techniques that could recover magic power and battle qi, spirit power, and physical strength, he currently couldn’t cultivate yet, after all… the Stream of Magic Power, Sweet Spirit Dew and the Enduring Root were all grand spells that had long vanished from existence.

What made Suo Jia the most happy was that the Precision Strike, Spirit Lock and Acceleration Drive were three great auxiliary passive spells that cultivated one’s internal, mental, and thought states. Once learned, there would not be a need to purposely activate it, as the subconscious mind would automatically use it. In fact, it was enough as long as it was carved onto one’s internal, mental and thought states.

This was just like eating, as one would not command their hands to move their chopsticks, open the chopsticks, grab the food, lift their hand, and head towards the mouth. In reality, all you needed to do was think about eating, and the rest would be automatic, and would not require you to waste any more energy. These three great spells worked with the same reasoning.

As for the Berserk Impact, it also functioned on similar logic, only it required Suo Jia to learn the method required for activation. Previously, the spells were all dependent on oneself for activation, however, after learning the Berserk Impact, Suo Jia could use the power of water control together with his magic in order to give his spells more destructive power.

Precise Strike allowed Suo Jia’s spells to have a certain degree of accuracy. If the nose was indicated, then the eyes would not be hit. If you said you would hit the left eye, then the right eye definitely would not be hit, and absolute precision!

Spirit Lock allowed Suo Jia’s spells to not fail. Paired up with Precision Strike, it would allow for incredible control over the spell. Unless it was blocked or destroyed, the spell would definitely hit the target.

Acceleration Drive would allow Suo Jia’s spells to continuously gain speed. As for a spell’s speed, there is no need to say too much about how important it is. Without speed, even an idiot could cut down your spell, is there even a need to talk about injuring someone?

Berserk Impact allows Suo Jia’s spells to gain more destructive force, and allows him to release greater offensive power. Under the influence of Berserk Impact, the Mysterious Ice Arrow would have even greater penetrating power, as well as greater attack power.

These four great auxiliary spells once learned would automatically activate. The process of learning these would all be within one’s mind, and once these four spells were sealed within one’s consciousness, it could automatically be activated at any time. In addition… these four great spells’ proficiency would increase each time Suo Jia casted a spell.

After spending only four minutes, Suo Jia had finished everything. It was so ridiculously easy, in actuality… although these four spells were all quite awesome, they were still internal, spirit, thought and control system’s most basic spells, only that these four magics had long disappeared from existence. Now there were only earth, water, fire and wind system magic prevalent in this world.

After grasping these four great spells, Suo Jia was so happy that he stood up and directly ripped up the pages of those four spells before tossing it into the fireplace. Suo Jia did not want too many people to learn these spells, as even if others knew of it, it would be because Suo Jia taught them.

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