Chapter - 139: – Lonely Expert Pt. 1
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Although it was only a single piece of advice, Suo Jia still greatly admired Eldest Sister. Suo Jia was extremely obedient towards Eldest Sister’s advice, after all… what she said truly had reason. If the price was set too high, then the production and marketing really would fall apart. At that time, if Suo Jia tried to change the price, the title of a cruel exploiter would be placed on his image.

With the current situation, Suo Jia could manufacture ten thousand bottles of medicine in a day. Such great amounts, to sell at such a high price, it was basically impossible to sell it all. Under such a situation, it might be possible that one day could produce enough to last a year.

According to this situation, Eldest Sister decisively changed the name of the medicine to Life Medicine. Their marketing jingle was “It can save a life, a mystical medicine that can bestow life.” As for the price, it was set as ten thousand gold per bottle, and the price will never be reduced.

In addition, to sell them in such tiny red bottles, it seemed a bit unprofessional. That’s why Eldest Sister asked Suo Jia to contact the dwarven blacksmiths to create a special belt. On the belt would be 12 fasteners that would allow one to carry 12 bottles of the Life Medicine. This would make it so that one could conveniently use it at any time, and the belt would have a unique elite design.

In regards to the belt, as well as the 12 bottles of the Life Medicine, it would sell for a total of a hundred thousand gold. Like this, Suo Jia no longer owed Han Sa and the other blacksmiths from last time, but rather reversed the situation and made them owe him quite a bit. After all… this belt, Suo Jia did not only need one or two, but rather millions. After this, the dwarven blacksmiths might never be able to say they don’t have business anymore.

Under Eldest Sister’s recommendation, The first batches of medicine were sent off to the Holy Light City’s auction houses to be auctioned off. Within the entire Holy Light Empire, there were over a thousand cities as well as more than ten thousand auction houses. To each auction house, they sent a certain amount, and it didn’t matter how much they were sold off for. The most important thing was that after doing things this way, the name of the Life Medicine would be better known. In the future, would they still fear that not enough people will buy? At that time, by relying on the fame created by the auction houses, they would be able to predict how great this business would be in the future.

Faced with Eldest Sister’s various advice, Suo Jia did not say anything further and with a wave of his hands, he asked Eldest Sister to take care of it all. He still wanted his own cultivation to be the most important.

Since the underground training area was already converted into a factory facility, Suo Jia could no longer continue to train there. Fortunately, the White Villa was large enough, so Suo Jia and the others constructed a new training area. Everything was done rather quickly.

The following week, more than a thousand belts were sent off through large eagles to the various Holy Light auction houses. A portion of the money earned from the auction would be gifted towards the city that the auction was held at. Their main goal was that at the end of the auctions, the medicine would be promoted. As for how it was promoted, it didn’t matter even if it was simply through a salesperson, after all… as for the effects of the Life Medicine, the auctioneer would have to explain, and there was no need to pointlessly advertise it, otherwise, who would buy it?

A week later, all of the auction houses began to sell the medicine, and after the auctions… it actually sold for 40 billion gold. Those thousand belts actually all sold for the expensive price of 40 million each!

After obtaining the money, Suo Jia did not say anything further and directly went to the adventurer’s union and gave them three missions worth 10 billion gold each. The three missions were divided into finding the Stream of Magic Power, Sweet Spirit Dew, and the Endurance Root. Only after finding these three great magics could Suo Jia create the magic power restoration, spirit power restoration, and strength recovery medicines. With these medicines in his possession, Suo Jia would have more assurance when heading out for the Great Trade Routes.

With the three missions valued at over 10 billion gold, this was truly a mission worthy of an adventurer. The entire adventurer’s guild went crazy, since as long as they randomly stumbled upon a magical secret library, then they would be able to exchange it for 10 billion gold. This kind of good news was already something that hadn’t been heard of for several hundred years.

After passing on the mission to the adventurer’s guild, Suo Jia returned to the White Lobby, and right when he entered, Eldest Sister excitedly welcomed him and shouted, “Young Master! We received a large amount of priority mail. They all wanted to apply to be a seller of the Life Medicine. In each city, there are actually more than ten families that want to apply!”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Suo Jia indifferently said, “Of course that would happen. With this type of item that is so high in demand, this is an opportunity that no one would want to pass up, not to mention those businessmen.”

Speaking up to here, Suo Jia began to mutter to himself before inquiring, “Eldest Sister, what do you think… what should we do about this? As for the right to sell this, if we just continued to sell it at auctions like before, won’t the price be high and wouldn’t we gain revenue as well?”

“En en en… “ After continuously nodding her head, Eldest Sister nodded her head in agreement. “Young Master and I were indeed thinking along the same lines, you’re not wrong… there is no reason to blindly let them gain benefits. It’s fine if they wanna make money, however before that, they need to pay a price upfront. The permission for the selling rights definitely has to be auctioned off!”

“En…” Slightly nodding his head, Suo Jia remembered the last two years within the bazaar, as well as the encounter he had with the magic store. He furrowed his eyebrows, and said in a serious tone, “Since they want to become a part of our commerce union, then their attitudes of service has to match up to our standards as well. Otherwise, it will damage our commerce union’s name. This is why I think that the commerce unions all have to unify together and have the same interior decorations, as well as the same quality of service!”

“Puchi…” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Eldest Sister could not help but began to laugh. Suo Jia’s bitter experience was something that Sixth Sister had told her many times. No matter which store the Young Master went to, he would always be treated like a child and be received with a cold manner. However… the Young Master really was still a child, only that his capabilities far surpassed that of most adults.

Seeing the smiling expression of Eldest Sister, Suo Jia bitterly laughed while scratching his head, “Alright, stop laughing, either way this type of scandal cannot happen on one of our commerce unions. If I find out, I will immediately revoke their authority!”

Holding back her smile with great difficulty, Eldest Sister nodded her head slightly and said, “Don’t worry Young Master, all of the commerce union members will carry out the standard set by the White Villa. It should be alright if I make things like this right?”

Hearing Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes could not help but light up. The White Villa’s standards did not need further words. If you came to the White Villa, then you were God, and the services you received would be of the utmost quality. Up until today, there still hadn’t been a single person that complained about the service.

Sighing in admiration while looking at Eldest Sister, Suo Jia began to mutter again, and flatly said, “This won’t work, I cannot accept this!

“Ah!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Eldest Sister opened her mouth wide, and did not know what made Suo Jia act like this. If the White Villa’s service standard was not even high enough, then what kind of standard would? This was already the highest standard that Eldest Sister could think of, and was at the level of a monarch’s. The problem was, a monarch’s quality was not something that ordinary people could attain, otherwise, it would be a capital offense!

Right when Eldest Sister was amazed, Suo Jia deeply looked at Eldest Sister. “You helped me too much, and I cannot continue to let you do all this work for me without having any status. Your dedication and contribution isn’t something that I will overlook any further.”

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