Chapter - 141: – Mysterious Guest Pt. 1
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Third ranked magic was represented by the freezing touch, fourth ranked magic by the mysterious ice arrow, as for the the fifth ranked spell, it was represented by the World of Ice and Snow. Some people call it the cold stream, as it was a ranged auxiliary magic. Not only could it freeze the enemies that enter within its range, it could completely freeze the enemy party into an ice sculpture!

The World of Ice and Snow was considered an upgrade to the Revolving Frozen Gas, and it had an even stronger range and freezing effect. With Suo Jia’s body as the center, it would violently circulate. At the same time, the World of Ice and Snow would create a cold stream, and not only was it able to freeze the enemy, it could also push back the bodies of approaching enemies. This spell was an absolute necessity for ice system mages, as it could immediately force an approaching enemy backwards!

As for the utility it provides, the World of Ice and Snow was similar to a fire mage’s Defying Ring of Fire. However, it’s power was greater, as the explosiveness of the Defying Ring of Fire could only push aside an enemy, and did not have the ability to inflict much harm on the opponent. It had no offensive capabilities, however, the World of Ice and Snow was completely different.

In fact, other than forcing an enemy back, the World of Ice and Snow could also violently freeze the enemy to the point of completely freezing them. Even if they were not frozen, at the very least, their movements would be slowed. For an ice system mage, it could allow them to run away in a dangerous situation, as well as give them the time and distance required to react to their opponents. In terms of function and performance, the World of Ice and Snow was the most powerful spell of the Rank 5 spells!

Through a period of lonesome and dry practice as well as the usage of the three pieces of Atlantis equipment and the Faerie’s Soul, Suo Jia broke through the fifth layer of meditation without much difficulty; he finally became an advanced mage! What represented an advanced mage was the World of Ice and Snow!

Suo Jia already knew the World of Ice and Snow inside and out. With a slight movement of his right hand, the center of the blue glove brought forth a bright energy light that scattered around like lightning in all directions. He rapidly drew out a complex magic diagram, and after approximately 5 seconds, the World of Ice and Snow activated.

Within the whizzing sounds of the cold winds, various shards of ice were mixed into the cold stream as it spread out everywhere with a sweeping motion. With Suo Jia in the center, it violently formed a circle as it pushed back everything in his surroundings.

Within the loud whistling noise, the cold stream’s icy frost shot out, and the floor was covered in a thick layer of cold frost. The surrounding walls were also covered by the icy snow, and inside of the cellar, it looked as if someone painted a sheet of white over everything. Everything was spotlessly white, sparkling and translucent.

Faced with this scene, Suo Jia could not help but furrow his eyebrows. With his feet stepping on the frost covered floor, he walked towards a wall and carefully inspected it. On top of the wall, shards of ice were condensed together, forming a frozen wall that was about five centimeters thick. It seems like… if this wall was the enemy, then most likely he/she would be frozen by now!

However, what made Suo Jia worried was that the casting time of the World of Ice and Snow was simply too long. In total, it needed five seconds to start unless it was prepared in advance. Otherwise, it might as well be a useless spell, as it was impossible to depend on this spell at crucial moments.

As he was frowning, crisp footsteps could be heard outside the door. As he looked towards the door in surprise, Lan Ruo walked in with a serene face and said in a low voice, “Young Master, there is a mysterious customer outside. He requested to meet you personally as he claims to have a large business deal.”

After once again furrowing his eyebrows, Suo Jia uninterestedly replied, “Right now, I am at a crucial point in my cultivation. I don’t have the time to meet anyone, so please go outside and tell them that if they have any business deals, they can just discuss it with you. I don’t want to get involved in any business matters.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Lan Ruo gratefully looked at Suo Jia. Such complete trust would be enough to move anyone, and at the same time, this meant that the more Suo Jia treated her this way, the worse she would feel. She couldn’t renounce the Grand Duke’s benevolence, and at the same time, she couldn’t betray Suo Jia’s trust. This situation was simply too difficult.

What made Lan Ruo feel the worst was that although the six sisters were supposed to be gifted to Suo Jia, in actuality, they were still Lord Wen’s people. All it would take would be a simple command and they would have to abandon this place and return to the Grand Duke’s side. The Grand Duke’s benevolent action of sending them here was actually done with malicious intentions. It was for the purpose of spying on him and finding Suo Jia’s weaknesses; he wanted to completely and eternally control him!

However in contrast, Suo Jia did not worry about this at all. He only thought about what was good for his people, and although he wasn’t very old, the way he handled things really made Lan Ruo sigh in admiration. Many times, Lan Ruo would hypothetically think about how great it would be if Suo Jia was the Grand Duke. If they had such a brilliant lord, it really would be their great fortune.

While thinking, Lan Ruo shook her head and said, “Young Master, this guest might be someone that you need to meet. Together with him came Miss Wen Ya, and seeing their expressions, it seems that he is quite close to her.”

“Oh?” Hearing Lan Ruo’s words, Suo Jia could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Although he wasn’t willing to go out, he still knew that unless he didn’t want to remain in Holy Light City anymore, he still had to give Wen Ya face no matter what. Not only did she save him from bad situations before, the most important part was that she was still his biggest supporter.

The wealth of the White Villa was something that almost everyone knew about. However, even though the White Villa was so rich, there wasn’t anyone who dared to give any suggestions, why was this? This was because everyone knew that the White Villa was backed by the Duke, and unless they wanted to commit suicide, it was better not to cause trouble here. If something happened to the White Villa, they wouldn’t be able to run away no matter how many connections they had.

Thinking up to here, Suo Jia helplessly released a sigh and said with a forced smile, “Right, I can avoid others, but as for Elder Sister Wen Ya, I have to give her face. Please go and tell them to meet me at my studio, I will be there soon.”

Slightly nodding her head, Lan Ruo turned around and left the secret room. Seeing Lan Ruo’s disappearing figure, Suo Jia’s brows clenched together even tighter. To be honest, he did not hate Lan Ruo, and did not hate Wen Ya. Although they were all plotting against him, their actions were still understandable.

After knowing Lan Ruo for so long, Suo Jia still understood her to some extent. Although her mind moved so quickly that she could even be called crafty and sinister, she was not a bad person. Her character was good, and the way she treated others was good as well. The reason she was overseeing Suo Jia was because of a command. In fact, many important matters were actually not leaked out by her.

As for Wen Ya, it was also difficult for Suo Jia to blame her. Truthfully, with her level of power,she could definitely force Suo Jia’s mother to become her follower, and even serve Wen Ya for the rest of her life. However, in reality, she did not do so.

Wen Ya’s intimacy with Suo Jia was also something that everyone knew. Since there was a chance of her becoming the empress, as well as the fact that she ate like an obese person, it was impossible for her to abandon him. In order to know where Suo Jia was at any moment within the villa, she sent people to monitor him. This wasn’t a wrong choice; on the contrary, doing otherwise would’ve been strange. The most important thing was looking to see if she did anything to let down Suo Jia. Up until this date, Wen Ya’s monitoring could only see what was on the surface, and she didn’t actually do anything that was harmful.

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