Chapter - 15: – Information on Dragons
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With a partner to practice with, Suo Jia naturally stopped wasting time. Since his little pet enjoyed the Moisture Technique so much, what else could be said? One after another, the Moisture Technique was applied in torrents onto the little guy’s body. The little pet that previously did not move in Suo Jia’s hand would look at Suo Jia with certain expressions, which Suo Jia could interpret by the traces of emotions in its playful eyes.

Since he had now earned the Frost Wyrm as a magical pet, it was only natural that he would want to know more about it. So the following day after his noon classes had ended, Suo Jia arrived at the school library to try and find more relevant information about the Frost Wyrm.

Frost Wyrms are the continent’s most tyrannical creatures and are also known as Diamond Dragons and Thousand Year Dragons. A mature Frost Wyrm can easily defeat a Black Dragon, making it the strongest living creature.

However, the Frost Wyrm is extremely weak at birth. It is so weak that even the weakest of the magical slime varieties can easily defeat and kill a newborn Frost Wyrm. Not only that, but even though the Frost Wyrm has an infinite life expectancy, it will stay within its hatch-ling phase for 10 years!

Ten years after being born, the Frost Wyrm’s body will develop into that of a young adult’s. At this stage, the Frost Wyrm develops a certain amount of power. As long as it has its most basic frost capabilities, it can be compared to the average middle level magical beast.

Basically, throughout the lifespan of a normal human, people can only rely on the power of the Frost Wyrm during its larvae form because the Frost Wyrm will stay in the larvae form for exactly the same time as a human’s life expectancy: 100 years! Although once the Frost Wyrm gets past this stage, it will have power that can easily beat any of the highest powered magical beasts, just how many people are capable of living past 100 years?

After 100 years, the Frost Wyrm enters its adolescent stage. Once a Frost Wyrm enters this stage, then its power can easily rival that of the Black Dragon King’s. It will continuously grow in strength while it matures and earns experience when it fights. After 1000 years, its body will harden into a diamond-like structure and have power like no other. This is the real power of a Frost Wyrm; in this world, there is practically nothing that can stand up to its might!

Gently closing the book, he let out a deep breath. For now, Suo Jia did not even know if choosing the Frost Wyrm was the correct choice or not. This little pet did indeed have a huge lifespan, but the time required for it to mature was similarly long.

10 years for its hatchling stage, 100 years for its larvae stage, and then 1000 years until it reached its matured form. A human’s lifespan was only 100 years, and so in regards to Suo Jia, the Frost Wyrm would only ever be a middle level magical pet. It would only be when it had reached 100 years that he would see any results, provided he even lived for that long.

Lowering his head, he looked at the little pet that was soundly sleeping next to his chest. Suo Jia was really jealous of it; aside from accepting nourishment everyday, the Frost Wyrm would spend the majority of its time sleeping comfortably.

Leaving the library, Suo Jia returned to the classroom. There was still time before the next class would start, and so inside the room, many girls were gathering among themselves chattering and laughing. Although they noticed Suo Jia enter, they had only glanced at him, and did not pay close attention to him.

These girls were only young girls around eight or nine years old and still haven’t had their ‘first awakening of love’, however they are still aware of the differences between men and women. Although they do not know what the exact specifics were, faintly they more or less understand a bit.

During this time for girls, their favorite game to play was house. There were no real emotions involved, just a plain and pure imitation of the life of a husband and wife. It was all for the purpose of having simple fun.

It went without saying that Suo Jia had grown up to be quite cute; after all, how could a child be ugly? However, it was definitely not enough for him to catch the attention of any female at this point. The only reason he had gained any attention at all was solely because he was ‘the only flower among a hundred that was slightly green’!

Although the Holy Light Academy does not force its students to live within its dormitories… … among the 100 female students, they all came from the billions of cities within the Holy Light Empire. Not a single family lives within Holy Light City. So even though the Holy Light Academy didn’t force them to live in its dorms, they also didn’t have many other options to choose from, and so the entire student body lived within the academy.

On the outside, Holy Light Academy appeared to be just a school, but the truth was that it covered an extremely large area of land. The academy is divided into a total of 167 campuses with each type of major utilizing its own campus. Holy Light Academy could be compared to a city with a population of ten thousand.

For all the girls on campus here, if they were not in class studying then they were playing around in their dorms. It is not that they have no interest in boys, but that there were no boys around them at all.

Holy Light Academy has very strict regulations. It was fine if you didn’t live in the dorms, but if you did choose to live in the dorms, then this indicated that your guardians have already given the student’s care taking responsibilities over to the school. Thus, they have to be responsible; otherwise, if something happens, who was supposed to take responsibility?

Anyone who was qualified to enter Holy Light Academy must have possessed great talent, and having such a talented child meant that the parents must also have amazing talent, with relatively high status. Because of this …… unless they were on break, these girls are all like birds trapped in cages, like princesses locked in ivory towers, without the slightest bit of freedom.

Some people say, if you don’t see any females for 10 years, even being with a ‘mother pig would be superior to being alone’. This expression was similar to the current situation. These young girls very rarely encountered boys, only seeing Suo Jia once a day in class. Even if he was a bit uglier, he was still a rare treasure in their eyes. Since Suo Jia actually had a lovable appearance similar to a blossom, how could the group of young girls not give him a second glance?

The rarer the treasure, the more expensive it is. In the academy, Suo Jia was the only male, and so he was its precious treasure. In general, all of the females had a desire to talk to him, but they were shy, so they retreated and observed from afar. What would they have done if he had ignored everyone?

Completely unable to understand these girls’ thoughts, Suo Jia directly returned to his seat. He lightly closed his eyes, secretly resting a bit. Just while he had been in the library resting, he had already used the Moisture Technique on the Diamond Dragon 28 times.

After practicing for two days, Suo Jia’s improvement was obvious. Two days ago, he could at most use the Moisture Technique 25 times in one go. However, now at two days later, he could continuously use the Moisture Technique 28 times.

“Hey!” Right as Suo Jia had closed his eyes and was recovering his spirit power, a clear and delicate voice rang out. Exhausted, he opened his eyes and looked towards the direction of the sound, and saw the blue-haired girl from the other day smiling at him.

Seeing Suo Jia’s gaze turn to her, Xue Er nervously swallowed her saliva, then laughed and said, “Student Suo Jia, there is still quite a bit of time until class starts. We are going to practice at the training area for a bit, do you want to join us?”

Slightly furrowing his brow, Suo Jia really wanted to reject Xue Er’s invitation. The eight years-old Suo Jia had no feelings for the opposite sex yet, so to him, a girl was just a person that had long hair, wore a skirt, and wore perfume. Other than these characteristics, he had no other thoughts about girls.

Suo Jia really wanted to decline the invitation since he was tired. He was in no mood to play around with them. Right when he was about to say no, his mother’s smiling face abruptly appeared within his mind. His mother’s soft gentle words came back to him, “Suo Jia, once you enter the academy, you must be good friends with everyone. You can’t go down the path of a recluse. If you do, then Mother will be very sad. Mother hopes that you will have plenty of good friends. If you can do that, then Mother will be very, very happy!”

Opening his mouth, Suo Jia took back the words he was planning on saying, while another one of mother’s lectures replayed in his mind, “Suo Jia, when talking to classmates, remember to be polite and smile. You must learn humility and forgive others. When someone asks you for a favor, you must make sure you accomplish it to the best of your capabilities, and not decline to help!”

Thinking about this, Suo Jia smiled in a way reminiscent to a flower blossoming. Warmly nodding his head, he replied: “Okay, since everyone wants to go, then as a member of this class, how could I not?”

While speaking, Suo Jia stood up in a gentle and refined way, warmly smiling: “Thank you for your invitation, I’m very happy to have received it. I was afraid that you would exclude me because I was male.”

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