Chapter - 150: – Change Within the Imperial Palace Pt. 2
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“What? You…that….” Seeing the Empress’ expression and hearing her words, Wen Ya was completely shocked. Had the Empress lost her mind? Or had she been brainwashed by Suo Jia? How would asking some brat about such an important matter be any help at all?

Under the two women’s attentive gazes, Suo Jia lifted his tea cup and gently sipped at the fragrant tea. He slowly said, “Does this matter even count as major? There’s no need for gold. You’re the Empress, you ought to be able to hold back your temper. If you rush over in such a panic, and even bring a large group of Fiery Dragon Knights with you, the end results will be obvious; you will get yourself deposed unless you restrain yourself”

The Empress and Wen Ya couldn’t help but be stunned by these words. That’s right….bringing so many people over was the wrong approach. If the forces collided, how would any good come from it?

Suo Jia smiled as he saw that the two women had realized the situation, and said, “No matter what, you must remember your own status at all times. You are the Empress, the leader of the chamber of the concubines. Even if they wanted to usurp your Empress position, the Emperor and the Grand Empress must be present as well. Only after a strict judgment to verify that you are indeed not suitable to be Empress would your position be overthrown. Even the Emperor himself wouldn’t be able to depose of you with a single word.”

Suo Jia chuckled darkly. “According to my point of view, Your Highness wouldn’t do anything that would overstep your boundaries or make any huge mistakes. In that case, wanting to seize your position from you is extremely difficult. As long as you can respond appropriately, I promise that you can destroy the opposite part at the scene. Moreover, you can take this opportunity to scare the concubines a bit. Once this matter is resolved, I doubt anyone would dare to attempt usurping you!”

“Gulp….” Swallowing with difficulty, the Empress said excitedly, “Lord Suo Jia, hurry up and tell me: Exactly what should I do? I am completely listening to you.”

With a self-confident smile, Suo Jia calmly said, “Your question is strange. In reality, I’ve already said the method. The palace is your home, and you are the female owner. A servant in your home has committed an offense. Do you still not know how to approach this issue? You just need to do as you normally would. Also….”

The next morning, the Empress rode the Wind Dragon Knights’ fastest mount, and rushed back to the capital, and reached their destination by noon. The Empress’ honor guards met up with them, and they began to all rush back to the palace, carrying a powerful ambience along with them.

Originally, according to Duke Wen Sha’s wishes, the most powerful Fiery Dragon Knights were to be hired and assist the Empress. But after Suo Jia’s powerful eloquence, the Empress had abandoned this plan and decided to rush back to the Imperial City alone.

In reality, although it seemed like the Empress had returned alone, there was actually one other person that had accompanied her. At the moment…. he had mingled with the Empress’ honor guards. This person was none other than Suo Jia!

Originally, Suo Jia had not wanted to come. But for the sake of dealing with any possible dangers, and after the Empress had promised him a series of benefits, Suo Jia was finally persuaded to follow the group as well.

The Empress calmly sat on her sedan chair, occasionally peeking through the curtains to look at Suo Jia. That child was really too miraculous. He was still so young, yet had such intelligence. How amazing would he be when he grew older?

While she pondered this, the Empress’ honor guards had already arrived in front of the palace. Just as she was prepared to enter through the front door, she was unexpectedly stopped by four soldiers suddenly blocking their way with their long spears. They stood in front of the path and shouted, “Freeze! Unidentified strangers, you are prohibited from advancing through!”

The honor guards roared in anger, “Are you f*cking blind? Do you no longer recognize even the Empress’ honor guards? No matter what, shouldn’t you be able to recognize this Phoenix Emperor’s carriage? Are you able to bear the responsibility for impinging on a Phoenix vehicle?”

“The Empress?” The soldiers stared blankly for a bit, before laughing out loud, “Stop joking. The Empress is currently in the chamber of the concubines. Who are you trying to deceive?”

Hearing the conversation, the Empress currently sitting within the sedan chair began to feel alarm. She had absolutely no clue how to confront this situation. As she was panicking, the low sound of Suo Jia’s voice rang out from outside the sedan chair, “Your Highness, why bother being courteous to such impudent watchdogs? Now is not the time to take it lying down!”

The Empress started, but then bitterly smiled. That’s right…. just based on the fact that they dared to provoke her in such a way meant that they were definitely associated with Imperial Concubine Hua. If she couldn’t even lift her head under this pressure, how would she survive upon entering?

As mere servants, daring to so brazenly oppose the Phoenix cart was simply seeking death. If the opposite party had simply not recognized her, it would’ve been fine, but her honor guards were those that only the Empress could use. There was no way they could be faked.

The Empress’ voice coldly rang out, “You useless lot, why are you just standing there? Drag those audacious guys that dared to provoke the Phoenix family to one side, and cut them apart! Then hire some guards to stand over watch here. No one is to enter the area without my orders! This palace is still my territory!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The honor guards quickly charged forwards, pulling out their Weeping Heavens Spears, and shouting as they rushed to cut down the rebel soldiers.

However, they hadn’t imagined that before they had managed to drag the soldiers very far, another group of soldiers raced out from the main entrance. They wordlessly surrounded the honor guards in three layers, their freezing murderous aura pervading the air as if it were a physical substance.

The honor guards couldn’t help but freeze at this sight. The few guards that had been watching the door were now smiling, without a trace of fear in their expressions. Suo Jia couldn’t help but darkly smile at this; it was evident that this was part of a plot that had been thought up ages ago!

Of course, no matter how audacious Imperial Concubine Hua was, she didn’t dare to kill the Empress right at the gates of the palace. If she did that, then even if the Empress died, Imperial Concubine Hua would die as well. No matter what, she was currently only a concubine. Conspiring to murder the Empress was enough to get even all her relatives punished!

The Empress’ voice rang out from the curtains in alarm, “This isn’t good, Suo Jia. Since they have so many people, could it be that they want to kill us? What should we do?”

“Hmph!” Suo Jia snorted and said in disdain, “Your Highness, don’t be afraid. It’s your turn to stand up. Don’t mind the honor guards. Just walk out with your two maids, and we’ll enter. I doubt anyone would dare obstruct you!”

Although the Empress was extremely afraid of doing as Suo Jia said, she couldn’t think of anything else she could do. She lifted the sedan chair’s curtains, and walked down from the Phoenix cart. Just as Suo Jia had told her to last night, her expression was filled with majestic presences, and she began to steadily stride towards the palace door.

Not daring to tarry, Suo Jia hurriedly walked next to the Empress’ side with her two palace maids. Soon…..the four of them had arrived in front of the encirclement.

Quietly stopping in her tracks, the Empress forcibly suppressed her nervousness and said in a frigid and imposing voice to the fully armed soldiers, “I am the Empress….do you dare to obstruct me?”

“That….” Hearing her words and seeing the imposing expression on the Empress’ face, the soldiers all momentarily lowered their heads. Although they didn’t step aside, they didn’t dare to say anything disrespectful either.

Seeing this, Suo Jia leaned close to the Empress and whispered, “Take out your Empress emblem, and then let me handle everything else after.”

The Empress reached towards her waist to take something out, and then raised her right hand high up in the air. A shining gold emblem flashed brightly under the sunlight. At the same time, the Empress said strongly, “The relatives of anyone who dares to obstruct me will be destroyed!”

Suo Jia mercilessly smiled, and strode over to stand in front of the Empress. He stamped his right foot, and the Diamond Charge activated at full power. With the support of formidable magic and spirit powers, the Diamond Charge separated into millions of paths, and wildly shot outwards like sharp arrows along the perimeter of a circular arc.

This single stamp could be said to have contained all of Suo Jai’s power. The devastating Diamond Charge instantly crushed everything. It was clear that….these ordinary soldiers, despite being warriors, couldn’t possibly withstand an Advanced Mage like Suo Jia when he activated the Diamond Charge at full power. Especially now that his combat boots boosted his might by 100, his power was unrivaled!

Of course, while there weren’t very many experts like Suo Jia, there also wasn’t any lack of them. One couldn’t forget that no matter how many people there were, there was no way that a person could just gather all 300-400 of them together. These people were just small fries, and didn’t qualify as experts at all. That’s why….a single Diamond Charge was enough to decimate the entire area in front of the palace, and send the dozens of warriors previous blocking their path flying back into the air.

Seeing the figures get sent high into the air, Suo Jia smiled mercilessly. The might of the Diamond Charge wasn’t something that a normal person could withstand. Under such circumstances where the people were extremely pressed, its might was extremely terrifying. Although Suo Jia was only an Advanced Mage, the power of the Diamond Charge far surpassed his, and had reached the realm of a Great Mage!

“Pala…pala…pala…” The figures fell to the ground, one by one. Suddenly… the area in front of the palace entrance fell into chaos, as under everyone’s gazes, the figures that fell to the ground all broke into pieces just like glass vases. The bodies turned into tiny pieces that bounced and rolled around the ground.

“Gasp!” The Empress couldn’t help but sharply inhale at the sight Of course…..she hadn’t been frightened by the horrible sight. She had witnessed even worse scenes countless times before. Moreover, this scene didn’t reek of blood; in fact, there wasn’t a single trace of blood at all. The bodies had been completely frozen by the Diamond Charge, and even after shattering into pieces, no blood was visible.

What made the Empress so shocked was the fact that a 10 year old child could actually utilize such powerful magic. As the current Empress, and an adult that had lived for 50+ years, she had seen many things. But this wasn’t a magic that a normal mage could use!

As she stared at Suo Jia, completely dumbstruck, Suo Jia expressionlessly stepped around the bodies and bowed, “Your Highness, you can now enter the palace. Just leave everything else to me. No matter who dares to block your way, I will definitely smash their bodies into pieces!”

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