Chapter - 158: – The Advantages of Women Pt. 2
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“Haha….” The Empress smiled and shook her head, “You’re still young, so you don’t understand. That woman…isn’t just beautiful. To any man, the joy that a woman brings is the most important factor. I’m already old, so my body has grown loose. It’s no longer as tight and firm as before, so I can no longer bring that type of joy that would allow the Emperor to experience seventh heaven. That’s why the Emperor sticks so closely to Imperial Concubine Hua.”

“Loose?” Suo Jia shook his head and said, “That can’t be, Your Highness. How have you become loose? After my procedures, your skin is as soft and tender as a young girl’s. It can’t possibly be loose.”

“This…” Faced with Suo Jia’s question, the Empress couldn’t help but hesitate. What she had been referring to wasn’t her skin, but a woman’s shameful parts. It had absolutely no relationship to her skin.

Seeing the Empress’s embarrassed expression, Suo Jia couldn’t help but frown and asked in confusion, “What exactly are you talking about? Can you speak more clearly, I don’t understand!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s puzzled expression, the Empress couldn’t help but laugh. Only at this moment did she realize that no matter how intelligent he was, he was still only a 10 year old child. There were many things that he hadn’t yet experienced, and many things he had yet to understand.

Having realized this, the Empress no longer felt embarrassed. As she was nearly 50 years old, Suo Jia was about the age of her grandson. There was nothing for her to be embarrassed about when he was the same generation as her grandson. Moreover…educating the young was one of the Empress’s duties. Otherwise, it would be very easy for them to run around unrestrained.

The Empress said in a low voice, “Suo Jia, have you seen a girl’s body before?”

Suo Jia firmly nodded and replied, “I have, of course I have. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, actually. They’re all my classmates, so we often bathe together.”

Nodding in understanding, the Empress continued, “Then…have you ever noticed the differences between boys and girls?

After pondering this for a while, Suo Jia replied, “Girls don’t have little **!”

With a smile, the Empress nodded and continued, “That’s right, girls don’t have little **. But they also have some unique parts as well. Have you seen a girl’s lower body before?”

Vigorously shaking his head, Suo Jia replied “I’ve seen it from a distance. It seems like there’s some type of crack there, but I never looked at it closely.”

After thinking about this for a while, the Empress clapped her hands together. Hearing this familiar sound, a few maids immediately entered the room. They respectfully lowered their heads and waited for the Empress’s commands.

“Rui’er, you stay behind. Everyone else, leave!” The Empress coldly ordered.

Following her orders, the other maids left the room. Afterwards…Empress calmly said to Rui’er, “Alright, Rui’er, take off your clothes.”

Rui’er shot a conflicted look at Suo Jia, but she soon realized that the Empress was already starting her lesson. And the model this time would be her.

Although she was extremely embarrassed and unwilling, how could she disobey the Empress’s commands? Rui’er’s hands shook as she reached out to undo her clothes in embarrassment. Soon…a slim, beautiful female body appeared in front of Suo Jia.

If it were any other male, their hearts would race, and they’d blush furiously at such a scene. However, Suo Jia didn’t show any signs of these reactions, and only looked at Rui’er with a pure and interested gaze. His gaze was so clear that nobody would dare to looked into his eyes closely.

What happened next doesn’t need a description. Basically, the Empress used Rui’er as a model to explain the parts of a girl’s body. She even led Suo Jia closer to Rui’er’s shameful parts for a more detailed explanation. She then brought Suo Jia’s face closer to the girl’s most mysterious part, and thoroughly explained it, as well as what significance each part of a girl’s body had.

Listening to the Empress’s words, Suo Jia’s jaw dropped open wider and wider. It was only at this moment that he finally realized that…girls had so many other wonderful uses, that…his little ** could get hard, and could even be inserted into…

With a smile, the Empress waved her hand to dismiss Rui’er. She then indifferently said to Suo Jia, “Do you understand now? Although my skin has been recovered to its former youthfulness, my body has grown older. This is inevitable, time is merciless to people!”

Listening to the Empress’s words, Suo Jia regained his senses, and slowly shook his head. Suo Jia threw out the image of Rui’er’s mysterious field of flowers out of his mind, and started to deeply ponder the Empress’s problem.

After a while, Suo Jia suddenly said, “Your Highness, I think…I can still help you. In reality, it was only your flesh that had lost its elasticity. If I used water manipulation, accompanied by the Moisture Technique, I have confidence that you would regain your former glory; you could even advance it one step further! The feeling of tenderness and tightness would definitely not be inferior to any other woman’s!”

“Ah!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Empress couldn’t help but cry out in shock, “Heavens! Is that really true? Can you really do that?”

Rolling his eyes at the Empress, Suo Jia said in annoyance, “Can you stop doubting me? Even if you do doubt me, at least wait until I violate a promise before doubting me. Anything I say I will definitely do. In contrast, if I can’t do it, then I would never say I could!”

Suo Jia gestured at the Empress to lie down on the bed. He then pressed the air above the Empress’s lower body, and closed his eyes to use his senses and closely examine the water distribution within the Empress’s body. Then…he took control of the water content and began to work.

As Suo Jia began to move, the Empress felt a refreshing feeling flush through her lower body, and was seemingly able to feel her body’s state. As it gradually improved, it no longer felt as filled and heavy as before, and the sudden lightness almost made her moan.

Not long after, Suo Jia moved his hands away and smiled, “Alright, with regards to the muscle mass here, there are not as many as the fats. You shouldn’t be too anxious about this; as long as you apply Moisture Technique on this part everyday, what I said will definitely come true! It’s just that there are some special parts that you will have to pay attention to.”

Suo Jia carefully explained that it was actually quite simple. First, a Moisture Technique had to be activated on the lower body, and then with the help of appropriate massaging skills, the Moisture Technique’s effects could reach its crucial point. That way, her lower part would become moist and tight.

One couldn’t underestimate these methods. If Suo Jia hadn’t gained such a frighteningly precise knowledge of the water distribution in a person’s body, he definitely couldn’t have come up with such a method. Moreover, without the aid of these supplementary methods, the Moisture Technique’s effects wouldn’t be able to reach so deeply into one’s core.

For the next few days, everything went exactly as Suo Jia had planned. The Empress had first spoken on behalf of Imperial Concubine Hua, begging the Grand Empress not to kill her. The reason was that that the Emperor needed Imperial Concubine Hua’s service, her body, to vent out his feelings and demanded the comfort of her body.

Seeing such a sensible Empress made both the Emperor and the Grand Empress look at her with admiration. However…although Imperial Concubine Hua hadn’t been sentenced to death, she had been demoted to a servant girl. Although she was a female servant that catered especially to the Emperor…no matter what, she wouldn’t ever be able to become the Empress anymore. How could the Emperor marry a slave and let her become Empress?

In addition, just like Suo Jia had anticipated, the hate-filled Imperial Concubine Hua continued to say bad things about the Empress in front of the Emperor. However, the Emperor had acted exactly opposite of what she had hoped. He was extremely tolerant, gentle, and considerate, especially now that the Empress had the help of the most beautiful and alluring appearance in the world, which further captured the Emperor’s heart.

In terms of relationships, Imperial Concubine Hua was incomparable to the Empress. In terms of good looks, Imperial Concubine Hua couldn’t compare either. The only thing she was victorious over Empress An Rong was her skills in bed. The youthfulness and tightness of her body was something that brought great pleasure to the Emperor.

However, this had all been within Suo Jia’s calculations. He had first helped the Empress regain the Emperor’s heart, and then…what Suo Jia wanted to gain was the Emperor’s favor. With Suo Jia’s help, Empress An Rong had not only returned to the tightness during her former glory, but also advanced even further; Empress An Rong firmly believed that any man that experienced her would immediately lose their souls. At the moment, she was so moist and tight, tender and soft, that it could kill any man. She had even personally tested it with her finger.

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