Chapter - 163: – The Strongest Battle Skill Pt. 1
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After receiving the crystal ball from the branch head, Suo Jia rushed back to the secret room. He sat cross-legged on the ground, and pulled out the fist-sized Violet Crystal Ball. From the exquisite crystal ball frame, Suo Jia could tell that this was definitely part of the branch head’s private collection. The fact that he was willing to be generous enough to give it to Suo Jia was quite surprising. However…Suo Jia obviously wouldn’t take it for free; he would definitely repay the old man in the future.

Suo Jia quietly closed his eyes. His spirit power and magic power mixed together and quickly rushed into the Violet Crystal Ball. The next moment…Suo Jia’s spirit power was able to sense everything within the Violet Crystal Ball. Following the gauging methods that the branch head had explained to Suo Jia, he was soon able to find out his own magic power and spirit power measurements.

As expected, the numbers were precisely 779 and 763. Suo Jia gently opened his eyes; he knew that once his powers reached 1000, he’d be able to become a Full-Fledged Mage. At the moment, he was still missing around 200, so he had to continue to work hard.

Suo Jia didn’t dare to waste time, and he took out his alchemy machine to frantically begin making potions again. The small machine quickly swallowed large amounts of magic crystals, popping out bottle after bottle of potions that formed a messy pile in the corner of the secret room.

Some time later, when the number of bottles in front of Suo Jia had already passed 200,000, Lan Ruo rushed into the room to tell Suo Jia that the girls had finally come back!

Hearing this news, Suo Jia hurriedly ordered all of the girls to enter the secret room. He then closed the pathway; that way, nobody could overhear their conversation.

Seeing the 36 girls covered with red and gold cloaks, Suo Jia furrowed his brows and asked, “Didn’t we decide that you’d come back after half a year? Why did it take you over 8 months?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words and seeing his grim expression, the girls couldn’t help but feel their hearts tremble. Although Suo Jia had grown a year older, he was still only an 11 year old child. Yet in terms of power and influence, he seemed to be growing in each passing day.

After muttering to herself for a bit, #1 straightened her body and respectfully replied, “We apologize, Young Master Suo Jia. We were too absorbed in our training and forgot to keep track of the time. By the time we had realized the time, it was already too late.”

“Oh?” Suo Jia let out a breath at #1’s words. The thing he was most afraid of was that these girls wouldn’t treasure time, and go around playing carefreely. This would really be showing ungratefulness to everything he had done for them. But if it was because they were concentrated in training, then it wasn’t that big of a deal if they were off time.

Suo Jia said in a low voice, “Tell me, how did you girls pass the time during these last 8 months? What did you do? What kind of progress and results did you gain?”

#1 respectfully replied, “These past 8 months, we’ve been going back and forth at the edges of the Magical Beast Forest. While familiarizing ourselves with our special equipment, we were also practicing our battle skills. At the same time, we were able to kill many magical beasts and retrieve their crystal cores.”

#2 continued, “We have used too much of Young Master’s money, so we wanted to hunt some magical beasts, so that we could sell the magic cores and make up for some of Young Master’s losses. However…our strength still isn’t enough, and we are still not able to hunt the extremely powerful magical beasts. That’s why, even after spending 8 months, we weren’t able to earn much.”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded, “Alright, I’ve received your good intentions. However, I want to emphasize that money isn’t something you girls need to concern yourselves with. The only thing you should be worried about is putting all your efforts into increasing your strength. Strength is most important; wealth is simply a materialistic possession. It isn’t something you need to waste your time thinking about.”

Suo Jia paused for a bit before continuing, “Alright, now tell me: how familiar have you girls gotten with your armors the past 8 months?”

#1’s eyes lit up as she excitedly replied, “There hasn’t been a single problem, absolutely no problems at all. This set of armor is really amazing. After all, it was customized specifically for us, and uses the best materials. Even if we weren’t used to it, we would still be able to utilize it. The only difference between the two would be the amount of might that we can draw from it.”

Pausing to take a deep breath, #1 then continued to report, “After the last 8 months, we’re finally able to grasp 30% of this armor’s might. Moreover…the most important part is that we managed to create a completely linked Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes set!”

“What!” Suo Jia abruptly stood up, staring at #1 in disbelief. Although Suo Jia knew that two magic equipments could link together, he hadn’t imagined that they could actually all be compiled into a complete set. Didn’t this make the armor a bit too powerful?

What shocked Suo Jia the most was that one could only combine the armors with 49 of them. That meant if he wanted to give Aimi and Aila compiled sets of Legendary ranked equipment, it would be extremely difficult. He’d need over a hundred sets to do it!

After thinking about it for a while, Suo Jia suddenly lifted his head and asked #1, “Where is the completely linked together equipment set right now? Who’s using it?”

#1 turned around and searched among her sisters for a bit, before reaching out to pull a girl with an extremely good figure towards her. “Right now, that equipment set is on her!”

“Eh!” The girl had an extremely sexy body, with a slim waist and a large chest, alluring to the point where it was on the level of a succubus’. However, Suo Jia was only slightly uncomfortable. Of course, he hadn’t been enticed, but he felt that this girl was too strange; why was her chest so large? It was practically the size of his head. Wasn’t that too abnormal?

To a mature man, just seeing this girl would make them lose their senses. However, to Suo Jia, who was only 11 years old, no matter how slim her waist was, how round her butt was, or how large her chest was, he wouldn’t think of it as beauty. Rather, he’d think of it as abnormal! Only after tasting a woman’s beauty or suddenly understanding love, would he understand what sexiness was. Only then would he be able to enjoy it.

Actually, if this girl walked around the streets without her cloak hiding her figure, everyone would be stunned into a daze. What Suo Jia thought was an abnormally sized ** would be a fatal enticement to mature men. That deep valley was enough for their souls to leave them.

However, what made Suo Jia more at ease was that her wind attribute made her curves extremely smooth. From another angle, that could also be said as a type of beauty. Overexaggerated beauty was something that Suo Jia had difficulty accepting.

She was alluring and lovely, extremely bountiful, and her every action exuded the charm of a female. It was a pity that Suo Jia had no way of enjoying it. By the time he was able to, hehe…

Suo Jia turned around to ask #1, “Why did you give her the best one? Aside from having a larger chest, slimmer waist, and a rounder butt, does she have any other special traits?”

“Eh!” The alluring and charming, yet sexy girl, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Who spoke like that? What did he mean by ‘larger chest’; that was a girl’s shameful part. How could anybody just talk about it like that in front of the person?

#1 said firmly, “Young Master, she’s the most gifted among us sisters. She not only has the super innate skill, Southern Emperor’s Mythical Flames, she also has the skill, Eastern Emperor’s Divine Winds. Either one is already enough to make her a superior warrior. Now that both great skills are combined in her body, she will definitely become a true goddess of war in the future. That’s why this armor has to be hers, because only then will she be able to help Young Master to her utmost limit!”

Suo Jia’s eyes lit up at #1’s words. Originally…Suo Jia had been envious of Aimi and Aila. They both had peak-grade innate talents that only appeared once every century. However, the two of them combined still paled in comparison compared to this girl.

Both the Southern Emperor’s Mythical Flames and the Eastern Emperor’s Divine Winds were also super innate skills that only appeared once a century, yet now they had both assembled in a single person. How were others even supposed to live after knowing this?

Suo Jia shook his head as he sighed in admiration. He now knew that his Fire Phoenix Earrings and Fire Phoenix Necklace had finally found their rightful owner. If this girl wore both of these great pieces of magic jewelry, her strength would probably enter the upper realms. In addition, it would help her future training and growth by an incomparably large amount.

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