Chapter - 164: – The Strongest Battle Skill Pt. 2
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“Oh?” Suo Jia excitedly said, “Hurry up and tell me, what exactly is this battle skill? It’s actually so powerful?”

Chuckling, #1 proudly declared, “Because of the special effects of this equipment set, we can simultaneously use the fire and wind elemental battle qis on our weapons. We can use the wind to boost its speed forward, and use the fire to increase its explosive attacks. After hitting the target, the fire and wind battle qis will simultaneously burst out. The wind intensifies the fire, and the fire adds to the wind’s might. This can erupt into a formidable, destructive power!”

Without saying another word, Suo Jia stood up and led all of the girls to the back gardens. Based on #1’s description, Suo Jia had learned that this attack could cover a distance of 100 meters. Once activated, it would be as fast as lightning, and could conquer any obstacle. For the sake of testing the might of this magic, they needed to go to a wide, spacious area; even the underwater training area was too small.

Placing a magic target onto a tree branch, Suo Jia and the girls retreated backwards 100 meters. Suo Jia then pointed to the magic target stuck onto the tree branch and said expectantly, “Ok, now you can start practicing. I will await seeing it with my own eyes!”

#1 took a deep breath and stepped forwards. She pulled out the war blade from her back, and the next moment…gold and red colored battle qis wildly gathered around the blade, causing it to glow both colors simultaneously.

“Hiya!” After storing the energy for 2-3 seconds, #1 suddenly gave a loud shout. She wildly waved her right arm, and in that moment…the large war blade whizzed out, turning into a radiant reddish-gold light that instantly crossed the 100 meter distance, accurately and sharply exploding the magic target.

“Boom!” A powerful bang resounded, and Suo Jia couldn’t help but stand there, dumbfounded. The violent attack had shattered not only the magic target, but the entire large tree that the target had enshrouded, exploding it to the point where it was completely smashed to pieces! At the moment…the war blade was currently stuck deeply into a large rock behind the tree. Only the shaking hilt remained outside the rock.

Suo Jia dumbly stared in a daze at the tree that had been completely torn apart. He knew then that this attack was really too fierce. Although the range was a bit short, its speed and might were really ridiculous.

This attack speed was the fastest that Suo Jia had ever seen. It had instantly surpassed the 100 meters distance, leaving behind a bright, thin streak of red and gold in its path between #1 and the large tree that remained there for quite a long time before dissipating. Suo Jia could tell that this was the light formed by the remnants of his vision that had caught the extremely fast attack. From this, he knew that this attack was really too crazy. If a smaller weapon was used and the glow could be hidden, it would be impossible for the naked eye to follow.

Not only was it extremely fast, its attack power was also extremely high. Although the fire and wind attributes restrained each other in some ways, they also boosted each other in other ways. The wind intensified the fire, and the fire added to the wind’s might. When the two exploded together, the attack not only had mighty penetration and shock accompanied by it, a powerful explosion was also induced. Thus, the entire, large tree had burst into pieces when the attack had hit it squarely in its center.

Suo Jia knew that the girls hadn’t gained much comprehension of this attack, and they had no proficiency with it to speak of, so there was no way they could use all of its power and display its true might. In addition, the girls’ current strength was still quite low; if their strength became more formidable, the skills they used would also improve. In that case, how powerful would this attack become?

That’s right, the range of the attack would gradually increase, and its speed would gradually go up as well. Its might would slowly grow stronger, and the explosion’s perimeter of attack would also widen. Just as #1 had said, if this attack was mastered, they’d really become an unrivaled corps!

#1 said with regret, “Unfortunately, this attack consumes too much battle qi. Every time we use it, it requires us to use 20% of our battle qi, so after using it 5 times in row, we’d completely lose our ability to battle.”

“Hehe…” Suo Jia chuckled darkly and said in a secretive tone, “Don’t worry about that, just come with me…” As he said this, Suo Jia immediately began to head toward the secret room, the girls following closely behind. One by one, they entered the room.

Pointing at the piles of various colored bottles lying all over the ground, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Each of you should store some. Remember, store 3000 of each type; there are enough. Don’t take too many, and don’t take too few. Otherwise, there won’t be enough to divide amongst you all.”

The girls stared blankly at Suo Jia for a while, before eventually opening each of their interspatial rings, and crashing sounds could be heard as they poured out all the magical cores stored inside. Not long after, the remaining space in the secret room was completely covered with piles of various colored magical cores. Then…all the girls began to store the little bottles on the ground into their rings as Suo Jia had instructed.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but stare in shock at the large piles of colorful and glittering magic cores covering the ground. The crystal cores that the girls had poured out were of various sizes, and filled half the secret room. The volume it took up was at least 36 cubic meters!

Suo Jia couldn’t help but bitterly smile at this scene. Now, he finally understood; each girl’s interspatial ring could store a total of 1 cubic meter of items. Only after filling all of the rings had they recalled the agreed time to meet up with Suo Jia. If the space the interspatial rings could contain was slightly larger, they probably would’ve still been out hunting magical beasts in the Magical Beast Forest, unaware of the time. This could increase their strength, allow them to familiarize themselves with their equipment sets, and earn large amounts of money; it was really too addicting!

While he was thinking this, all the girls had already stored the bottles that Suo Jia had instructed them to. They gathered in front of Suo Jia, and looked at him doubtfully. They were unable to understand: just what exactly were those strangely colored bottles supposed to do?

Seeing the questioning gazes of all the girls, Suo Jia didn’t bother to explain, and instead directly led all the girls to the underwater training area. There, he commanded each girl to store 1000 Life Potions each. Only then did he nod in satisfaction. This way, unless all the potions were used up, the girls would be able to keep fighting without stopping.

After all the girls had regathered, Suo Jia said, “All of you, listen closely; of the small bottles you just stored, the red ones are Life Potions. If you’re injured, then just drink a bottle, and it will be equivalent to receiving a single Hydration Technique’s healing. The wounds will completely restore themselves within a short amount of time!”

Hearing these words, the girls couldn’t help but become wild with joy. This was really too amazing; now that they had these Life Potions, it was equivalent to bringing along a water mage with them. Whenever they battled from now on, the amount of strength they could use would no longer be affected by minor wounds.

As the sea of girls was currently still enjoying the pleasant surprise, Suo Jia fished out a blue bottle and continued, “This is a Magic Potion. If your battle qi is ever completely used up, drink this bottle, and it will completely replenish all of your battle qi within a few seconds.”

“Wa!” The girls cried out in shock. This was too extreme; wouldn’t that mean they’d have inexhaustible battle qi? Wasn’t that practically cheating?

Seeing the girls’ shocked expressions, Suo Jia then fished out a yellow bottle and said, “This is a Spirit Potion. No explanation is needed; if you feel that your spirit power can’t last much longer, then drink a bottle, and your spirit power will flare!”

“That…” Mostly likely because the blow had been so great, the girls no longer knew how to react. A sharp cry? Or…

Smiling, Suo Jia fished out a green bottle and laughed, “This is an Endurance Potion. If you feel dead tired, drink a bottle of this, and you will immediately be as lively as a dragon and as animated as a tiger!”

Hearing this, the girls fell into a dead silence. After a long time, #1 cautiously asked, “That…that means that unless we’ve used up all of these potions, we can basically continue fighting without a limit in our strongest state?”

Firmly nodding, Suo Jia excitedly replied, “That’s right, it’s exactly so. As long as you haven’t used all the potions up, you can fight without end. If you consume each of the four bottles every minute, then you can continue fighting for 16 hours straight!”

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