Chapter - 173: – The First Battle Pt. 1
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After finally reading the last letter, Suo Jia began to plan out what to do next. But just then, Lan Ruo walked in and respectfully said, “Young Master! There’s a group of people outside requesting to meet you. They claim that they’re the people you’ve been looking for the whole time!”

“Oh!” Suo Jia’s eyes lit up at Lan Ruo’s words. The past year, he had only ever searched for one group of people; however, Suo Jia didn’t know the group’s name. He only knew that these were the people that had given them the 44 interspatial rings, as well as the dagger and blue glove.

Refusing to tarry any longer, Suo Jia urged, “Hurry…Lan Ruo, tell them to come find me in the parlor!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s impatient expression, Lan Ruo could tell that this group of people was extremely important to the Young Master. It was normally very rare to see him so anxious. Although he was still only a child, Suo Jia was always calm, and wasn’t any different from an adult in that aspect. He was probably even calmer than most adults.

5 minutes later, the doors to the parlor opened, and three robust figures walked in. One of them was a knight with glittering armor, the other was a fire mage wearing red mage robes, and the final one was an earth warrior wearing green armor!

As soon as he walked in, the silver armored knight said, “I heard you’ve been looking for us? For what reason?”

Suo Jia didn’t directly reply, and instead first gestured for them to sit down. He then ordered a servant to bring tea. In reality, after researching alchemy for a dozen or so months, Suo Jia was now extremely interested in the Atomic Alchemy Lab.

Originally, Suo Jia had thought that the location of the Atomic Alchemy Lab was something that everyone knew. However, when Suo Jia researched it, he discovered that this wasn’t the case at all. He had managed to find the locations of some of the Atomic Alchemy Lab’s workshops, but was unable to figure out where the headquarters was located.

But Suo Jia was sure that the place that the silver armored knight and his group had adventured had to be near the location of the headquarters. They had simply not realized this fact.

Suo Jia wouldn’t have thought of this months ago either. But after learning alchemy for so long, although he was still only an elementary alchemist, Suo Jia’s understanding of alchemy was extremely rich now. If the place where so many precious treasures had been found wasn’t the headquarters, then where else could it be?

Suo Jia went straight to the point and said, “The reason I was looking for you this time was mainly because I wanted to know if you guys have made any new discoveries, or found any new equipments. If you have, I can buy them from you for high prices!”

The reason he said this was because Suo Jia didn’t want them to realize the importance of this location. Suo Jia believed that they definitely hadn’t excavated the area very closely. There were bound to be many things that they didn’t recognize, but actually had priceless value as alchemy items and information. Suo Jia wanted to obtain all of this priceless alchemy information. Even a missing page was already an unimaginable loss!

Historically, the Atomic Alchemy Lab was the most accomplished laboratory in the alchemy world. Their alchemy had risen to a frightening level. It was said that…they had even used alchemy to create a sub-Divine Artifact. It was precisely due to this reason that they suffered from tragic disaster.

Passed down from ancient times, it was said that when the numerous gods left the world, they had left behind 10 Divine Artifacts. These Divine Artifacts were actually magic-conducting tools created by the Gods. Aside from these 10, the next most powerful device was the Atomic Alchemy Lab’s sub-Divine Artifact. It was man-made, and the most powerful magic-conducting device. Below it were Epic ranked equipment sets, and then Legendary ranked equipments.

Thus, the matter of the Atomic Alchemy Lab’s location was extremely important. Suo Jia definitely didn’t want anyone to know of it, unless they had thoroughly searched for it already.

The silver armored knight smiled and said, “We do, we definitely do…we haven’t just been playing around these past 2 years. Although we don’t have that many good items, it’s not like we have none at all!”

The silver armored knight and his two companions all opened their interspatial rings to pour out a large amount of magic items. It was clear that their profits from the past few years were more than usual; they even had Legendary ranked equipment.

Although Suo Jia was no longer interested in Legendary ranked equipment, he still put on an excited front. He continued to push words through his mouth as he talked with the three people, making discreet inquiries about any news they had, as well as stories from their adventures.

These three were all adventurers; moreover, they were from the same adventure group, and had traveled all over the world to explore historical sites. The number of occurrences that occurred around them was too great.

Finally, Suo Jia chose two of the Legendary ranked equipment. He had already heard all the information that he had wanted to hear as well. Yet the three people were still immersed in excitedly telling their stories as they continued telling their tales.

In order to not draw their suspicions, Suo Jia patiently listened to their stories, and even spent a large amount of money to buy the two Legendary ranked equipments. He then hospitably entertained them.

It was deep in the night when he escorted the three out. Suo Jia then sat cross-legged by himself in the secret room, silently pondering future plans. First of all, he had to bring Aimi and Aila to meet the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. Then, he’d have to find the person with the Atlantis armor, and obtain it for himself through fair or foul means.

Afterwards, the group would rush to the remains of the Atomic Alchemy Lab. The 36 girls would stay there and be responsible for watching over and excavating the area, while Suo Jia, Aimi, and Aila rushed back to the capital to help the Emperor. At the same time, he’d be able to bring the Fire Phoenix bracelet back, as well as raise his rank. He could retrieve a piece of land while helping Aimi and Aila gain some real life experience.

Finally, after helping the Emperor, Suo Jia, Aimi, and Aila would rush back to the Atomic Alchemy Lab and complete the excavation. Then, he’d bring all the girls with him towards his newly acquired land. He hadn’t yet decided what to do from there, but he’d deal with it when the time came.

After thinking this through, Suo Jia opened his eyes and quietly stood up. He then began to head towards the place where the two girls were training. When he pushed open the door to the underwater training area, he saw that there were a hundred naked girls currently bathing in the Hydration Technique. Seeing this, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile. He immediately stripped off his own clothes, and walked to join the crowd of girls.

All the people within the White Villa were girls. Aside from Suo Jia, there were no other males. That’s why nobody bothered to keep their guards raised. The only male that could possibly enter here was Suo Jia.

When they saw Suo Jia enter, they couldn’t help but clamor in amusement. The girls were now 12 years old, and had started developing a bit early. They had already begun their journey to maturing into girls. The small buns on their chests had already begun developing, and were no longer as flat as before.

The 12 year old girls’ EQs were at least equivalent to a 14 year old boy’s by now, and were perhaps even higher. They could now faintly understand how to be embarrassed and reserved. They knew the differences between boys and girls. However…although they would raise their guards around strangers, Suo Jia was different. He was too familiar of a figure now. After 4 some years of bathing together, practically every day, they were all used to his presence. He wasn’t their sister, but was rather someone better than a sister.

However, because they were used to Suo Jia’s existence, it was still a fact that Suo Jia was indeed a male and could not be forgotten. Even if they forgot that fact, they would instantly remember that if they were to look at at Suo Jia, there would be an extremely obvious long thing sticking out from him.

Although he still couldn’t get an erection, Little Suo Jia had grown quite large as Suo Jia had grown older. It was already 10 centimeters long and a decent girth, like a small rolling pin. In this regard, Suo Jia’s assets were quite adequate, and Little Suo Jia could be considered a leviathan. This sight attracted the eyes of the girls, who couldn’t help but sneak a look.

The group of girls walked on over where Aimi and Aila suddenly came into view. Aimi stuck out her hand as if accustomed to the act, and grabbed onto the the little brother of Suo Jia and laughed. “You scoundrel, were you trying to take a peek at us girls taking a bath?”

Furrowing his eyebrows, he looked at the two obvious bulges on Aimi’s chest. Suo Jia had to admit, out of every girl here, Aimi had developed the best and the “greatest” ones. However, she still couldn’t act so unbridled!

Seeing Suo Jia frown, Aimi knew that he was already having difficulty bearing the feeling. He was always like this; once she grabbed him below, he’d always twitch and fidget around unbearably. Yet, Suo Jia never objected to her actions. She continued to move her hand up and down in an unbearable yet pleasurable manner.

After Suo Jia had frowned, Aila’s icy cold came calling out towards them. “Times up, switch with me!” Aila grabbed Aimi’s hand and…immediately replaced it with her own icy cold hand on Little Suo Jia.

Seeing this scene, all the other girls were shocked. They went quiet for a moment before they suddenly clamored over. They wanted to see and touch it for themselves. These girls had pretty much seen Little Suo Jia grow, and were naturally familiar with it. Caressing it was a method of showing their closeness to it.

Finally, after the girls gently stroked it one after another, the waves of stimulation were finally to the point where Suo Jia couldn’t take it anymore. To the shock of every girl there, he finally had his first ever erection in front of them…

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