Chapter - 174: – The First Battle Pt. 2
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There wasn’t much to arrange, the White Villa’s matters didn’t require Suo Jia to be responsible in the first place. Thus, after a single mention of his leave, Suo Jia left the White Villa, bringing Aimi and Aila with him, and they began to head towards their destination.

Although this wasn’t their first time traveling far, Suo Jia had to admit that it was a bit too eye-catching. Two girls with beautiful, jade-like faces accompanied by an extremely cute boy traveling alone would definitely catch anyone’s attention.

In reality, based on his record, this was Suo Jia’s second time traveling to a distant place. The first time was when he came to Holy Light from his hometown. However, back then, his mother had accompanied him. Moreover, they had taken a carriage here, and from beginning to end, they had stayed within the dark, cramped carriage the whole trip. When they had gotten off the carriage, they had already arrived at Holy Light City.

However, this time was different; Suo Jia didn’t want to take a carriage. He needed to practice, as did Aimi and Aila. Although they were still young in age, Suo Jia was now a Great Mage, which was enough to go out traveling.

For the first few days, nothing happened. Although they had drawn people’s attentions, they hadn’t attracted any evil. It was only after a few days that Suo Jia suddenly sensed that they were being followed!

In the beginning, everyone had thought that they were only 3 children. There wasn’t any profit in doing anything to them. However, when Suo Jia had stopped to eat, many people with ulterior motives had noticed Suo Jia’s luxuries.

One couldn’t blame Suo Jia though. For the past few years, he had gotten used to luxuries. He had difficulty eating normal food, and the dishes in restaurants seemed extremely dirty to him, making it hard for him to swallow the food down. Thus, Suo Jia couldn’t help but take out his own golden plates and bowls. Only then was he comfortable enough to eat. By doing so though, trying to avoid showing off his wealth was impossible. In any other’s’ eyes, he now looked like a plump little lamb.

After eating, Suo Jia, Aimi, and Aila all headed to the west. After progressing a few kilometers, Suo Jia discovered that there were some faint, crafty shadows flashing behind them. Although he wasn’t willing to believe it, Suo Jia knew that they were probably being followed!

Faced with such a hostile situation, Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel excited. Since he had decided to go out and travel, encountering danger was impossible to avoid. Suo Jia knew that this fight, which was essentially the first in his entire life, would begin soon. A true battle was something that Suo Jia had been anticipating for a very long time.

Although Suo Jia had fought that fire warrior in Holy Light Academy before, it had just been him being beaten. After a few years, Suo Jia was no longer the same as he had been before. If he encountered that fire warrior again now, Suo Jia would definitely be able to easily kill him in a mere second!

If Suo Jia was so powerful, then why hadn’t he gone back to get revenge? In reality, Suo Jia had already forgotten nobodies like him. Although he had humiliated Suo Jia, it wasn’t worth especially looking for him, and gathering a large force to beat him.

Suo Jia believed strongly in fate. He believed that the heavens arranged everything out. If the fire warrior was destined to pay up for his actions, then the two of them would naturally meet again. At that time, the debt Suo Jia owed the fire warrior would be returned with interest. After all, Suo Jia never allowed unpaid debts.

“Freeze!” A voice roared out from in front of them. A dozen figures suddenly jumped out from the shrubbery ahead! The figures wildly flashed, and they instantly appeared in front of Suo Jia to block his way.

Seeing this, Aimi and Aila quickly drew the staffs on their backs, and glared at the crowd in front of them. They could also sense that today most likely wouldn’t be boring!

Smiling, Suo Jia stopped in his tracks. He didn’t take out his staff, and instead raised his hands to say, “Why are you stopping us? Could it be…that you guys are those rumored thieves?”

“Hehe…” A man with a beard walked out from the crowd. Suo Jia noted that this guy’s body was short, but fat. There was a black, sheathed dagger at his waist. His face was meaty, and showed his ferocious appearance. A single look was enough to discern that this man wasn’t virtuous.

Greedily looking at Suo Jia, and then the two figures covered by blue cloaks next to him, the bearded man loftily said, “Hand over all the money on your persons, and I can spare your lives. Otherwise, the awesome me will kill you without holding back!”

As Suo Jia watched the opposite party say these amusing lines, he smiled and shook his head, “That’s not possible. Not only do I refuse to hand over my money to you, I demand that you hand over your money instead!”

Suo Jia then reached into his pocket to take out a golden, glittering emblem. He gently placed it on his chest. At the same time, Aimi and Aila began to look at Suo Jia with expressions of envy.

What Suo Jia now wore was a gold and green designed emblem. In the middle of the pentagram shaped emblem was a green angel. What Suo Jia represented was the newly created fourth group aside from the Dark Angels, Golden Angels, and the Blood Angels: the Emerald Angels adventure group!

Suo Jia lovingly caressed the emblem. Suo Jia had put a lot of his heart’s blood into creating this adventure group. Even Aimi and Aila didn’t have the qualifications to join. The members of this adventure group would inevitably be the members of the main force leaving for the Greater Trade Routes. Unless their strength was recognized by Suo Jia, nobody had the qualifications to join this adventure group!

After stroking the emblem for some time, Suo Jia lifted his head and excitedly looked at the dozen or so figures in front of him. He said in an earnest voice, “Right now, I’ll return your words right back to you. Immediately hand over all the money on your persons, and I can spare your lives. Otherwise…don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Gah!” The thieves were all shocked by Suo Jia’s words. It wasn’t that they’d never been yelled at by someone before, but this was the first time they’d ever been yelled at by such a young child!

Aimi and Aila simultaneously began to gather their magic power. A powerful amount of magic power began to fluctuate around the two girls, as it surged out and spread through the area surrounding them. In that moment, an invisible vortex had already begun to spin around the area.

Seeing this, the bearded man’s expression abruptly changed. He shouted, “Damn! Those two are mages! Hurry up and attack them before they can activate their magic!”

In response to the bearded man’s command, the thieves all drew the daggers from their waist, and wildly began to charge at Suo Jia and the two girls. Seeing this, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile. He made a gesture, signaling to Aimi and Aila not to attack.

The thieves quickly covered the few meters distance. The next moment…the thieves were flocking over to suppress Suo Jia and the girls. Seeing this, Suo Jia cruelly smiled and lightly stamped his right foot on the ground. This instantly activated the Diamond Charge!

Without any precedence, rows and circles of diamond-like ice crystals began to form with Suo Jia as the center. The crystals fanned out and shot out explosively. Each ice crystal glowed brilliantly as it refracted the sun’s rays.

Faced with such a powerful attack, the thieves really wanted to evade. However…the Diamond Charge’s attacks were too concentrated together. Moreover, its speed was as fast as lightning. By the time they’d even thought of dodging, they’d already been hit by it.

“Ah…” Miserable cries rang out as dozens of thief bodies were sent flying through the air as they were hit by the Diamond Charge. Their figures flew up many meters into the air before falling back down. Suo Jia, Aimi, and Aila all watched as they shattered into a millions of shards on the ground with a ‘ping’!

At the sight of such a devastating scene, the magic power around Aimi and Aila immediately dispersed, as they were unable to hold back their urges to vomit at the sight. Underneath the sun’s rays, a dark red color, as well as the glittering pieces of the corpses, filled their visions. How could this possibly be the human world? It was clearly the terrifying realm of the Underworld!

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