Chapter - 179: – Grasping Success Pt. 1
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Despite the crowd of people crazily charging at them, the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes weren’t the least bit afraid. During the past several months, they had seen scenes like this a few times, a few dozen times, and many more. They saw this kind of stuff every day, and had long since become numb to it.

All of them reached to pull out the spears hanging at their waists. Their fire wind battle qi rushed out, and red gold glows varying from faint to strong all lit up. Then…with a uniform shout, the 36 red gold figures instantly dispersed like lightning.

“Wa! Ah…” In that moment, the area was filled with miserable cries. The 36 Thousand Feathers had sent hundreds of people to their deaths. In a mere moment, the entire area had become more like the underworld.

“Stop!” The purple-faced lord bellowed out after coming out from his shock.

Hearing this, all of the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes pulled out their second spears, and quietly began to accumulate their energy again. At the same time, one of the red cloaks came out and said in a low voice, “What? Did the lord change his mind?”

The purple-faced lord shook as he looked at the figures in front of him, and couldn’t help but curse at himself for being so blind. This was clearly the Angels corps that had thrown the entire Gold Triangle area into disarray just a while back. If he had just been a bit more attentive, he wouldn’t have had to suffer such major losses. Those hundreds of guards had essentially died in vain.

The purple-faced lord was confident that as a mage, he had surpassed these warrior Angels in terms of strength. However, he also knew that these Angels’ armors were something a normal person couldn’t break through. In addition, their speeds were abnormally fast. If he acted, perhaps he’d end up fine, but the entire Soaring Dragon Villa would most likely be unable to avoid catastrophe.

However, although he knew the villa’s guards weren’t a match for the girls, he still couldn’t hand over the Atlantis armor, which had been passed down for dozens of generations, so easily. That was definitely impossible. For a moment, the purple-faced lord frowned at the difficult situation.

After a while, he finally raised his head, and firmly said to the red cloaks, “I admit that you are indeed very formidable. However…even if you kill all the people in this villa, don’t even think about finding what you want!”

Duo Mei couldn’t help but knit her brows at these words. She understood this reasoning as well; however, just as the Young Master had said, if the opposite party wasn’t beaten to submission, they wouldn’t consider this matter. In this world, everything had solutions.

Duo Mei sneered and said, “Distinguished lord, being able to find it or not is our own problem. However…your entire villa, including the old and sickly, as well as your children and wives, will all lose their lives over this armor. Do you think that’s worth it? Do you think that an armor that has been passed down for a thousand years is more important, or the villa that has been passed down for a thousand years?”

The lord frowned even fiercer at this. He looked at the spears already fully charged with energy in the 36 girls’ hands, and then thought of all the lives in the villa. For a moment, the lord’s response was completely lost.

Gritting his teeth, the lord angrily shouted, “No matter what, walking away with my armor just like that won’t happen unless you guys challenge me one by one. Otherwise, even if you kill every single person in the villa, don’t even dream of finding it!”

“Fine!” Duo Mei shouted in response, and resolutely said, “In that case, I’ll comply. If you want a fight, I’ll fight with you!” Duo Mei stepped forwards.

Seeing Duo Mei walk out from the group, the lord was excited as he said, “If I lose, I naturally won’t have anything else to say. If my abilities aren’t enough to protect this armor, I’ll automatically give it to you. But what if I win?”

Duo Mei furrowed her brows. She knew that Young Master Suo Jia had to get this armor. Regardless of whether she lost or won, they couldn’t give it up.

Duo Mei raised her head. Just as she was about to reply, a clear and sonorous sound suddenly rang out through the night, “Distinguished lord, if you win, we’ll turn around and leave, and will not cause any further disturbance!”

Hearing the faintly discernible sound, the lord couldn’t help but inquisitively raise his head to look in the direction it had come from. However, he wasn’t able to find any trace of the voice’s owner. At the same time, Duo Mei grew excited; she knew that the Young Master was confident that no matter what, she’d surely win!

Duo Mei abruptly drew the war blade on her back and said to the lord opposite her, “Fine then, let’s begin our fight. The Young Master has already said that if you defeat me, we’ll turn around and leave without any further disturbances!”

“Fine!” The purple-faced lord roared and suddenly waved his hand to pull down his long robe. This revealed the armor that circulated a blue glow underneath his robe!

“Pa! Pa! Pa…” The purple-faced lord patted the armor on his body, and laughed, “Truth be told, this Atlantis armor has always been worn by the villa lord. Since you’ve agreed to my request for a battle, then let me show you the Atlantis armor’s might!”

As he spoke, the staff in his hand lit up. In that instant…a sapphire blue light shield rippled as it materialized around the purple-faced lord’s body, safely wrapping his body within the center of its perimeter.

Seeing this, Duo Mei didn’t dare waste any time. She abruptly swung the spear in her hand that had long since been filled with magic power. A red gold glow flashed, and the purple-faced lord’s water magic shield was suddenly hit with a powerful attack.

“Bang!” A muffled sound rang out as the spear accurately hit the rippling magic shield. Although it appeared to be gleaming waves reflected by the sunlight rippling through the air, it was actually the water elements condensing to form the magic shield. It was incomparably flexible and strong, but it wasn’t actually a physical entity! After receiving Duo Mei’s attack, it remained completely undamaged. It simply shuddered a few times, but aside from that, there was no other visible reaction.

“Hehehehe…” The purple-faced man chuckled darkly and said in disdain, “Although your attack is quite good, very powerful and very explosive, it’s still just considered a small tickle to me!”

As he spoke, the purple-faced man’s staff lit up once more as he bellowed, “Hailstone!”

Following his shout, a whistling sound suddenly came from above Duo Mei. With her body as the epicenter, a shrieking storm arose as frost began to condense. The storm covered a perimeter of about 10 meters, and rained down fist-sized, sharp-edged ice balls, and the air turned to a freezing, bone-chilling temperature!

Faced against the large hailstones and the cold air pouring out from the sky in all directions, Duo Mei frowned heavily. She powerfully waved her war blade to guard herself. Only now did she realize that her opponent for this battle was the lord of a villa that had been passed down for thousands of years!

From his external appearance, the purple-faced lord seemed to just be an ordinary, middle-aged man. However, he was already 60 some years old, and had trained in magic for over 50 years. His tremendous magic power couldn’t be compared to a normal person’s!

In addition, his status as the villa lord meant that he wasn’t lacking in either family secret techniques passed through generations, or magic items that supplemented training. After so many generations, he was definitely well-prepared, to the point where one would call it excessive. This old guy’s strength was absolutely superior in might!

Realizing that frost was quickly freezing the outer layers of her armor, Duo Mei didn’t dare to waste anymore time on thinking. Her body quickly leapt up, and using her war blade to open up a path, she instantly charged out of the 10 meter circumference area that the Hailstone Technique covered. Battle qi then burst from her body, instantly shaking the ice layers on her armor off onto the ground.

As she turned to give a shocked glance at the purple-faced leader, she saw that he was currently standing there with a leisurely smile. He said to her, “Although you girls are powerful…it’s impossible for you to defeat me!”

The purple-faced lord then laughed loudly, “Originally, if you girls had teamed up, I would’ve been unable to defeat all of you, even with the help of the Atlantis armor. However, if it’s just a 1vs1 battle, the aid of the Water God’s Shield from the Atlantis armor will definitely lead me to victory!”

“Tch…” Hearing the purple-faced lord’s words, Duo Mei couldn’t help but inwardly curse at him. She wildly waved her right arm, and a red gold glow instantly crossed the space between them, exploding fiercely into that light blue magic shield.

Although it had received such a bombardment, the magic shield simply rippled a few times and shook once more. It still showed absolutely no signs of falling apart!

Meanwhile, having received this attack, the purple-faced lord refused to take it lying down. He raised his staff, and countless rays of blue light instantly appeared within an 100 meter perimeter, the rays all gathering at Duo Mei: Mysterious Ice Coffin!

Seeing this scene, Duo Mei first froze, then became alarmed as she discovered that numerous sparkling and translucent layers of ice quickly gathered around her body. The brief moment it took her to notice was enough for dozens of centimeter-thick ice layers to condense!

Shocked, Duo Mei hurriedly increased her battle qi output, prepared to burst the ice layers apart. However…by the time Duo Mei had finished raising her battle qi, the thickness of the ice layers had already surpassed 1 meter!

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