Chapter - 180: – Grasping Success Pt. 2
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The purple-faced lord couldn’t help but laugh at the scene, “How about it? This move is awesome, isn’t it? Unless your strength far surpasses mine and you use powerful battle qi to disperse the cold stream within 100 meters while being frozen, you will definitely turn into an ice sculpture!”

Hearing the lord’s words, the surrounding villa guards couldn’t help but cheer. They knew…that their lord was a Magister. In addition, with the Atlantis armor he was wearing, he would be able to defeat any normal person!

“How ignorant!” A freezing cold voice echoed through the air.

Hearing this, the purple-faced lord couldn’t help but tilt his head back to look up in the sky. As he did this, he failed to notice that Duo Mei, who was sealed within the ice coffin, began to shoot out brilliant red rays of light in all directions. That’s right…it was the Fire Phoenix Protection!

The purple-faced lord’s magic power was indeed too powerful. Duo Mei had been completely sealed by the ice coffin, unable to resist. However…the Fire Phoenix’s protection could melt the ice layers. In addition, the purple-faced lord hadn’t continued to lower the ice coffin’s temperature. Duo Mei only needed a few seconds before she was able to move once more.

As expected, just as the purple-faced lord was looking upwards, Duo Mei managed to raise her war blade with difficulty from inside the ice coffin. Raging flames suddenly rose from the blade, and the surrounding ice layers quickly melted. Then…Duo Mei used the blade to open a path and escape. During that single instant the lord had looked away to observe the sky, she quickly leapt out.

Hearing the winds change, the lord abruptly returned to his senses, and was shocked to discover that Duo Mei had leapt forward as fast as lightning. He quickly raised his staff, and a Mysterious Ice Arrow instantly shot out, piercing towards Duo Mei.

Seeing the ice arrow flying towards her, Duo Mei suddenly jumped up. As the ice arrow whizzed by, skimming the area beneath her feet, her cape abruptly flared out. Her cape faced the wind, and borrowing this vertical impetus, Duo Mei poured all her energy into her blade as she slashed it towards the lord.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Duo Mei attacked thrice in succession, leaving absolutely no margin between each slash. From her previous experience, a mage, regardless of how powerful he was, couldn’t oppose three explosive slashes in succession. The battle had already ended!

However, outside of Duo Mei’s expectations, the three consecutive attacks only caused the entire magic shield to violently shake as its shape changed from the blade’s fierce attacks. It still didn’t break!

These three attacks had already used up all of Duo Mei’s battle qi. Although she didn’t want to retreat, she had no other choice. Her feet jumped off the ground, sending her body flying upwards. High up in the sky, her large cape split into six, making it look like six wings. The wind blew upwards, supporting Duo Mei’s body as she quickly glided in a semi-arc!

Duo Mei hurriedly downed a Magic Potion, as well as a Spirit Potion. Without daring to waste any time, her body weaved around in the air and she wildly sliced downwards at the purple-faced lord from another angle.

The purple-faced lord couldn’t contain his shock from seeing Duo Mei’s attack. The staff in his hand swiftly danced, sending three ice magics pouring out in succession. They randomly shot upwards to oppose Duo Mei’s attacks coming down from all directions.

100 meters up in the sky above the area, Suo Jia hung in the air as he watched Duo Mei’s crazy strikes from above. That endless slew of attacks still wasn’t able to break the sapphire blue magic shield; how was that possible? Was this the might of the Water God’s Shield?

After receiving 30 of Duo Mei’s explosive attacks, the sapphire blue shield momentarily shriveled. At the same time, the purple-faced lord stared at the lunatic-like Duo Mei. He couldn’t understand, he just really couldn’t fathom how the opposing party’s battle qi was even stronger than his own! The same time his magic power and spirit power had been completely exhausted, the opposite party’s seemed to have exponentially increased. This was completely impossible!

Facing the paralyzed lord, Duo Mei quickly brought her blade up to hold it horizontally against the lord’s throat. She then used the tip of the blade to lightly poke the azure armor.

Reading Duo Mei’s gesture, the lord bitterly laughed. He knew…that regardless of the reason, he had already lost. He shook his head as he chuckled, and took off the armor, wordlessly handing it over to Duo Mei.

Duo Mei couldn’t help but smile happily as she accepted the armor. The six streamers behind her fluttered as she and her 36 sisters rose into the air. Just like 36 large birds, they glided through the air and disappeared into the boundless night.

30 minutes later, inside a camping tent outside the city, Suo Jia excitedly put on the Atlantis armor. After possessing the armor, all the problems with his defense were finally solved. In addition, it had become his strongest point.

In reality, during today’s battle, the magic shield hadn’t been blasted apart by Duo Mei. Although the shield had received 30 explosive slashes in succession, forcing the shield to break was extremely difficult with Duo Mei’s current level of strength. Her destructive power wasn’t great enough. The reason the magic shield had been defeated was only because the purple-faced lord’s magic power and spirit power had been exhausted.

Suo Jia knew that Duo Mei’s victory today was simply a fluke. Firstly, it was because of the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes’ physical defense, as well as Duo Mei’s fire attribute’s resistance against freezing. Most importantly, the Fire Phoenix Earrings that Duo Mei wore, as well as the Fire Phoenix Necklace, had majorly helped her during critical moments. Without these two pieces of jewelry, Duo Mei would’ve lost very early on.

Of course, the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes were great, the Fire Phoenix jewelry were great, Duo Mei’s original fire battle qi and battle skills were great as well. These were simply things that Duo Mei relied on to avoid losing. However, to defeat the opposite party, this was still not enough.

Battle qi and spirit power were bound to run out eventually. It was at that moment that one needed to rely on the four colored potions. It could also be said that although the purple-faced lord seemingly lost, he had actually won. If Duo Mei hadn’t had the four colored potions, she definitely would’ve lost to the lord much earlier. After all…the difference in their strengths was still there.

The Atlantis armor was created from the skin of a mythological water beast. Because this beast was extremely close to the water elements, the Atlantis armor could boost the speed at which the elements condensed by 200%. It also contained the Water God’s Shield magic, and increased its might by 10000! It even input magic power into the Water God’s Shield at the rate of 1000/second.

The armor didn’t really have any defensive abilities by itself. Its defense originated entirely from the Water God’s Shield, which was an ultimate magic shield that had an absolute defense. Its set power was 10000, and the armor itself could automatically pour magic power into the Water God’s Shield at a rate of 1000 moles/second. In addition…one could use their own spirit power and magic power to reinforce the magic shield!

If one wanted to harm the person within the shield, they needed to rip off the shield layer entirely. Otherwise, regardless of the attack used, the person within the shield wouldn’t be affected by the attack at all. The flexible and strong Water God’s Shield could absorb and buffer off any possible attacks.

Originally, this type of armor had extremely strict limitations. Once the Water God’s Shield was activated, it would be incomparably powerful. However, typically speaking, the armor didn’t have a thread of defensive abilities. A single jab would be enough to break through it; it wasn’t any different from normal leather. Of course…as an Epic ranked equipment, the Atlantis armor couldn’t be broken. However, this indestructibility was established from its quick self-repairing ability, not like how the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes physically couldn’t be broken.

Suo Jia caressed the sapphire blue armor, his smile so large that he couldn’t close his mouth. Although this armor had its deficiencies, it flawlessly matched the Monarch Armor that he wore underneath. Even if the magic shield suddenly broke, it would be extremely difficult for Suo Jia to get injured.

The opponent would first have to break through the unbreakable chain mail, then break through the soft yet magic-immune Black Dragon scales. These were pretty much impossible things.

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