Chapter - 184: – Miracle Cure Pt. 2
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He looked at the calm Suo Jia, and then back at the case on the table. In that instant, the Emperor understood everything. It was clear to see that…this brat didn’t act without some incentive. He was self-centered, and wouldn’t even make any allowances for those close to him. Unless there were enough benefits for him to gain, even the Emperor wouldn’t be able to make him do anything. It was because the Empress knew of Suo Jia’s habits that she had given away such a precious item to him. She hadn’t asked him for anything aside from trying his best to help the Emperor.

As the Emperor, he had the privileges to command any person in Holy Light Empire to do anything. However, the one thing he couldn’t do was make someone willing to do it. Even if he made an all-out effort, it would simply be a deferent from the outside. Only if one offered enough benefits would it work. Regardless of who stood in front of Suo Jia, there was no point in asking him for anything if one didn’t have anything to offer.

Helplessly looking at Suo Jia, the Emperor couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He knew that this was checkmate for him. If he was unwilling to give the items away, then Suo Jia wouldn’t help him. Even if he was the Emperor, it wasn’t like he could force someone that was powerless to help, right?

The Emperor gently reached out to press the case down and push it towards Suo Jia. “This was given to you by the Empress. Since she’s already given it to you, there’s no reason for me to take it back. You can keep it.”

Suo Jia lightly opened his eyes. He didn’t bother putting on a front, and just accepted the case on the table. He then sized the Emperor up, and soon afterwards, hit his own head as he shouted, “Aiya! I was mistaken just now. Looking closer, it seems like I could’ve helped Your Majesty from the beginning. It’s just…there’s a small difficulty that I cannot solve at the moment!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s carefully poised expressions, the Emperor couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. If it had been anyone else, he would’ve long since dragged them out and beheaded them. However, this small one had done a great favor for both him and the Empress. Besides, even if the he did behead Suo Jia, who would help the Emperor then?

The Emperor gloomily looked at Suo Jia. He knew that this brat had already seen through this point, which was why he dared to act so unrestrained. However, for his own sake, he’d have to accept it.

The Emperor shook his head with a wry smile and begrudgingly said, “Alright, alright, you can stop pretending now. Don’t worry, as long as you help me recover my former youthful vigor, I will definitely raise your noble rank to a viscount. I definitely won’t break my promise!”

“Hehe…” In response to the Emperor’s words, Suo Jia remained unmoved, and simply smiled to himself. Suo Jia greedily looked at the Emperor’s right hand and said, “Aiya…Your Majesty’s ring is really pretty! I love it to death. I wonder where Your Majesty bought it? I also want to buy one and wear it!”

“Eh!” Seeing Suo Jia’s avaricious gaze, the Emperor couldn’t help but be taken aback, but he soon returned to his senses. This brat just couldn’t accept his anger just now, and wanted to get him back fully. He even dared to blackmail the Emperor in such a way, he was surely courting death.

But strangely enough, the Emperor didn’t seem fed up with the greedy Suo Jia at all. Instead, he felt Suo Jia’s pureness and genuinity. Looking at the glowing ring on his hand, the Emperor gritted his teeth and pulled it off. He then tossed it at Suo Jia and said, “Fine, I’ll just give you this ring. Now…you should be able to help me!”

Suo Jia caught the flying ring and quickly threw it into his interspatial ring. At the same time, his expression turned serious. “Alright. Since Your Majesty is so generous, Suo Jia wouldn’t dare to not try his utmost. Your Majesty, don’t worry, I won’t just restore that particular part of your body, but will help Your Majesty’s entire body recover its original state of youth and vigor!”

Although Suo Jia’s expression was serious, he was actually beyond ecstatic inside. The ring the Emperor wore all the time couldn’t possible be inferior in any way. In reality, Suo Jia could tell from a single glance what this super powerful ring was.

The Ring of Light Harmonization was the legendary magic ring that the legendary Light Mage Deity created. It could warp light to conceal the body, and allow one to escape at full speed without revealing any trace. However…it couldn’t hide sound. This was its greatest drawback.

To Suo Jia, this ring didn’t have much use. After all…he could only use it three times in succession, and each time would only last for 3 seconds. In terms of effects and uses, it wasn’t any more useful than a thief’s concealment ring. However…to a thief, this was a precious item that they would even trade a Divine Artifact for.

With this ring, a thief would be able to attack without revealing any traces. From the beginning to the end of the attack, one wouldn’t be able to see the user’s figure. This was too frightening. With the addition of the thief’s original Stealth Technique, they would be so powerful that people would go numb just from the thought of their might.

Suo Jia didn’t actually plan on wearing this ring. Actually, he planned to trade it with the thief families as exchange for the Fire Phoenix Ring. It was said that this ring was in the hands of one of the ten great thief families. Suo Jia believed that he’d definitely be able to trade this ring for the Fire Phoenix Ring. However…he’d still have to add on a bit to his side of the transaction for it to work.

In the past, Suo Jia had racked his brains over the physiological anatomy of the human body. He could guess which organ had what effect on the body, and from there, he could quickly diagnose the problem; the four fleshy lumps were the deciding factors.

The first pair of fleshy lumps was located behind the waist, and the second pair was right in between the Emperor’s legs. Suo Jia knew that as long as he could use the combine his water manipulation and the Moisture Technique, he could restore the vigor of all four fleshy lumps. Everything would be OK; it would be a simple matter to accomplish.

Of course, Suo Jia didn’t dare to go too fast either. Otherwise, giving someone so many gains didn’t seem quite worth it either. Thus, as he helped the Emperor recover that place’s functions, he was also treating the Emperor’s entire body. Suo Jia fixed up the Emperor’s face, and returned the vigor of his internal organs. After busily working for an entire week, he finally finished.

Retrieving the snow-white towel from a maid, Suo Jia wiped the sweat off his forehead and said to the Emperor, who was currently lying down on a chair, “Your Majesty, everything is already done. Feel around a bit, do you feel like you’ve been given a new life?

Quietly opening his eyes, the Emperor felt his spirit being refreshed. His mind was also more clear-headed than it had ever been, and his entire body was refilled with the youth and vigor that had faded away over the years. He knew that this definitely wasn’t an illusion, it was reality!

The Emperor slowly stood up from the bed and walked up to the mirror, silently surveying himself. His wrinkles had decreased drastically. Even if a few remained, they were shallow, and not only didn’t worsen his appearance, but rather gave him a more dignified and mature charm!

As for the body, there was a type of indescribable feeling that originated from within him. He knew that this was the feeling of youth, the feeling of vigor. During the span of a week, Suo Jia had made him at least 20 years younger! He had reached the state of a 30 year old. Although he still hadn’t tried it, the Emperor knew that Suo Jia hadn’t addressed only his particular problem. It was just as Suo Jia had said; what he had given the Emperor was a new life!

Seeing the Emperor’s expression of admiration, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Alright, Your Majesty, it’s basically done. I’ll help touch you up once a year, and you should be able to maintain this state. Haha…how is it? The price you paid is definitely worth it, right?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Emperor started and said incredulously, “Then Knight Suo Jia, what I want to know is, what if this state can be maintained forever? Wouldn’t that mean one could live for an unlimited amount of time? I can feel that my body did indeed become younger. Does that mean…this is really going against the heavens?”

“That…” After pondering for a bit, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “I cannot answer your question. I also don’t know what the final result will be. However…I can guarantee that the Emperor’s life span will be stretched by at least twofold without a problem. The problem is just whether or not you can become immortal.”

“Gasp!” The Emperor couldn’t help but sharply inhale. This was too ridiculous. Typically speaking, a person’s life span was less than 100 years. But according to what Suo Jia had just said, he could at the very least live up to 200 years old. He could possibly even become immortal! This was something that all Emperors had yearned for since ancient times.

Suo Jia laughed at the Emperor’s shocked expression and said, “Don’t be too hopeful yet. There are many things that I cannot determine yet, these are only guesses. However, what I can guarantee is that as long I, Suo Jia, am here, I can ensure that the Emperor can forever live at 30 years old! This is the exchange for what you’ve paid.”

Suo Jia picked up the cup of tea and took a small sip, “Perhaps you don’t know me very well. However, I can tell you now that if you don’t pay a sufficient price, I will not help you. In addition, the extent to which I help you depends on the price you pay. Since I’ve already accepted your Fire Phoenix Bracelet and the ring, as well as the noble rank, I will do my utmost to help you. I do the same for both you and Her Highness.”

Suo Jia put down his cup with a smile, and neared the Emperor to say, “Your Majesty, I’m a bit concerned. Tell me…from now on, do you think that people will say that Your Majesty no longer loves women, and instead likes men, and had some kind of homosexual thing with me?”

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