Chapter - 190: – Harvest Season Pt. 2
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Although the doors were tightly shut, they weren’t locked. When they pushed open the door, a bizarre world appeared in front of them. Glancing around the incomparably vast and empty room, they saw that various alchemic goods, tools, and piles of alchemic materials covered the ground. There were also two side doors leading to storage. What made Suo Jia most excited was that he had finally found the whereabouts of the alchemy notes and books.

For the next month, Suo Jia ordered the girls to train in the arena as Suo Jia began to gather everything within the large treasury. No matter which item he inspected, it was a priceless treasure.

Firstly, Suo Jia found a large batch of new generation interspatial rings that hadn’t yet been made public, exactly like the one he wore. They contained 10 cubic meters of space within them. Although this wasn’t that large, these rings were still quite impressive; much more useful than the ones with one cubic meter volumes that the Angelic Phoenixes had been using.

Counting them up, there was a total of 76 ten cubic meters, second generation rings. Each Angelic Phoenix took two, but there were still 4 remaining. This was just enough to give Aimi and Aila two each as well.

As for Suo Jia, he had found the newest generation ring that hadn’t yet finished the beta state: the Generation III interspatial ring had a space of 100 cubic meters. The surface area of the Space Shield enshrouded the user with a 1 meter perimeter, and when activated, the entire body was completely protected by it. This allowed the user to instantly enter an invulnerable state. In addition…it could maintain this state for 3 seconds now instead of instantly collapsing after touch!

Suo Jia had tested it; within three seconds, no attacks from the Angelic Phoenixes would cause the Space Shield to even fluctuate. It was as if the destructive power of the attacks had been sucked into another space, unlike how Generation I and II interspatial rings would reverberate from the shock, which was their sole drawback!

On the outside, this Generation III interspatial ring was a bit too luxurious. There was a large diamond embedded in the gold ring, giving it a rich and imposing air. The large diamond would reflect the sun’s rays, making it absolutely dazzling. Only those that showed off their wealth would ever wear it like this; no warrior had ever worn such a thing before.

Truthfully speaking, Suo Jia didn’t really want to wear such an eye-catching ring, but it was extremely powerful after all. Only an idiot wouldn’t wear it. In addition, Suo Jia knew that this gem wasn’t simply a diamond. It was a space crystal; in terms of size, it was surely the world’s largest and oldest space diamond.

Suo Jia looked at the ring in admiration. He knew that this ring had to be quite complicated. Even if one got a hold of the Generation III interspatial ring blueprints, where would they ever be able find such a large space diamond? Without such a large diamond, how could the ring contain such ridiculous effects?

Releasing the shield in the Generation III ring required a high consumption of both spirit power and magic power. In addition, the shield took about 10 minutes to open. That’s why Suo Jia didn’t abandon his original Generation II ring; using both in combination was the most appropriate choice.

Moreover, Suo Jia discovered that the Generation III ring’s Space Shield could be deployed for longer if one used their magic power and spirit power to supplement it, thus extending its duration. If one didn’t use their spirit power and magic power as additional amplification, it could only be maintained for 1 second. If one did boost it, the shield would last for its current duration of 3 seconds.

Suo Jia knew that at the moment, his own magic power and spirit power were still a bit weak. When his powers grew stronger, he’d be able to maintain the shield for 8-10 seconds. That would be the display of the Generation III interspatial ring’s true power.

From the alchemy notes, Suo Jia knew that the 100 speed-type Magic Automatons outside were actually used to test this Generation III interspatial ring. Under the attacks from those fellows, the longest one had been able to maintain the shield was 12 seconds! This was a record set by a Magister. In other words, he could even go against the combination of the 100 Magic Automatons.

Based on the notes, Suo Jia also learned an extremely exciting piece of information; the amethysts shot out by the combined form of the Magic Automatons were actually mediums of energy. In terms of its special characteristics, this meant that it could replace the spears the Angelic Phoenixes used to activate Thousand Feathers!

When the Angelic Phoenixes learned of this, they quickly spurred into action. They picked up the amethysts that were stuck at odd angles, including the ones embedded into the wall and the ones that had fallen onto the ground. When divided evenly amongst them, they had about 30 each. Duo Mei managed to get 36!

After some experiments, it was discovered that these amethysts were not only mediums of energy, but were also incomparably hard. In terms of hardness, it was not at all inferior to the Angelic Phoenixes’ armor. Most importantly, when the fire wind energy was burst through the medium, the energy would compress before exploding, more than doubling its might. This was far superior to the effect-less spears that Suo Jia had made.

After gaining such amazing treasures, the Angelic Phoenixes wholeheartedly immersed themselves into training, familiarizing themselves with the skills used with the amethysts. The 36 Angelic Phoenixes spent every day fighting in the arena, and used each other as targets as they randomly shot out projectiles. This allowed them to practice Thousand Feathers, as well as train their evasion skills. It could also raise their ability to resist attacks, effectively improving many aspects all at once.

On the other hand, Suo Jia continued to gather the large amount of items that he constantly found left and right. Unfortunately, although Suo Jia was already an elementary alchemist…majority of the items here were still foreign to him. Although he found them, he wasn’t able to figure out their uses, and could only store it for the moment.

After going through all the magic articles, Suo Jia stored all the alchemy books and notes. Originally…it wouldn’t have been a big deal even if he had left them there, but Suo Jia was afraid that with the situation of his acquired land, they would be forced to leave this area for quite a while. He’d have to go to the plot of land first before thinking about anything else.

When he had received the drawing of the land, the area had already belonged to Suo Jia. The court would no longer care for it. However, this also provided a problem; it meant that Suo Jia would be completely responsible for it. The land didn’t just represent power, but duties as well!

Under Suo Jia’s command, the 100 speed-type Magic Automatons, as well as 300 of the bow cannon Magic Automatons outside, were all stored into the interspatial rings. The remaining 600 Magic Automatons were temporarily left there, as the interspatial rings were already full, and it wasn’t like people could carry them around. These Magic Automatons were made of metal, so they each weighed at least a ton.

After the underground entrance had been properly concealed, the group of people quickly rushed towards Dawn City. For the sake of maintaining speed on the journey, Suo Jia had hired two large carriages where he, Aimi, and Aila rode. Although their speeds decreased by quite a bit, they could still hastily journey on for all 24 hours of a day.

Suo Jia continued to search through his things during the journey until finally…he managed to find notes related to the Magic Automatons. It turned out that these 1000 Magic Automatons were originally not Atomic Alchemy Lab’s products, but ancient articles that had been passed down this whole time. In reality, these Magic Automatons, as well as the entire Atomic Alchemy Lab, had gradually developed after the ancestor’s notes had been organized.

As he read the notes, Suo Jia slowly came to understand many things. When the Atomic Alchemy Lab had suffered destructive attacks, they had also wanted to dispatch these Magic Automatons. However, these automatons hadn’t been able to freely move around. They had to have countless binding mechanisms set up to be used. They could only defend a set area, and couldn’t just be used anywhere they were brought to.

As for the 100 speed-type Magic Automatons, they were only able to move within that arena. Once taken outside, they wouldn’t budge at all. Actually, they wouldn’t leave the the arena independently anyways. Once they left, they’d immediately stop moving. All their actions were controlled and completed by the magic system below the ground.

The 900 bow cannon Magic Automatons didn’t have eyes, so they couldn’t freely move around either. Actually, they were pretty much just stationary forts. Their eyes were simply decoration; they actually used heat, as well as the fluctuations of magic and battle qi, to sense their surroundings. Once the enemy entered their attack range, they’d automatically appear and initiate their attacks. Once the enemy left the range, they’d naturally stop.

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