Chapter - 199: – Slave Soldiers Pt. 1
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Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the people outside the city suddenly fell silent. They all knew that Suo Jia’s concerns weren’t without reason. The fatty had been, after all, stationed here for 30-40 years. His foundation here was quite deep. If he was allowed into the city, he could incite a soldier rebellion. Then, no matter how powerful Suo Jia was, he would most likely fall in power, and be forced to leave.

After thinking for a long time, the fatty outside the city finally said, “Then how about this: I won’t enter the city. Can you just let my family members in? They are innocent.”

Suo Jia coldly shook his head and smiled grimly, “Why must you say such things again? If I only forbid you from entering and allow you to get killed by thieves, then your wives and children would surely hunt me down for revenge in the future. It’s not like I don’t want to let you all in, but think about it; if you were in my position, would you let me in?”

“Alright…” Fiercely gritting her teeth, Naifa Lian resolutely said, “Student Suo Jia, tell me…exactly what must we do to make you let us in?”

Suo Jia helplessly shook his head in response and said, “Actually, I really do want to let you guys in. But my wisdom tells me that letting you in is simply asking for trouble. At the moment, even I am at loss at what to do. Unless…do you want to help me think of a solution?”

After muttering to herself for a long time, Naifa Lian suddenly knelt down in front of the city gates and said, “Fine them. From now on, Naifa Lian, in cooperation with my family, will follow and vow loyalty to Viscount Suo Jia. Please allow us to enter the city!”

“That…” Suo Jia was momentarily shocked speechless. As matters stood, it seemed that only vowing loyalty to him was the only way to resolve the current issue. However…could Suo Jia comfortably accept their loyalty and devotion? Were they worth his trust?

Everyone knew that saying something like loyalty and devotion was extremely easy to do. It was only a matter of opening and closing one’s lips. But how many people in the world could actually do it?

Even after thinking about it for a long time, Suo Jia still couldn’t make a decision. He understood that even if Naifa Lian could be trusted, the fatty was definitely unworthy of trust. He couldn’t just fall for the fatty’s currently pitiable state because of the dire situation; once the fatty gained power, he’d definitely change to a completely unrecognizable face. A person like him that had always been extremely ruthless wouldn’t ever repent. It was easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character!

Suo Jia firmly stated, “Sorry. Pledging loyalty and devotion are fine, but I can’t possibly believe in these things. There are many matters where word of mouth just isn’t sufficient.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Naifa Lian anxiously looked behind her towards the path they had come from. A single glance was enough to see that in the distance, faint black figures could be seen. They were currently rushing towards them as fast as lightning.

Abruptly turning around, Naifa Lian desperately said, “Hurry, hurry up…I beg of you, Viscount Suo Jia; I will agree to any request you have. Please just let us in; we really cannot suffer any more losses!”

Suo Jia followed Naifa Lian’s gaze, and noticed the black figures as well. He furrowed his brows, and mulled over the situation for a long time. Eventually, he said, “How about this; I’ll accept your loyalty and devotion, and I will help arrange for your family’s living conditions. However…they cannot enter the city!”

“You!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Naifa Lian anxiously said, “What are you talking about? If you don’t let my family enter the city, we’ll definitely lose our lives. If they all die, how would I pledge loyalty and devotion to you!”

“Haha…” Suo Jia smiled proudly as he puffed out his chest, “Don’t worry. Although I won’t let them enter the city…nobody can possibly kill the people I wish to protect. Be at ease.”

Suo Jia narrowed his eyes and looked Naifa Lian up and down. He then firmly said, “However, you have to think through it carefully; are you certain that you will pledge loyalty and devotion to me? Once you agree, you’d better not think of running away. Otherwise, both you and your family will die!”

Naifa Lian nodded and said resolutely, “I, Naifa Lian, always speak words of enormous weight. Don’t worry, as long as you save my family, I will pledge loyalty and devotion to you.”

As the two were speaking, the distant black figures had already caught up. They were now only around 50 meters away from the city walls. When Suo Jia looked over, he saw that there were over 100 black-clothed and masked thieves. Each one of them held sharp blades, and moved extremely agilely. A single glance was enough to tell that they weren’t on the side of justice.

The head thief glanced at the city walls and ordered the thieves to stop 50 meters away. He then loudly asked, “May I ask if the one on the wall is Viscount Suo Jia?”

Suo Jia nodded and replied, “That’s right, I am Suo Jia. Do you have any business with me?”

“Hmph!” The head thief snorted and said, “I’m chasing the survivors of that sinister and vicious Naifa Family. I hope that City Lord will help make things convenient for me. Otherwise, don’t blame me, Blackbeard, for not giving you face!”

Hearing the head thief’s words, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all paled. Who was this guy, to so brazenly say anything he wanted in front of them? If he dared to say such things, he had to be quite powerful.

Surveying the ashen-faced Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Blackbeard? Such a character-filled name. However, allow me to say something: My face isn’t something that you give me. In addition, I really wonder, if you guys don’t give me face, will that even affect me?”

Blackbeard couldn’t help but blow up in anger from Suo Jia’s words. He fiercely shook the dagger in his hand as he shouted, “Brat, don’t be too arrogant. If you offend us, you will have to suffer. We Blackbeard thief corps are top ranked amongst the 180 members of the great Thief Alliance. If you provoke us, it’ll be the same as provoking the entire Alliance. Assess it yourself, see if you can afford to provoke us or not.”

Suo Jia shot Naifa Lian a questioning glance and asked, “Hey, is what this Blackbeard saying the truth? Is he really that powerful?”

Bitterly nodding, Naifa Lian replied, “That’s right. The standard Thief Alliance includes all the thief groups within an 800 li range in Dawn City. There are over 180 member thief groups, and their total number of members reaches 180,000. They conquered the entire path along the boundary. The number of experts in the Alliance are as great as the forests here, and even the Imperial Soldiers are powerless against them.”

“Oh!” Suo Jia’s eyes lit up with excitement. He turned back and around to say to Duo Mei, “Aha…it’s finally time for you girls to break away from your silence. Your next training opponents have been found!”

“Mmmmm…” Duo Mei happily nodded and replied, “You’re really too awesome, Young Master. We’ve practically gone crazy from resting so much. Now we finally have people to help us train!”

Duo Mei suddenly reached out her right hand and made the symbol of a six with her hand. At the same time, she said, “Young Master, give us 6 months, or half a year. We’ll sweep our way through the trade routes along the borders on your behalf!”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded, saying, “Then don’t hesitate to do it. Even if you make a huge blunder, I, your Young Master, will support you. Go play with those that dare to threaten me until they collapse. Got it?”

Duo Mei nodded in response to Suo Jia’s teasing and laughed. Seeing how happy she was, Suo Jia’s expression suddenly turned grave as he said indignantly, “If you know, then what are you still still standing around here for? Could it be that you’re telling me that I, your Young Master, must initiate it?”

“Hehe…we wouldn’t dare, not at all…” Duo Mei waved her hands in response to Suo Jia’s teasing, then abruptly turned around to tell the girls behind her, “Sisters, what are you waiting for? Start fighting!”

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