Chapter - 206: – Choosing Generals Pt. 2
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Suo Jia solemnly said to the serious-faced Harvey, “Alright. Now go bring your subordinates back to the army camp. Choose the backbone of the group, and construct levels of authority. Take note, you must send me a list of names before 8pm. Tomorrow morning at 8, I will formally convene a nomination assembly!”

“Pa!” Harvey looked at Suo Jia, his entire body trembling slightly in excitement. After quickly saluting, he wordlessly turned around and led his group back. Soon afterwards…the 5000 Mengma Knights quickly left the public square under his lead.

Suo Jia shifted his attention back at the 5000 pike users. After organizing his thoughts, he announced, “Alright. It’s your turn now. Tell me, who is the ideal general in your minds?”

The people fell silent for a moment, before they finally shouted in unison, “General Jason! General Jason! General Jason! General Jason!”

Suo Jia smiled and nodded, waving his hand to indicate for Jason to come out. A sturdy, and not too tall body walked out from the formation.

The visor was lifted, revealing a middle-aged soldier around 40 years old. Although he was much younger than the Mengma Knight, he was clearly a veteran as well.

“Are you General Jason?” Suo Jia asked with a smile.

General Jason fearlessly nodded and firmly replied, “That’s right, Viscount Suo Jia. This one is Jason Wei.”

Suo Jia solemnly replied, “My request for you is identical to what I told General Harvey. Before tonight, you must organize a list of names across various levels of authority. Tomorrow morning at 8, I’ll formally convene a nomination assembly!”

Just as General Harvey had done, General Jason began to tremble in excitement as well. After working hard for so long, he’d finally obtained a chance to stand out. This was a chance that was beyond important to a soldier.

Soldiers that didn’t want to be soldiers were bad soldiers. Every one them desired to become generals, but historically, such positions were assigned by the higher-ups. No matter how great one’s performance once, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Even if they performed brilliant military service, they’d always have it falsely claimed by higher-ups. Thus, the day they’d be able to stand out had gradually grown more and more distant for an indefinite amount of time.

But now, Suo Jia had announced on the platform that he’d adopt the election method and allow all the soldiers to choose their generals. That way, everyone finally had a chance to stand out. This was extremely important to all the soldiers.

After he finished explaining all the matters pertaining to the two groups, Suo Jia looked at the surrounding slave soldiers. Seeing his inquisitive gaze, they didn’t bother to wait until he asked, and immediately shouted over each other:

“Red-footed Roger…Red-footed Roger…Red-footed Roger…Red-footed Roger…” The originally scattered shouts gradually became closer and closer to each other. The previously dull scene had become quite stormy. In the end, the 100,000 people were all shouting together; it was really a world-shaking sight.

Suo Jia was bewildered when he saw the excited and frenzied, yet revering expressions on the slave soldiers’ faces. Exactly what kind of person was Roger? Why was he so popular? Someone that 100,000 slave soldiers loved and respected was definitely a complex person!

The slave soldiers here were all criminals that had broken Holy Light’s laws. They had been sent here to atone for their sins, and would be fated to stay slave soldiers for the rest of their lives.

These 100,000 slave soldiers were criminals that had gathered together here these past hundred years. Although many amongst them had died…those that were able to survive through countless battles as cannon fodder were clearly outstanding talents!

Firstly, being a criminal was complicated in itself. Now…these people had also survived so many battles, and were clearly extraordinary. With their armor and equipment, as well as their roles as cannon fodder, those that could return after a hundred battles were extremely rare figures. They were more precious than even the Mengma Knights.

Moreover, what Suo Jia found really hard to believe was that there was a figure that could make 100,000 criminals so excited and earn their respect. Exactly what type of person was he? Convincing regular soldiers’ hearts was easy, but winning the hearts of these unyielding slave soldiers that lived from hand to mouth was really bizarre.

“Pata…pata…pata…” A slim, tall, and beyond handsome youth walked out from the crowd of slave soldiers with the support of a grotesquely disfigured slave soldier.

As a slave soldier, he didn’t have any set uniform, and wore whatever he wanted. Even if he wanted to go into battles with bare arms, nobody would ever object. This could be seen from the guys behind this youth and how they wore all types of things, of all shapes and colors, and everything anyone could possibly imagine.

But the youth walking in the very front was different. His attire was very exquisite. Although he no longer had the emblem of a noble, the distinguished aura around him had even more grandeur than a noble’s. A single glance was enough for Suo Jia to discern that he was surely a descendant of some aristocrat. Otherwise, there’s no way he’d have that kind of air!

Suo Jia watched as the youth stopped in front of the platform. His legs were apart, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He smiled insincerely and said to Suo Jia, “Yo! Are you the newly arrived Viscount Suo Jia? You don’t seem very old…”

He was blunt, very blunt. Suo Jia stared hard at the arrogant youth in front of him. He knew that the youth facing him definitely didn’t have the proper attitude a general should have.

If it were anyone else, they would’ve definitely gotten angry over this guy’s conceitedness. Even if he hadn’t been immediately punished, he’d probably have been chased out. Nobody would ever accept such a guy to be their subordinate. This wasn’t a person that could be commanded.

However, Suo Jia was different; this young man was indeed different from others. Although his expression was lazy, his attitude was haughty, and it could even be said that he was rude, his eyes seemed to reflect all his inner thoughts.

What kind of eyes were those? Although he had a soul, his eyes were so empty and full of despair, that Suo Jia couldn’t help but appreciate those eyes that had lost all light. Was he probing Suo Jia?

Suo Jia smiled. He slowly strode over and walked off the platform. Seeing this, Red-footed Roger couldn’t help but show an expression of a surprise. However, he still stood there as lazily as before. There was a relaxed smile on his face as he continued to stand there without moving.

Everyone watched as Suo Jia slowly walked up to Roger. About a meter away, he stopped in his tracks, and his eyes locked onto Roger with a courageous and fearless expression.

For a moment, the entire public square fell silent. Everyone secretly worried that Roger would act rudely to Viscount Suo Jia. Suo Jia had absolute power and could immediately execute Roger. The crowd couldn’t help but hold their breaths as they watched the confrontation between the two, quietly observing the situation panning out.

Just like that, the 100,000 slave soldiers watched with bated breath as neither Suo Jia or Roger averted their gazes. They each tried to search for the answers they wanted within the opposite party’s eyes.

After some amount of time, finally…a faint smile gradually formed on Suo Jia’s cold face. He stuck his hand out and slowly reached over at Roger. At the same time, Suo Jia said in a low voice, “Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Dawn City’s new lord, Viscount Suo Jia. I’m very pleased to meet you, Roger!”

A shock seemed to run through Roger’s body after hearing Suo Jia’s greeting. He pulled out his hands from his pockets and gently clasped Suo Jia’s hand with a smile, “I’m Roger, and am very happy to meet you, honorable Viscount Suo Jia.”

Suo Jia’s smile became brighter. Indeed…just as Suo Jia had expected, this guy was definitely a descendent from an aristocratic family. When Suo Jia confronted him with the noble’s etiquette, regardless of what the guy thought, as a noble he had no choice but to grimly respond. Even if the opposite party was one’s archnemesis, one would still need to have an appropriate appearance. This was what an aristocrat was!

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