Chapter - 218: – Roar of Ice Pt.2
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Although the great war was within sight, Dawn City was still flourishing. As expected, wars stimulated production. A large number of sinister schemes was forming on the city walls every day, and defensive measures became more and more perfect. For the sake of protecting their own lives, the 100,000 soldiers had really used up all of their brain power. Seeing the sinister arrangements, even Suo Jia secretly broke out in sweat. What was this? Wasn’t it a bit too vicious…

Seeing that the slave soldiers were so energetic, Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes obviously couldn’t fall behind. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes began a secret training that straightened out and improved their battle skills. Most importantly, they continued to endlessly train their battle qi so that their strength could increase in level. This was something that any warrior had to experience at some point.

Battle qi had to be slowly accumulated, like training one’s inner strength. The accumulation process was gathering the qi, which naturally allowed the magic elements to drift away from the surroundings and gather within one’s body to combine together with it. The battle qi amount would thus gradually increase. This was a passive, and extremely monotonous process. But if a warrior wanted to grow stronger, this was necessary.

Suo Jia had also entered a critical moment. For the past year or so, Suo Jia’s magic power had increased to a frightening level with the help of meditation and the Enchanted Zhiyao. In terms of his magic power measurements, he had already reached the Great Mage level. However, he just couldn’t break through another mediation realm, and had been stuck on the normal Mage level this whole time.

With the slave soldiers’ encouragement. Suo Jia’s impatient mood finally calmed down. Before…he had always been in a rush to reach breakthrough points, and so his state of mind couldn’t stay calm at all. However, after seeing the slave soldiers work so hard, Suo Jia suddenly realized that as long as he tried his best, he’d gain rewards. The only differences was the times these awards would be received, but that wasn’t a big deal.

It was just like the diligent soldiers. Although they had arranged many plans, these were useless at the moment. But once the battle began, these plans wouldn’t be wasted, and would actually be a major help.

If one put in effort, they’d definitely get something in return. The Heavens would never make anyone sacrifice something for no reason. With this mindset, Suo Jia finally settled his mood down, and concentrated his whole heart into training. Finally…after the third day of being submerged into training, Suo Jia naturally reached success, and in a spurt of energy, broke through the Mage realm, and became a Great Mage!

After reaching this level, both his spirit and magic powers substantially improved. In particular, the speed of their growth had increased by many times. Meditation went through similar developments. The effects of a Great Mage’s meditation were much more plentiful than from a Mage’s.

Not long before the wake of Dawn’s second military campaign, Suo Jia finally became an official Great Mage. The reason this rank was called Great Mage was because during this period, one would be able to grasp AOE magics for the first time!

Mages were experts proficient in magic. Great Mages were specifically skilled at AOE attack magics. This was the main difference. According to Suo Jia’s current strength, he’d definitely be able to learn the next tier of magic.

Roar of Ice, shortened as Ice Roar, was a Great Mage’s signature battle skill. With a 10 meter circumference, a sharp ice blade would burst out, forming a destruction zone. Any enemies within this perimeter would be indiscriminately attacked. At the same time the enemies were attacked, the ice blades could smash the enemies into pieces and scatter them into the wind.

Suo Jia didn’t need to learn the Ice Roar’s spell formation. He had long since memorized it, and had even drawn it mentally many times. Although he hadn’t yet activated it, he was already extremely familiar with it.

Suo Jia took a deep breath and slowly stretched out his right hand. A bright blue line of light appeared from the hollow of his palm and quickly drew out a complicated and abnormal magic spell formation. It completed in an instant, and the next moment….a world-shaking Ice Roar was activated!

“Whoosh…” Shrieking loudly, the endless ice blades whizzed towards the surroundings, whipping up a large storm. It was just like a cyclone; it had incomparable destructive power, and fiercely spun in the air. This then whirled around violently to form a storm of thousands of ice blades that then spiralled outwards.

“Clang! Clang! Clang…” A series of clanging sounds rang out. The ice blades all glittered as they fiercely broke their way through the surrounding walls; they wouldn’t stop until they were at least 4 centimeters deep. Only half of the ice blade remained visible on the outside.

Suo Jia sighed in praise as he walked over to the wall. Seeing the crescent-shaped ice blade, Suo Jia was beyond ecstatic. With this Ice Roar, Suo Jia would finally be useful in combat. A Great Mage’s role in a battle was at an extremely destructive level!

Ice Roar’s attack area was anything within a 10 meters circumference. The methods of attack were Ice Revolving Slice and Freezing Invasion. Once one was hit by Ice Roar, they’d suffer from the consecutive attacks of thousands of ice blades, and be frozen by the Ice Roar’s chilly air at the same time!

The might of ice-type magic would induce a headache for anyone. To an average person, the waters arts was the most difficult to deal with out of the four elemental arts. Once faced against a water mage, their actions would be slowed down due to freezing effects, and their attacks would also slowly lose power. One might even feel that their senses numbed because of the freezing, as the brain seemed to suffer from the cold as well.

Moreover, freezing wasn’t the only issue. While being frozen, one had to face powerful attacks as well. In terms of magical attacks, the water arts and fire arts were better than the wind arts and the earth arts.

Although fire mages were explosive and destructive in their attacks, they were also extremely straightforward. If they could win, then they’d win, if they couldn’t, they wouldn’t. It was painfully clear-cut.

However, the water arts were different. Just because they had a chance of winning didn’t mean that they would. As for possibly losing, that was a chance that couldn’t be bet on either. The ice arts were too abnormal, too hard to deal with. The attack power didn’t seem to have a limit, and was also accompanied by freezing effects. If one wanted to fight with an ice mage in close combat, they’d have quite some difficulty moving. Under the freezing effects, one would start moving at a turtle’s pace. The ice magic that was originally at turtle’s pace would then, in contrast, seem as fast as a rabbit.

Putting aside how troublesome the ice arts were to deal with, Suo Jia’s killing powers were now comparable to 100 elite soldiers combined. This was the power of a mage.

In reality, 1000 Great Mages of any element were enough to protect these 10,000 meters of walls. No matter how many enemies came, they couldn’t possibly step forward even one step. However….gathering 1000 Great Mages was only a dream. Aside from the imperial family, nobody else had this ability. Moreover, this was only because the typical person wasn’t willing to make the imperial family their enemy, so they couldn’t possibly refuse!

After breaking through, Suo Jia didn’t continue training the Ice Roar. He had already trained it many times during the process. Now, time was precious, as the great war was about to start. His sole responsibility was using Zhiyao to produce large amounts of the four colored potions. This was his most important task.

While Suo Jia was absorbed in the Zhiyao process, news came in from the outside. Not long ago, Aimi and Aila had been pushed back to Holy Light City by Suo Jia, where they had entered closed door training. Now, after hearing about Dawn’s impending great war, they had rushed back!

Suo Jia was stunned at the news, but soon stood up abruptly and walked out with a fierce expression on his face. Those dumb girls, why had they run here for no good reason? Didn’t they know that it was dangerous here?

Suo Jia walked out to the city lord’s main residence. The next moment, two giant Wind Dragons appeared in front of him. Aimi and Aila were currently standing next to the Wind Dragons, their eyes twinkling with joy as they stared unblinkingly at Suo Jia.

Suo Jia nodded in sudden understanding. He had been wondering just now how the two girls had managed to break through the defensive line, but now he realized that it was because they had been sent here by Holy Light’s Wind Dragon Knights.

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