Chapter - 22: – Visiting Troubles
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Finally, all the girls had left in disappointment, allowing Suo Jia’s ears peace and quiet. Seeing the last girl’s desolate figure, Suo Jia wanted to call her back and accept their request. However his reasoning told him that he could not do so, at least not currently.

Female fire-wind warriors, also known as fire-wind goddesses, were the mightiest of warriors. This was due to the fact that they were able to utilize the speed of wind and the power of fire, making them the strongest existences in the world of warriors! However, a popular topic that was often brought up was the fact that the goddesses’ strengths were exactly inversely proportional to their beauty. The uglier the fire-wind warrior, the stronger she was!

Historically, very few fire-wind warriors have ever married. Most of the few that did try to marry ended up having their marriages end in failure. To testify this fact, even though men did not necessarily care about a woman’s ugly points, a face that was ugly enough to cause nightmares would make most men remain at a respectful distance.

While thinking about this, the tent’s cloth was once again pulled apart. At the same time, a large, fat woman waddled her heavy body slowly inside. The originally spacious tent became much narrower with her entrance.

Sweeping her gaze up and down Suo Jia, the woman casually sat across from him. Her movements were graceful and charming, if she was slimmer, it would have been enough to make the eyes of countless men fall out.

Sadly, the only word that could describe this woman was “huge”. She was really too obese. If her movements were paired together with a beauty’s body, it would seem pretty. Paired with her body however only made people want to vomit; “fat and ugly” completely described her.

The good thing was that Suo Jia was not yet a man and he had no prejudice against any people or other such grievances. In Suo Jia’s eyes, the woman opposite of him was simply someone larger by many circles than a normal woman.

Seeing Suo Jia’s undisturbed face, the woman showed an astonished expression, then said: “Perfect, my personal moisturizer has not been around recently. You, help me moisturize my skin instead!”

Nodding, Suo Jia did not bother to chatter, and gently extended his right index finger while his right arm rapidly moved. Very quickly…a complex Moisture Technique spell was completed, and a stream of fine mist thinly fell towards the direction of the fat woman.

Seeing that Suo Jia actually did not rely on a staff and yet could fluently activate magic, the fat woman’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light. Even though it was just a small and insignificant Moisture Technique, Suo Jia was also still a small, unimportant eight year-old child!

The woman slightly closed her eyes, enjoying the refreshing feeling from the Moisture Technique. Up until now, this was her favorite sensation…

“What’s with this place? Who set up a tent here?” Just as the Moisture Technique had formed a fine mist, a string of noisy sounds came from outside. His mother’s panicked sound of understanding mixed in with the noise.

Suo Jia suddenly stood, and just as he was preparing to charge outside to check out the situation, the tent entrance was ripped open and two heavily armed city defense soldiers walked in with angry expressions. “Who gave you permission to set up a tent here? Has it been approved? Do you guys not know that randomly setting up a vendor stand can instigate a fine of 10,000 gold? If you can’t afford the fine, you have to sit in jail, 1000 gold per year.”

Hearing the city soldiers, Suo Jia’s face immediately went white. Was there really a rule like that? He had never done business before, so he didn’t know the rules yet. Dear God, a 10,000 gold fine! His profits hadn’t reached that amount yet; if he was to be imprisoned, what would his mother do?

“Heng!” Just as Suo Jia was frightened to the point of freezing up, a cold snort rang out. The fat lady nodded her head at the two guards saying, “This vender booth was permitted by me to be set up. You have no business here, so hurry up and get out!”

Upon hearing the lady speak, the two soldiers were momentarily confused. But once they caught sight of her and her giant body, the two soldiers began to sweat all over their bodies. They didn’t even dare release a fart and obediently walked out.

Looking at the fat lady, Suo Jia did not know how he would voice his gratitude towards her. But he did know one thing for sure; if it were not for this lady, then he and his mother may have been thrown into prison. In any case, there was no way they would have been able to pay the 10,000 gold fine.

If they had been thrown into prison, then Suo Jia’s life would have been ruined.  His mother’s plight would have taken a turn for the worse, as her body was still sick. In her current condition, if she was to sit in prison, then she would really die!

“Thank you, I really owe you my thanks!” Suo Jia enthusiastically thanked the fat lady and bowed over and over again.

“Hehe…” The lady shook her head, “It was not a large matter, all I had to do was lift a finger; you don’t have to take this so seriously. But if in the future, people still question you, then say you have the permission of Duke Wen Sha!”

“Duke Wen Sha!” After hearing the name from the fat lady, Suo Jia raised his eyebrows in doubt. Duke Wen Sha was very famous; even Suo Jia had heard of him. However, the Duke was a male, and not the fat lady in front of him.

After this thought, Suo Jia honestly said, “Could you please leave behind your name? No matter what, I, Suo Jia, will definitely repay you for today’s matter!”

“Oh!” She looked at Suo Jia with interest, but then shook her head. “I cannot think of anything that you could help me with. With my status and capabilities, I do not need anyone to help me. Therefore, there isn’t much of a need to leave my name. I helped you because I have taken a liking to you, since you didn’t judge me on my fat appearance!”

The lady looked at her own body with disdain and shook her head with a small gasp, “This fat body of mine, it could kill someone with looks alone, but what can be done about it? Even if I drink only boiled water every day, my fat will only continue to grow continuously.”

She stood up after talking. Even though her body weight was massive, her strength was clear and obvious to see. She still gave off the feeling of being nimble, which contradicted with the appearance of her body.

Waving her hand at Suo Jia, the lady waddled her fat self towards the entrance without looking back from the entrance. Seeing her large figure, Suo Jia felt like the woman was feeling some type of helpless despair. No matter what, a woman still has to care for her own appearance!

Suo Jia knew that although this lady might have had strength, high status and a lot of money,  she was in all actuality rather pitiful. Otherwise, why couldn’t she help herself and lose weight?

For as long as he could remember, Suo Jia’s mother had taught him to not owe anyone anything, whether it was money or feelings. It has always been like this. Now that someone had aided him in such a large way, he could not simply pretend like it had never happened.

Although that lady was obese, to Suo Jia and his mother she was a life saver. Even though to the woman, helping Suo Jia was as simple as waving her hand, to Suo Jia, not only had he been exempt of a fine and being sent to jail, the most important part was that his source of income was protected. From today onwards, he was able to daringly set up his tent here, and not ever again be worried about people punishing him for it.

Suo Jia knew that he was unable to help her in terms of money, power, and status. Even if he could, it would be far in the future before it was possible.

However, Suo Jia still stubbornly believed that he could help the woman. Suo Jia already knew what her greatest regret was; this meant his next task was to work hard to help solve her regret. She had provided new lives to both Suo Jia and his mother, so Suo Jia would provide her a completely new second life as well, one that did not require her to feel inferior because of her appearance!

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