Chapter - 222: – Main Force Dispatched Pt.2
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“Hahahaha….” While everyone else was silently trying to guess these people’s identities, a clear and bright laugh rang out. A blue figure abruptly leapt off the top of the city gates. After a few steps in mid-air, the figure appeared lightning-fast on the top of the structure.

As the figure looked at the distant Karuda and Alliance leader, its clear voice shouted again, “Hey! What kind of place did you guys think Dawn was? Did you think that you could just come and go however you pleased? Such an easy situation doesn’t exist here!”

The blue figure waved his hand and roared, “Charge! Teach a severe lesson to these brazen guys that dare to disobey authority! Don’t bother trying to leave me any face, just go out and kill them all!”

Following the blue person’s actions, the 36 red and gold figures spread out along the walls suddenly leapt into the air, emitting a red gold glow as they charged towards the nearby swordsmen. At the same time, the blue figure also suddenly strode forwards, leaping up with a strange posture, like an agile fish swimming about. Like this, the blue figure instantly shot downwards towards the bottom of the city walls.

Outside the city gates stood Naifa Lian, who was anxiously wringing her hands. Her palms had unconsciously become sweaty. That’s right….surely no further explanation is needed; the identities of the blue person and the red gold figures are quite obvious. These were the objects of Naifa Lian’s concern.

Although Naifa Lian knew how formidable Suo Jia’s abilities were, what kind of place was this? This wasn’t a playground nor an arena; this was a battlefield. An individual’s strength on a battlefield was extremely insignificant No matter how powerful a person was, they could still be cut down here. That was not at all an uncommon occurrence.

Originally, Naifa Lian had been extremely curious about Suo Jia, about how he could seize the championship of the King of Kings Tournament at a mere age of 8. However…she had never once come into contact with Suo Jia back then. Because she was a reserved girl, she had never allowed herself to take the initiative to approach Suo Jia first.

The next time she had met Suo Jia had been from the standpoint as enemies. Logically speaking, Naifa Lian should’ve hated Suo Jia. But in reality, she couldn’t muster up any enmity towards him.

Suo Jia taking over this place was the Emperor’s orders. It was her father that had brought about all the later events because he had deliberately made things difficult. Moreover…Suo Jia had already let her whole family live on her behalf. Because of this, Naifa Lian felt that she shouldn’t hate him; moreover, she was supposed to feel touched, and try to return the favor.

Ever since Suo Jia had taken over Dawn, the entire city had gone through a series of changes. The 100,000 slave soldiers’ motivations had been fired up, and in only a few months, they had constructed such imposing city walls. In addition, their unity and usage of teamwork to attack the enemy was something that was previously unimaginable.

Truthfully speaking, Naifa Lian had already started to worship Suo Jia. Someone like him that could successfully accomplish major events was obviously not ordinary. Dawn’s first battle wasn’t only a major accomplishment, but it could even be called a miracle. In a faceoff between 100,000 vs 100,000, Dawn hadn’t lost a single person. This had never happened in history before; if it wasn’t a miracle, then what else could it be?

Now, the second war had started. Although nobody knew the future, the first contact between the two sides had led to the extermination of the enemy’s most threatening armored chariots. Neither the riders nor the vehicles had been able to escape.

This wasn’t the end yet; Suo Jia still wasn’t satisfied. He swore to make it so that the enemy wouldn’t be able to come or leave. Even if they did manage to leave, they had to be forced to pay a bitter price. Letting them just run away was definitely unacceptable.

Naifa Lian knew that Suo Jia was doing this in order to boost everyone’s morales and arouse their blood. This would increase their confidence in an absolute victory. It was the only way to persevere through a long battle; otherwise, a heavy battle of defense would easily make everyone twitchy.

The 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had already descended from the air. They wildly brandished the war blades in their hands, blasting out attacks with all their energy. As their explosive fire wind battle qi burst outwards, they generated fierce, deafening booms.

One had to admit that the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had gone berserk. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to display such aggressiveness against experts, but against these slightly above average people with limited power, they were like living War Deities!

These war blades that danced around in the air were over 2 meters long, they were even longer than a person’s body. Whenever they hit a shield, they’d break the shield; when they made contact with a human, they’d slice through them. The blades flashed coldly and fresh blood spurted outwards into the air. The 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were like 36 lionesses that had just charged into a pack of goats. They destroyed as much as they liked and none could rival them! The long blades swung unhindered through the area, never encountering any obstacles. Anything that tried to stand in their way were sliced into halves; both human and shield alike. Nothing could escape this fate.

In the blink of an eye, 300-400 swordsmen had been laid to eternal rest. Blood covered the ground, making it all muddy. The unaffected Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes leapt up like gales, and the death reaper’s scythe began its dance!

Just as the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were about to raise their blades a second time, Suo Jia finally arrived with the pale blue Water God’s Shield enshrouding his body. Suo Jia leisurely strode into the crowd of swordsmen, as if he was just taking a casual walk outside. He was so calm and comfortable.

Everyone knew that the swordsmen’s formation was extremely tight; the people were right next to each other. If they weren’t arranged like that, they couldn’t possibly line up to form a barricade of shields, and be an effective defense. Once a crack appeared in the formation, the rain of arrows had to enter through the small chink in order to injure the people behind the shields.

Originally, this densely packed line of swordsmen were absolute experts in defense. Aside from people like the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, who directly chopped both shield and person in half, it was extremely hard to approach these soldiers and harm them. After all…a wall of shields wasn’t that easy to break through,

However, Suo Jia believed that these guys carrying large shields and war blades were just humanoid targets. Killing them was as easy as slicing vegetables.

Suo Jia finally descended from the air onto the central area of the shield formation. Seeing Suo Jia appear next to them, the surrounding swordsmen quickly brandished their war blades, their hacks and slashes showering down towards Suo Jia.

Suo Jia smirked in disdain as he stomped one foot down. The Diamond Charge that he had prepared ages ago instantly dispersed. Lines and rows of diamond-shaped icicles wildly shot out in all directions. The powerful impetus pushed back all the surrounding swordsmen simultaneously.

Suo Jia had already reached the Great Mage rank. His magic power and spirit power had thus reached equivalent points. The current Diamond Charge’s destructive power had increased by severalfold. In particular, the diamond-shaped icicles had basically become real icicles, with terrifyingly sharp points. Unless a shield was used to block them, leather armor would be useless against these icicles, and would be instantly pierced through.

Moreover, one couldn’t forget that while both the Diamond Charge and Ice Roar were strong, the main point they both shared was that they weren’t physical attacks. Instead, their magic destructive abilities were their true strengths, as well as their freezing effects.

Although most people successfully blocked the Diamond Charge, the cold air wasn’t something a shield could guard against. Magic required magic defenses, but shields could only block physical attacks, they were completely useless against magic.

Due to the force of the Diamond Charge, all the frozen swordsmen were pushed backward, falling over in the process. Like glass, their bodies instantly shattered into thousands of tiny pieces.

This was how terrifying a Great Mage was. With Suo Jia’s current magic power and spirit power levels, he could activate Diamond Charge ten times in a row, or Ice Roar five times in succession. To an ordinary soldier, this kind of attack was impossible to defend against. Once they encountered something like this, they could do nothing but await their death.

The most frightening people on the battlefield weren’t the warriors, but the mages. If a mage was provided enough time to activate a magic, the result would be terrifying. A normal soldier was just an average person that had gone through training; how could they possibly go against an expert of the Great Mage level face-to-face? How would a normal soldier have any other fate aside from being instantly killed?

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