Chapter - 226: – Two Sided Pincer Attack Pt. 2
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“What!” Karuda cried out in astonishment at the Alliance leader’s words.

Seeing Karuda’s deathly pale face, the Alliance leader couldn’t help but secretly smirk to himself. He knew that with the great losses of their strength, his position in Karuda’s eyes had fallen drastically. That’s why he had been so shocked just now after hearing this tiny bit of information.

With a self-confident smile, the Alliance leader said mysteriously, “Actually, we also have a branch with an 100,000 man thief army from the six countries’ common zone. Their task is to rob any merchant groups that pass through the common zone. Thus….we and the two other great Thief Alliance groups in the area signed a strategic pact to become tactical partners.”

Karuda nodded in understanding and excitedly exclaimed, “Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and go write a letter to tell them to attack Dawn from the other side. That way, we can initiate a two-sided pincer attack. Even if we cannot break through Dawn, we can at least trap them to their deaths. I refuse to believe that their 100,000 man army doesn’t need to eat!”

“Yea…” The Alliance leader nodded and said coldly, “Don’t worry, our 100,000 man group from the Alliance has already neared Dawn’s other wall. As for our other two partners, I’ll go write them a letter now. Although I cannot promise too much support, I can guarantee that gathering at least 200,000 men will definitely not be an issue.”

“Hehehehe…” Karuda happily stood up and excitedly wrung his hands together. Thieves able to stay alive in this common zone had to be elites. Their combat abilities couldn’t be compared to a normal thief’s. They could already see their victory over this battle against Dawn!

In Karuda’s opinion, Dawn City wouldn’t be able to persevere for much longer. The 100,000 soldiers within the city needed to eat, so as long as they locked the city in, the city would run out of food. In other words, there was no need to face Dawn head-on. If they dragged the fight out, victory would be in within their grasp.

Of course, Karuda had also considered the possibility of Dawn Army charging out. However…once they left the city, they’d lose the protection from the city walls. In that case, Dawn Army would definitely die. Karuda had put so much effort into training his elite soldiers for 30 some years, so they’d definitely be able to slaughter Dawn’s slave soldiers. The only thing Karuda feared was Dawn Army not leaving the city.

In terms of both combat ability and military strength, Oz City was far superior to Dawn; they couldn’t even be compared. If Dawn Army lost a man, it would be permanent. But Oz City’s Army still had 800,000 men in their city, so they could replace their members at any time.

Day gradually progressed into noon. The enemy troops had all gathered together, but this, they learned their lesson and didn’t dare to get too close to Dawn. The past day, Dawn Army had taught them a severe lesson; so what if they were elite soldiers? No matter how strong they were, they couldn’t possibly display their power on the battlefield. Stratagem was number one.

Currently, Suo Jia was sitting in his city lord’s mansion, quietly using Enchanted Zhiyao to make potions. Suddenly…the sound of hurried footsteps were heard. Suo Jia lifted his head to look, and saw General Jason quickly walk in.

General Jason saluted and then said in a serious tone, “City Lord, the situation has taken a slight turn for the worse. Our mounted scouts reported that a large amount of thief forces have gathered together in the direction of the six countries’ common zone. Although it cannot be ascertained, I’m 80% sure that they are heading towards us.”

Suo Jia calmly replied, “That’s fine. The city walls are only 100 meters long there, making it easy to defend, and hard for them to attack. As long as we have enough archers, we definitely won’t be broken through easily.”

“But…” General Jason frowned and said, “The enemies outside and inside are completely different matters. You can’t compare to these thieves to the ones in this country. The ones on the common zone are experts that have experienced the battlefield multiple times. Although those outer city walls are short, the narrow ravine path can provide the thief troops good hiding places. As long as they are move along the walls and use armored chariots to slowly get closer, they can quickly rush up once they reach the walls.”

General Jason paused for a bit, then said in concern, “Our current arrangements can easily deal with normal experts. However, if these experts appear, we’ll be in danger. If they get too close, nobody will be able to stop them from getting onto the walls!”

Suo Jia knit his brows together and firmly said, “Then how about this? Transfer 10,000 regular slave soldiers over, then pair them with 10,000 swordsmen. Also arrange for 5,000 regular pike users to assist at any time. I think if we do that, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That…” General Jason anxiously pressed, “That won’t do. I said before that once they get on the walls, the swordsmen won’t be able to stop them, just like how the enemy’s swordsmen couldn’t do anything to resist you earlier. Once they manage to get past and onto the walls, we’ll be in trouble!”

“Hm?” Suo Jia asked in confusion, “General Jason, I still don’t understand. If 10,000 swordsmen go over, how could they possibly get onto the walls? Unles…you’re saying that the crossbows in the swordsmen’s possession are just toys?”

“Pa!” General Jason face-palmed and bitterly laughed, “Right, right, right…pretend I didn’t say anything. How could I have forgotten that, haha….I’ll go make the arrangements now!” General Jason turned around with a huge smile on his face. Indeed…with 10,000 crossbows, the hind walls of the city were well fortified. The 10,000 regular slave archers would shoot from long distance range, the 10,000 swordsmen would use their crossbows to shoot from mid-range, and the 5,000 pike users would be able to assist at any moment. They really wouldn’t be afraid of any attacks!

Suo Jia watched General Jason leave, then shook his head and looked down to begin the Enchanted Zhiyao process once more. After using Enchanted Zhiyao in succession, Suo Jia had discovered that this Enchanted Zhiyao improved his magic power and spirit power by a ridiculous amount. It was at least two times faster than meditation. That’s why, Suo Jia had recently become obsessed with Enchanted Zhiyao; it was quite addicting!

Although Suo Jia was only an elementary Great Mage, his magic power and spirit power had already reached the realms of a peak Great Mage, and maybe even past that!

What uses would increased magic power and spirit power bring? That’s right….this meant he’d be able to activate much more magic. Moreover, his magic attacks would be more powerful. However…since he hadn’t advanced in meditation realms, he couldn’t learn any new magics.

Activating magics didn’t rely on only magic power and spirit power, it also required the user’s own research in magic, as well as their understanding of the elements. These had to be slowly and incrementally done, and couldn’t be completed in a short period of time.

At the moment, Suo Jia’s comprehension and perception of magic was still in the elementary Great Mage realm. However… his magic power and spirit power had already reached the maximum point of a Great Mage, and was still exponentially rising. His magic’s might continued to rise, and his magic range, AOE, and attack accuracy were all wildly increasing.

While he was absorbed in the Zhiyao, a figure flashed through the door, and Duo Mei gloomily walked into the room. Before she had reached where Suo Jia sat, her voice had already rang you, “Young Master, the enemy outside the city has dispatched men to provoke us. They want us to advance in battle and take the lead in initiating fights. What should we do?”

Suo Jia replied without even lifting his head, “Ignore them, I have no time to wait upon them.”

“That…” Duo Mei struggled a bit when she saw Suo Jia’s indifferent expression. After a long time, she gritted her teeth and said strongly, “But if we continue to let them curse at us, it will majorly affect our soldiers’ morales. Most importantly, how can we just tolerate their provocation? Didn’t Young Master always say that any person that dares to make an enemy out of us would be painfully beaten up?”

“Hah…” Suo Jia sighed, and could only helplessly stop the Zhiyao he was doing. He bitterly smiled at Duo Mei and said, “If you’re depressed, then go lead your sisters to kill for a bit. Either way, with you girls’ strengths and mutual teamwork, they won’t be able to do anything to you.”

Duo Mei’s eyes suddenly lit up and she said excitedly, “That’s what I was saying. Young Master definitely wouldn’t allow others to bully us. Haha…I’ll go now, and let them taste the might of an Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix!”

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