Chapter - 228: – By War of Attrition Pt. 2
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Seeing the two girls that seemed to grow increasingly more beautiful every day, their bodies emitting a youthful aura, Suo Jia couldn’t help but bitterly smile. Since they came, he couldn’t just ignore them. In addition, Suo Jia knew that they wouldn’t come searching for him for no reason.

Aimi and Aila sat on different sides of Suo Jia as they normally did. They had all known each other for a long time now, almost 6 years, and been together since they were young. Thus, their relationships with each other were extremely close, to a point that others couldn’t even imagine.

As was accustomed, a single hand reached down Suo Jia’s trousers. Grabbing ferociously onto the burning area of Suo Jia’s crotch, Aimi spoke with astonishment, “Heavens, you’ve really exercised a lot these days. The muscle in this area is quite strong and hard.”

Hearing Aimi’s words, Aila reached down as well in curiosity. With a feel, she spoke, “It’s not a muscle, it’s a bone….”

“Eh.” Suo Jia couldn’t help but be stunned at the two girls. Just what were these two girls doing? He wasn’t like the Suo Jia of the past, how could he survive such a tease now?

But after some thinking, Suo Jia came to a quick realization. Although they had grown in age, Aimi and Aili had never touched upon this area of knowledge. They hadn’t had the opportunity while in school, and no one had dared to talk to them about it while traveling with Suo Jia.

When he thought about it, Suo Jia realized that if it weren’t for the Empress and her teachings, Suo Jia would have been like these two girls, oblivious to the affairs between man and woman.

Suo Jia took a deep breath, and pulled their hands away expressionlessly. At the same time, he asked them in a calm tone, “Why did you girls come looking for me? It can’t just be to discuss if that place is muscle or bone.”

“Hehe…” Aimi giggled in embarrassment and asked, “That’s not it. We just saw Sister Duo Mei and the rest of them go out to fight, and we were feeling extremely envious of them. Thus, we came here to ask when the two of us could also participate in the real battle.”

“That…” After hearing these words, Suo Jia suddenly realized that they hadn’t yet entered a real, serious battle yet. As they had both already become full-fledged mages, they were indeed a bit behind.

Suo Jia smiled and said, “That’s not urgent. Your task right now is to diligently study and quickly reach the Great Mage realm. Once the two of you have grasped strong enough defensive abilities, I’ll naturally arrange a chance for you two to actually fight in a real battle.”

Suo Jia then blankly stared at the sky outside the window and murmured to himself, “This war won’t end in just one or two days. I have a feeling that it’ll be a long and drawn-out war that will definitely have many fights to come…”

The two girls finally sighed in relief. They definitely didn’t want to miss this training opportunity. However, they also understood that currently speaking, while their attack strength was decent, their defensive abilities were too lacking. Before they managed to make up for this weakness, Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t let them take risks. That being the case, their task was very clear.

There was no way they could obtain the Water God’s Shield, but after becoming Great Mages, they’d be able to learn the common defensive magic that all mages were able to access…Magic Shield. This was a common, divine magic. The Magic Shield’s defensive strength was dependent on the user’s magic power and spirit power. Although it was far from being comparable to the Water God’s Shield, it was definitely sufficient.

Suo Jia’s Water God’s Shield was the product of the Atlantis equipment set and it had a set 10,000 moles defensive strength, and the ability to repair itself 1000 moles per second. However, this wasn’t the Water God’s Shield’s true strength, but the effects of the Atlantis equipment set.

Water had extremely powerful buffering effects. Even if one jumped down from a height of several dozen meters, the water shield would still be able to absorb a majority of the impact force. That’s what this was water’s greatest trait, as well as the Water God’s Shield’s best feature.

The Water God’s Shield buffering abilities were set according to Suo Jia’s spirit power and magic power. If his magic power was said to be seawater, then his spirit power was the seawater’s level of softness. The greater the amount of seawater, the softer it would become, and thus the larger its buffering effects would be.

If the earth element’s defensive magics paid special attention to opposing vibrations and absorbing shock, the water element’s defensive magics would be paying special attention to cushioning and evasion. The Water God’s Shield was like a giant balloon, with the person being protected in the center of the balloon. All the attacks would be buffered by part of the balloon, and the balloon would also deform, deflecting the attack. Unless there was something that pierced through the balloon, the person within Water God’s Shield wouldn’t be able to feel the attack at all.

However, the common divine magic that Aimi and Aila were trying to master, Magic Shield, didn’t have such effects. This was only a shield made from condensed magic power that blocked any outside attacks. Unless the magic power fueling the Magic Shield was exhausted, it would exist forever.

In addition, the divine Magic Shield couldn’t cancel out all outside attacks. Once hit by an attack, the Magic Shield’s user would receive a certain level of force. This worked the same way as a car crash. The passengers sitting within the car would receive a certain level of force, and the extent of this momentum would change depending on the opposite party’s force.

Under the same attack and the same circumstances, a person protected by the Water God’s Shield wouldn’t feel anything at all. However, a person protected by the Magic Shield would definitely suffer from the impact force.

Of course, for an attack to reach someone protected by the divine Magic Shield requires a certain amount of strength. If the divine Magic Shield’s magic power was layered thickly enough and the spirit power supporting it was sufficiently strong, the Magic Shield would transform from a car to a tank. Affecting the person behind the shield would be quite difficult. Even if the user could feel the impulse, it was only a light shock that couldn’t possibly injure anyone.

Basically, the Water God’s Shield was indeed superior, but its defensive effects would vary depending on the person. The Water God’s Shield could only be mastered by a water mage, while the divine Magic Shield was something that any mage could learn. No matter how envious a non-water mage was of the Water God’s Shield, there was nothing to be done.

In addition, the Water God’s Shield had long since stopped being passed down. Legends said that the defensive magic that it used had been searched for through all of history, but only the Atlantis Emperor had ever been able to use it. As for now, Suo Jia was obviously its only user.

After telling the two girls to train hard and try to learn the divine Magic Shield as early as possible, Suo Jia couldn’t stay still. After being continuously interrupted and teased, his heart had already gotten restless. Thus, he could only go out and try to relax.

After leaving the city lord’s mansion, Suo Jia ran along the rooftops to reach the city walls. As he looked out, he saw that the enemy forces outside the city were currently in chaos. The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were all brandishing their 2 meter long war blades, running unhindered through the enemy troops. Currently…a total of 100,000 men had already firmly surrounded them in 6 layers.

Suo Jia frowned, feeling that something was slightly off. He suddenly turned around to look at General Jason next to him, and urgently asked, “What’s going on? Didn’t they go out a while ago? Why haven’t they returned yet?”

“Eh.” Jason asked Suo Jia in confusion, “They left a while ago and they still haven’t come back, but…they have the four colored potions, so there shouldn’t be any need for concern.”

“Not good.” Without replying to Jason, Suo Jia focused his vision on the fight outside the city once more. When he looked closer, he couldn’t help but shout loudly. He suddenly leapt off the city walls, rushing over towards the fight.

Suo Jia had only observed the situation for a short while. However, that was already enough for him to tell that it wasn’t that the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes didn’t feel like returning, but that they couldn’t. Currently…they were already surrounded by nearly 200 experts. Although they hadn’t yet suffered from any injuries…they had already been pressured to the point where they could no longer drink the potions. They were defending against attacks from every angle every passing second. With the Space Shields in their left hand and their war blades in their right, how could they possibly have the time to drink potions.

Suo Jia knew that if the opposite party wanted to, they could definitely kill the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. Although the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had indestructible armors, the force of impact and shock would already be enough to kill them. The only reason the enemy hadn’t acted yet was to prevent General Jason from dispatching support.

General Jason was indeed formidable, but that was only with respect to defense. He had never once commanded a battle with two armies before in his life. This whole time, he had focused his entire concentration on defense, and left General Harvey responsible for attack.

If General Harvey was here today instead, the enemy’s evil schemes would’ve most likely been seen through ages ago. However, General Jason couldn’t do the same. Even after watching the situation for so long, he hadn’t understood it. Although the thief experts were well concealed, a close examination was enough to discern the fact that there was something wrong. It had been over a minute now, and while the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ attacks were very fierce, they hadn’t been able to kill a single enemy. This was enough to prove that they weren’t killing their enemy, but rather trying to resist.

Since Suo Jia had leapt down alone, he hadn’t been labeled as significant by the enemy. There was a 100,000 man army currently surrounding the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, why would they pay any mind to a single person? Thus…the enemy had only dispatched 100 people to obstruct Suo Jia. In reality, they didn’t believed that their evil schemes had been seen through. If that had really happened, there wouldn’t have been only a single person coming to assist, but rather, a large troop.

Suo Jia had indeed considered dispatching an entire troop, but that wasn’t possible even if he wanted to. The city gates had long since been blocked, so where could his troops possibly come out from? Even if they did manage to get out, the enemy would definitely pounce on the enemy, and they’d just become funerary objects. Even if there was protection in the form of a barrage of arrows, the losses from both sides would be equal.

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